Top 10 Songs Written in Response to Critics


The Top Ten

1 Aesthetics of Hate - Machine Head
2 Space Police - Edguy

This song of 2014 is Tobias Sammet's response to people who try to tell rock/metal bands what to do and what to say. The term "space police" is a metaphor for people who want to create and enforce rules and limitations on territories (music) that should not be limited by too many rules.
"We're all about breaking the rules
"Freeze! " goes the space police
"You're all about to make a fool of yourself"
Goes the space police
Cause you're about to negate their rules
They're the space police" - Metal_Treasure

3 Freak on a Leash - Korn
4 Pork and Beans - Weezer
5 Clones - Chevelle
6 Reject - Green Day
7 Wish - Alien Ant Farm
8 Survivor - Destiny's Child
9 Bring the Noise - Public Enemy
10 Bootylicious - Destiny's Child

The Contenders

11 Big Weenie - Eminem

Written as a response to Benzino. As much as I like him and as funny as it is, it doesn't really work as a diss. - Martin_Canine

12 Links 2 3 4 - Rammstein

This was written because several German people noted a similarity between the aesthetics of Rammstein and those of Nazi propaganda - most notably the extremely distinctive pronounciation of Till Lindemann. He emphases the "r" and "ch" sounds very much, which Hitler also did in his speeches and which isn't really common in German. Also some people misheard the line "Hei-hei-heirate mich" (ma-ma-marry me) as "Heil, heil, heirate mich! ", and from then on it's easy to interpret every little thing such as the plus in their logo (neo nazis often use such symbols as substitution for the illegal swastika symbol) or individual lines out of context ("Wei├čes Fleisch" ["white flesh"] is NOT about racism in any kind, it's about a killer) as right wing.
Now, Rammstein aren't in any way close to naziism and so they performed this double entendre song as their statement of being left wing. Nowadays, all of this seems silly and stupid. Nobody truly believes they are nazis anymore, but when their ...more - Martin_Canine

13 What If - Creed
14 My Prerogative - Bobby Brown
15 Rollin - Limp Bizkit
16 Without Me - Eminem
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