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1 Paradise (What About Us?)

By far the best track Sharron and tajia's voices together what more can one ask for

I love the way Sharon and my sixth favorite singer, Tarja, sings this. :) A very awesome song!

2 And We Run

Who knew that symphonic metal and rap could create such a good song? Only wt could pull this off and still stay true to themselves. its an awesome song. it really does burn into your heart and you wonder if they just knew what you are feelin and they sang about it

I really liked only this one from their new album.


Best cut in this CD. Also the video isn't great, buy I'll thinking overall all... Deceiver Of Fools and the entire
Enter CD.

3 Silver Moonlight

Simply amazing, and they go back to their roots with the growls.

4 Let Us Burn
5 Dangerous V 1 Comment
6 Edge of the World
7 Whole World Is Watching

Should be in either 1st or 2nd spot, without a doubt! It's strongest competition is And We Run. But 6th? It's beautiful! Stunning vocals from Sharon as ever, but also a gorgeous tune and deep, meaningful lyrics.

Forget Dave Pirner he is irrelevant as any male singer would have done. It is Sharon's voice that grabs your attention, absolutely stunning vocal performance.

8 Covered by Roses
9 Dog Days

Love Sharon's voice in this song

V 1 Comment
10 Tell Me Why V 1 Comment
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1. Edge of the World
2. Let Us Burn
3. And We Run
1. Paradise (What About Us?)
2. Silver Moonlight
3. Dangerous
1. Paradise (What About Us?)
2. And We Run
3. Covered by Roses

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