Top 10 Songs You Listened to Within the Last 7 Days

I have always wanted to know what songs people actually listen to, because, for example, nobody listens only to the best songs of all time, or her/his most favorite songs, and so on. But if you did, feel free to add such songs - they aren't excluded.

This is a dynamic list because songs would be slightly different every week.

I have to admit that the songs I usually listen to are of 2 types: songs related to lists I make on TheTopTens and songs from albums I'm checking out.

I'm starting off with my songs, which are most probably quite different from your songs, so don't hesitate to add the songs you listened to within the recent 7 days.

The Top Ten

1 Diluvium - Obscura

Lemme rephrase the list: Top 10 Songs You Listened to Within the Last 7 Days IF you are a huge metalhead - SpectralOwl

A death metal song from an album coming out in July 2018 (in 2 months).
I am very excited about this album and this song was the first one officially available on YT. - Metal_Treasure

2 My Last Sunrise - Demons & Wizards

Somebody voted for it on one of my lists and (I believe) added a nice comment which reminded me that I also love this song and played it for pleasure. I kinda needed to hear this song at that particular moment. - Metal_Treasure

3 Twenty Four Hours - Joy Division
4 Crystallised - Haken
5 Faceless Queen - Septicflesh

Death metal songs rarely have elements that can be called "catchy" but parts of this song even got stuck in my head for 2-3 days (the riff and the chorus, in particular). I replayed it 3-4 times last week.
It's a very good song though (came out in 2017). - Metal_Treasure

6 Carrion Fairy - Pig Destroyer
7 Devour Me, Colossus (Part I): Blackholes - Ne Obliviscaris

I listened to it because a TTT user asked me something and it was a pleasure to hear this song again. - Metal_Treasure

8 Love Bites (So Do I) - Halestorm
9 Human Insecticide - Annihilator

I don't listen to this song very often because I've already heard it over 100 times but last week I wanted to hear once again its guitar picking speed for the purposes of a list I was making. But I love this song so much that I usually play it at least 3 times in a row. Until next time that can be next year. - Metal_Treasure

10 Never Catch Me - Flying Lotus

The Contenders

11 Cicatriz Esp - The Mars Volta
12 New Age - Muzzy
13 Headstrong - Trapt
14 Tanelorn (Into the Void) - Blind Guardian

I listened to it because I wanted to hear a particular section for the purposes of a list I was making. I love this song and it was a pleasure to hear it again. - Metal_Treasure

15 Orgiastic Disembowelment - Cryptopsy
16 Alucard - Gentle Giant
17 Blah Blah Blah - Armin Van Buuren
18 Superstar - Saliva
19 The Nurse Who Loved Me - A Perfect Circle
20 Whip Slap II - Dimension
21 Them Bones - Alice in Chains
22 Panophobia - The Agonist

I don't listen to this song very often but a TTT user asked me something so I gave it a generous listen once again. Very good song, yeah. - Metal_Treasure

23 Suum Cuique - Nails
24 43% Burnt - The Dillinger Escape Plan
25 Dancing with the Moonlit Knight - Genesis
26 Gravity - Sizzlebird
27 Downfall - Trust Company
28 Voulez-Vous - ABBA

Thank you for this item I love ABBA!
It's surprising that my intellectual friend named Justin hates ABBA but I respect his opinion - Kevinsidis

29 21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson
30 Knockin' - Kuuro
31 In the Air Tonight (Far Out Mix) - LVD
32 Play Me - Korn
33 Black Prophecies - Dark Angel
34 Eyes of a Stranger - Queensr├┐che
35 Quarter - Fuel
36 Freedom - Rage Against the Machine
37 Cockroach King - Haken
38 Save Me - Avenged Sevenfold
39 Species - TC & The Prototypes
40 You Know What You Are? - Nine Inch Nails
41 How Could I - Cynic

I listened to it for the purposes of a list I was making - I had heard it before but I didn't remember the details I needed for the list. - Metal_Treasure

42 Time to Dance - Panic! At the Disco
43 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

I listened to this while driving to school today!

44 Cascade - Muzzy
45 Solitaire Unraveling - Mushroomhead
46 Chop Suey! - System of a Down
47 When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars

I scrolled through the list, this one (#33 as of the time of this comment) and the other's above weren't on the list

I listen to the radio so...yeah...I listen to this...

48 Obsidian Depths - Bind the Sacrifice
49 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
50 Dissolved Girl - Massive Attack
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1. Twenty Four Hours - Joy Division
2. Crystallised - Haken
3. Carrion Fairy - Pig Destroyer
1. Cicatriz Esp - The Mars Volta
2. Alucard - Gentle Giant
3. The Nurse Who Loved Me - A Perfect Circle
1. New Age - Muzzy
2. Blah Blah Blah - Armin Van Buuren
3. Whip Slap II - Dimension

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