Top Ten Songs Written or Co-written by Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin...One of the best female singers of Psychedelic - Rock and Blues, wrote and co-wrote some incredible songs and sang them with a raw passion which can only happen if you believe in what you're singing. And Janis certainly sang those songs with a immense heart and soul. She may no longer be with us but her music, heart and THAT voice will live forever...
Feel free to add any I've missed or vote for an existing favourite.
The Top Ten
1 I Need a Man to Love I Need a Man to Love Cover Art
2 Move Over Move Over Cover Art
3 Turtle Blues Turtle Blues Cover Art
4 One Good Man One Good Man Cover Art
5 Kozmic Blues Kozmic Blues Cover Art
6 Misery 'N Misery 'N Cover Art
7 The Last Time The Last Time Cover Art
8 What Good Can Drinkin' Do? What Good Can Drinkin' Do? Cover Art
9 Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz Cover Art
10 Intruder Intruder Cover Art
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