Top 10 Songs with Word "Soul" in the Title

You can't deny that the word "Soul" is very special.
Vote for songs that touch your soul or, if the songs aren't on the list, add them.

The Top Ten

1 Voice of the Soul - Death

This is one of the greatest metal instrumentals of all time. Besides, I can't think of a better title with the word 'soul' in it.
Voice of the Soul.
Incredible title. - Metal_Treasure

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2 Only My Soul - David Coverdale UListen to Sample
3 The Book of Souls - Iron Maiden UListen to Sample
4 Tornado of Souls - Megadeth UListen to Sample
5 Redeemer of Souls - Judas Priest UListen to Sample
6 Modern Soul - James Blake
7 Hey, Soul Sister - Train UListen to Sample
8 Soul to Love - Moby UListen to Sample
9 Coma of Souls - Kreator UListen to Sample
10 Northern Soul - Above and Beyond

The Contenders

11 What Your Soul Sings - Massive Attack UListen to Sample
12 Your Soul Today - Chris Cornell UListen to Sample
13 Fortune Soul - Blackmill
14 Soul Kitchen - The Doors UListen to Sample
15 Soul Love - David Bowie
16 Soul Sacrifice - Santana UListen to Sample
17 Sight of Your Soul - Dirtyphonics and Sullivan King
18 The Ministry of Lost Souls - Dream Theater UListen to Sample
19 Souls of Black - Testament UListen to Sample
20 Inner Soul - Rob Veldt
21 Hole in My Soul - Aerosmith UListen to Sample
22 Filthy Souls - Fall of Icarus
23 Sweet Soul Music - Arthur Conley UListen to Sample
24 The Soulforged - Blind Guardian UListen to Sample
25 Soul On Fire - Danzig
26 Desecration of Souls - Mercyful Fate UListen to Sample
27 Cleanse the Soul - Slayer
28 I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul - Vader
29 The Goal Is Your Soul - Overkill
30 Selling My Soul - Black Sabbath 
31 Soul Stripper - AC/DC
32 This Dying Soul - Dream Theater UListen to Sample
33 Sound of Your Soul - Skapes
34 Inside Your Soul - Nick Holder
35 Soul Container - Amoeba
36 Soul Seek - Ashley Wallbridge
37 Soul Calibur - Rollz
38 Empty Soul - Fourward
39 How Deep Is Your Soul - KS
40 Progressive Soul - Kalsy
41 Soul Machine - Salsoul Invasion
42 Soul Scanner - Audio Units
43 Lost Souls - Assaf
44 Relax Your Soul - Mood
45 I Want Your Soul - Armand van Helden
46 The Well of Souls - James Oleander
47 Tsunami Inside My Soul - Sven van Hees
48 Soul Shake - My Nu Leng
49 We Sold Our Souls to Metal - Soulfly UListen to Sample
50 Servitude of Souls - Spawn of Possession UListen to Sample
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1. Voice of the Soul - Death
2. Only My Soul - David Coverdale
3. Coma of Souls - Kreator
1. Modern Soul - James Blake
2. Soul to Love - Moby
3. Northern Soul - Above and Beyond


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