Top Ten Songs Off Wolfmother's Debut Album


The Top Ten

1 Joker and the Thief

Truly and epic. Named after a line from an epic too. - lilbullet111

Grate Song. Yes sir.

2 Woman

She's a Woman, you know what I mean, she's gonna set you free. So catchy, should bbe no. 2, Joker & the Thief should stay at No. 1

So catchy, I can't stop singing it. Or playing it. Or doing anything without it... - lilbullet111

3 White Unicorn

This should be number 2 IMO behind joker and the theif. And WTF! how has tales made last? it should easily make top 5 - yyy1yyy1

A lesser known piece, Myles gets a great drum bit towards the end. - lilbullet111

4 Mind's Eye

A great song, with a great keyboard part from Chris! - lilbullet111

5 Dimension

Love it so much, I downloaded it on World Tour. - lilbullet111

6 Where Eagles Have Been

For some reason this song reminds me of Stairway to Heaven. Soft and Peaceful, to a great Guitar Solo from the Heavens. - lilbullet111

7 Pyramid

Love that high, catchy riff. Man the bassline in that is awesome. - lilbullet111

8 Love Train

LOVE THE RIFF. Can't get enough of that sweet groove, baby! - lilbullet111

9 Colossal

This song is pretty monsterous. Great distortion, Stocky! - lilbullet111

10 Witchcraft

Mhm Mhm yes, I know, another great riff. But hey, put in a flute solo and you've got a masterpiece! - lilbullet111

The Contenders

11 Tales
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