Top 10 Songs You Never Want to Hear on the Radio


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81 23 - Mike Will Made It
82 No Money - Galantis

This is just horrible and cancerous. I mean the vocals are one of the worst I've ever heard. This is not nice at all. 1/5 - AlphaQ

83 Throw Sum Mo - Rae Sremmurd

Nicki Minaj is in this an fvcked up the song. Rae Sremmurd has the worst part as usual since they're far worse than Nicki Minaj. -5/5.

P.S I'm adding all the songs from my least favorite album (SremmLife) except for Safe Sex Pay Checks). - AlphaQ

84 Come Get Her - Rae Sremmurd
85 This Could Be Us - Rae Sremmurd
86 No Type - Rae Sremmurd
87 Trumpet Lights - Chris Brown

Pretty much the whole of this garbage is full of stupid noises. - AlphaQ

This is probably the worst R&B song I've ever heard. What the hell is this clown even saying? I can understand what the fvck this niga says. Thanks a lot autotune. This is the most autotune I've ever heard in a SINGLE SONG. YUCK. -1/5. This...I can't...this is easily a negative-star rating. - AlphaQ

88 Strip - Chris Brown

Adding everything in Fortune cause the album sucks. - AlphaQ

89 Mirage - Chris Brown
90 Don't Wake Me Up - Chris Brown
91 Bassline - Chris Brown
92 Till I Die - Chris Brown
93 Lit Like Bic - Rae Sremmurd
94 Up Like Trump - Rae Sremmurd
95 Set the Roof - Rae Sremmurd
96 Start a Party - Rae Sremmurd
97 Real Chill - Rae Sremmurd
98 By Chance - Rae Sremmurd
99 Shake It Fast - Rae Sremmurd
100 Do Yoga - Rae Sremmurd
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