Top Ten Songs with the Words "Kiss", "Kissing", or "Kisses" in the Title

If you know of any more you think deserves to be added feel free! :)

The Top Ten

1 A Kiss to Build a Dream On - Louis Armstrong
2 Kiss and Say Goodbye - The Manhattans
3 Kiss an Angel Good Mornin' - Charley Pride
4 Kiss from a Rose - Seal
5 Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye - Steam

Wunna my all-time favo(u)rites:).

6 Kiss - Prince
7 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Jimmie Rodgers
8 Keep Them Kisses Comin' - Craig Campbell
9 It's In His Kiss - Betty Everett
10 Kiss Me - Stephen Duffy

If there's some other way I've managed t'miss, really don't wanna know.

The Contenders

11 Kiss This - The Struts

Very good

12 French Kissin' in the USA - Debbie Harry
13 Save Your Kisses for Me - Brotherhood of Man
14 Kiss My Lips - BoA
15 Let Me Kiss You - Morrissey
16 Kissing a Fool - George Michael
17 Kiss - Art of Noise
18 Kiss - Tom Jones
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