Top Ten Songs from 10 Years' Feeding the Wolves

The fifth studio album by 10 Years which is also the third major label release saw a lot of mixed reception, due to the apparent draw away from atmospheric alternative rock for a more comfortable post-grunge sound. But which songs are the best? We'll see.
The Top Ten
1 Now is the Time (Ravenous) Now is the Time (Ravenous) Cover Art

As much as this song screams arena rock, it's probably the best on the whole album. It's not the first song but it feels like it should be, an attempt at making a fun riff worked out with lyrics that just scream for you to rise up. Jesse doesn't go too far with this one, it's just great.

2 One More Day One More Day Cover Art

Despite the sound of Feeding the Wolves going more into rock vibes, One More Day proves that they have not abandoned their melancholy ballads, and One More Day is a standout track for that reason. Excellent lyrics as always, offering a part of hope, with depressing guitar riffs as well as a fantastic strings closer make this one of their best songs ever.

3 Shoot It Out Shoot It Out Cover Art

This is the first track, with hushed vocals bringing things in to show you this is 10 Years at their most intense since Into the Half Moon. It's a throwback in a way and not really a throwback at the same time. We see that the album title comes from the bridge in this song, while the screaming vocals at the end haven't been done since Killing All that Holds You.

4 Running in Place Running in Place Cover Art

Here is yet another bonus track that should have fit in with the main album, made for the deluxe edition of Feeding the Wolves. This is a great blend of rock that stays mellow but at the same time offering lots of melody.

5 Don't Fight It Don't Fight It Cover Art

Here's our acoustic ballad done great. It's probably more appealing to a mainstream audience, and somehow the lyrics show that it does talk about not fighting something not worth fighting for.

6 Fade Into (The Ocean) Fade Into (The Ocean) Cover Art

Yet another track that shows that despite this album's sound, they aren't ready to leave their roots, with a very mellow sound throughout, which later becomes a hard rocker despite the vocals staying relatively calm. It does build up in intensity well.

7 Chasing the Rapture Chasing the Rapture Cover Art

A fairly typical rock song, showcasing a band that tries this sound out quite well but with interesting lyricism and generally fun riffage.

8 Fix Me Fix Me Cover Art

Both this and the acoustic on the deluxe edition are generally decent, but I'm surprised this is one of the singles. It's fairly mellow, but doesn't feel like the 10 Years of the past, more like a ballad that is its own thing. It's a bit repetitive, so I don't like it nearly as much.

9 The Wicked Ones The Wicked Ones Cover Art

The second track feels like it just wants to ease listeners in after the banger Shoot it Out. The sound is a little softer but they try to at least make the chorus and everything else a bit more interesting.

10 Waking Up the Ghost Waking Up the Ghost Cover Art

Waking Up The Ghost is the shortest track, with a fun guitar riff and a generally happy tone, though the lyrics and chorus are fairly interesting to behold. Some vocal work near the bridge is also neat.

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