Best Songs on Yngwie Malmsteen's Debut Album Rising Force

Yngwie Malmsteen's debut album Rising Force was released in 1984 and was praised for Malmsteen's technique and his "blinding virtuosity".
Yngwie Malmsteen is a Swedish metal guitarist heavily influenced by Ritchie Blackmore but Yngwie took the art of shredding to a whole new level.

The Top Ten Best Songs on Yngwie Malmsteen's Debut Album Rising Force

1 Black Star

This is a masterpiece and still one of the best metal instrumentals. - Metal_Treasure

2 Far Beyond the Sun

Pure feelings.

This is a quote from a zxm comment on this song:
"I saw the tabs. Oh my God! What is this! If I had 10 more fingers, I still wouldn't be able to play the solo. This fret to that fret, that fret to that fret.It's not only the chords, even the strumming is also very fast. Especially after the bending." (list - Top Guitar Shredding Masterpeices) - Metal_Treasure

3 Icarus' Dream Suite Op. 4
4 As Above, So Below

A very pleasant power metal song, one of the first in the 80s. Vocals: Jeff Scott Soto - Metal_Treasure

5 Evil Eye
6 Little Savage
7 Now Your Ships are Burned
8 Farewell
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