Top 10 Songs that Would Be a Pedophile's Anthem

These songs would be perfect anthem for creepy pedos everywhere.

This list is a joke. I don't actually condone or encourage pedophilia just to let you all know. Please don't take this list too seriously.

The Top Ten

1 Daddy - Korn

This is actually based on a true story. Jon Davis was models yes by his babysitter so he tried to tell his father what happened but his father didn't believe him. So he wrote a song about his dad molestijg him as revenge for not believing him in the first place. Very sad when you think about it.

2 Stimulated - Tyga

I hate this song with a burning passion!

Do I really need to say anything about this song?

From the pedo himself!

3 Expose Yourself to Kids - GG Allin

Just look up the lyrics. They're so messed up!

4 Insane - Eminem

Just like Daddy by Korn, it's about being raped as a child. But Em states that his dad never raped him as a kid. He only wrote this song just to gross people out.

5 I Gave Nambla Pictures of Your Kid - Anal C***

If you're not familiar with NAMBLA, look it up so you'll get this joke.

6 Necropedophile - Cannibal Corpse

Pedophile is even in the title.

Even though you can't understand what they're saying, they actually play audio of children at the end.

7 Mr. Tinkertrain - Ozzy Osbourne

Mr. Tinkertrain can be interpreted as the name given to the assaulter as he seems so nice, but goes with bad intentions as he moves from child to child like a train.

It is a really good song and one of my favorites, but it is about a pedophile. It's still one of Ozzy's nonetheless and he's not trying to promote pedophilia.

8 A** Like That - Eminem

17 may be the legal age of consent in many US states, but it's still a really bad age to hook up with a person considering how they're still a child.

9 Little Girls - Oingo Boingo
10 Seventeen - Winger

The weirdest part is, this is their most famous song.

The Contenders

11 Rock and Roll - Gary Glitter

Even thought it's not about pedophelia, it was recorded by a pedophile so it counts.

12 Analyse - Juliensblog

Know that this guy is a very well known YouTuber, and host of a popular battle rap tournament that helped several great rappers to become famous. He is actually quite intelligent and has often talked about serious issues, despite his extreme humor. It's as if Sacha Baron Cohen would record a hip hop album in-character as Borat. Those who listen to this album usually know he only says those things to play with your over-sensitivity.

So, here are the translated lines that made me add this:

"The girl is 16 and tight / I put an ecstasy pill in her glass" (even though sex with a 16 year old would technically not be pedophilia, because pedophilia is sexual attraction to people that haven't hit puberty yet. Also, legal age for sex is 14 in Germany, and Ecstasy is just a hallocinogenic drug, so that line is overall much less offensive than it might sounded in Julien's head)

"I let little girls suck my d... when I take a poop"

"Even though ...more - Martin_Canine

13 Thank Heaven for Little Girls - Maurice Chevalier
14 11 September - Juliensblog

It at least has a line about pedophile sex (it also contains many other politically incorrect lines but they don't fit this list).

I can't believe this is already on the list - Martin_Canine

15 Age Ain't Nothing but a Number - Aaliyah
16 Fefe Parody - Bart Baker
17 Fefe - 6ix9ine
18 Sexting - Blood on the Dance Floor
19 Guys My Age - Hey Violet
20 Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah!) - Gary Glitter
21 Do Me - Bell Biv Devoe
22 Obsessed - Mariah Carey
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