Top Ten Songs You Are Stupid to Love

NOTE: If you really love these songs, then I and no one else means no offense to you. Enjoy. Also, find me on YouTube and subscribe me to give me some support. Thank you

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1 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

I wanna be the dumb dumb to sing this song to anyone to tick em off. And that music video... it was terrible! - Chaotixhero

What idiot with a right mind would like this song? - nintendofan126

2 Move That Dope - Future

I dare anyone to sing this in front of a cop. Please don't. - Chaotixhero

3 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

This song is supporting kids to do whatever they want. Disney Channel... what did you did to the old Miley Cyrus? - Chaotixhero

4 Rap God - Eminem V 1 Comment
5 Type of Way - Rich Homie Quan

Ever since this song came out, I started to give up on rap. Thank you Mario and Sonic for your amazing music for showing me there are better song out there. Yes, even you Mega Man. - Chaotixhero

6 Cha-La Head-Cha-la - Andy

I'm gonna get highly overrated when I say this song is terrible! Why you like this song so much? It stupid. - Chaotixhero

7 Let It Go - Idina Menzel

It's a good song. Overrated doesn't mean bad. It's a powerful message and Menzel is talented, with pretty good visuals to match. I'm just sick of people who are "too cool" for pop culture and mainstream things. That's blind hatred. - keycha1n

The song is good I'll admit but it's becoming overrated because it's overused on the Internet. How about let it all go and shut up. - Chaotixhero

I guess I could understand if a young girl liked it... But other than that, yeah, it totally belongs on this list.

V 1 Comment
8 Lollipop - Lil Wayne
9 Crank That - Soulja Boy

This song is garbage. And this guy has no talent.

10 22 - Taylor Swift

Will she ever stop singing break up songs? Who cares if you been in hundred of break ups. We been in some too! - Chaotixhero

This song is not about breakups... It's about her birthday... Did you even listen to the song before criticizing it? - TheEvilNuggetCookie

I hate Swift with a burning passion. - Puga

The Contenders

11 Watch Me - Silento

The voice is stupid its like watch me bop bop bop bop bop.

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12 Turn Down for What - DJ Snake
13 Whistle - Flo Rida

I used to like this song... ,so I used to be stupid? - Chaotixhero

14 Bubble Butt - Major Lazer
15 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

After this song came out, I've lost ALL faith in Hip Hop. And I can't understand why ANYONE would like this song. Seriously.

When I mentioned Anaconda in my lunch table,everyone started singing it! :( - SamuiNeko

16 Wiggle - Jason Derulo
17 Make It Rain - Travis Porter
18 Birthday Sex - Jeremih
19 My Homies Still - Lil Wayne
20 6 Foot, 7 Foot - Lil Wayne

How could anyone like this song, or that horrendous BEAT?!

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