Songs You'd Like Madonna to Perform Live On Her Next Tour

When Madonna goes out on tour in support of a new album, we can always expect to hear lots of the brand new songs. However, it is always a special treat when she dives into her back-catelog to perform some of her oldies and classics too. Now that the MDNA tour is wrapping up, a new tour might be a few years away. Which Madonna songs would you DIE to see her perform live again (or for the first time)?

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1 Causing a Commotion

This song was a huge hit in the 80s (made it all the way to #2), however it seems to be mostly overlooked today. This could be awesome live with a new modern reworked version and killer choreography. This one was always memorable live.

Agreed. This was a great song and the live performances of it from Blond Ambition and the Who's That Girl Tour were so great. Bring this one back, please!

2 You'll See

One of Madonna's most-powerful ballads, a top-10 hit on the Hot 100, and a fan favorite. It would be great to see this one on tour.

3 I'll Remember

Another huge hit and fan-favorite, this song never seems to be remembered amongst her hit ballads. We've never seen her do this one live. This would be a great treat and surprise for fans.

4 Where's the Party

This timeless party anthem deserved to be released as a single and could have been a monster hit. The live performances of this song have always been memorable.

5 Jump

One of Madonna's most inspirational songs ever and a fan-favorite!

I've always been so inspired by this song. The fans love it for sure.

I totally agree. This song means the world to me.

6 Material Girl

It would be great to see a live version of this with a totally new and modern dance remix for the new decade. A true classic.

7 Cherish

I would love to see this classic hit reworked as either a high-octane dance remix or perhaps and slowed-down ballad version. Either would be awesome.

8 Who's That Girl

This was one of her #1 hits! Why does it always get forgotten? One of my favorites from the 80s.

9 Bad Girl

I love when Madonna performs her ballads live. This has always been a fan-favorite. This could make for a very powerful and dramatic tour performance.

10 Spotlight

The Contenders

11 Nothing Fails
12 Rain
13 Deeper and Deeper

One of my favorite up-tempo Madonna hits from the 90s. This was a Top 10 hit when it came out. Let's bring it back!

14 Love Spent
15 Oh Father
16 La Isla Bonita
17 Don't Stop
18 Till Death Do Us Part
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