Top 10 Songs You'd Like to See Paramore Perform on Their 2017 Tour

Tennessee Pop-Punks Paramore are going to be touring later this year in honour of their upcoming album 'After Laughter'. While they will most likely be playing several new songs it will be interesting to see which old songs they select for the setlist. Here are the ones I would most like to hear live.

We most certainly won't be getting all of them on the set, but one or two would still be nice.
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1 We are Broken We are Broken Cover Art

As 2017 will be the 10 year anniversary of 'RIOT! ' my dream was that this year they'd do a tour where they play the entire album in full. Maybe we'll have to wait a bit longer for that to happen. Whilst any song off that album is more than welcomed the one I would love to hear above all others is this soft ballad near the end of the album, mostly because of how rarely they've ever done this one live.
Check out 'The Final Riot' version in Chicago, it's truly beautiful. Let's hope they can re-create that beauty again. - SuperSonic17

2 Monster Monster Cover Art

It's been a while since they last played the first single to be released since the Farro's departure back in 2010. It'd be nice if they brought it back to the sets as I think enough of the fans like this one, and it'd be the first time Zac Farro plays it with them. - SuperSonic17

3 All We Know All We Know Cover Art

As Paramore are a band that like to go forwards there might not be too much looking back. But hey, wouldn't it be nice to hear the opening track from their debut album? I'm sure you'd get the entire crowd singing along just at "We tried so hard to understand". - SuperSonic17


4 Conspiracy Conspiracy Cover Art

Speaking of their debut album this album highlight in particular is one which shouldn't go amiss. It has a nice blend of soft sections and heavier guitar work. If they can get this one down well Hayley's voice would be truly mesmerising. - SuperSonic17

5 Hallelujah Hallelujah Cover Art

This is another song that sounded beautiful on 'The Final Riot' tour. The live version starts with the first verse of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' before segwaying into the Paramore song. Surprised they don't do this one more often. - SuperSonic17

6 All I Wanted All I Wanted Cover Art

Currently the only song off 'Brand New Eyes' that has never once been played live. Not too sure if it's enough of a fan favourite to really get consideration, but hey, the rarity aspect alone might make it a treat. - SuperSonic17

Hayley’s vocals. Enough said?

7 Hate to See Your Heart Break Hate to See Your Heart Break Cover Art

The Self-Titled album has a lot of songs to chose from, however I feel this one in particular would be special. It has nice use of quiet guitar, a strings section and Hayley's soft soothing voice at it's best. - SuperSonic17

8 Let the Flames Begin Let the Flames Begin Cover Art

Oh yes, this one is indeed a firm fan favourite. So much so it's often one of their most requested live songs, probably due to it's stellar guitar work and Hayley's belting vocals at the chorus. - SuperSonic17

9 Part II Part II Cover Art

If we're having 'Let the Flames Begin' why not include 'Part II' for afterwards? One of the highlights of the self-titled album this song serves up as a nice little follow on to the aforementioned 'RIOT! ' track. - SuperSonic17

10 Fences Fences Cover Art

Another more funky tune from 'RIOT! ', and one that's guaranteed to get members of the audience snapping and/or clapping along to. - SuperSonic17

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11 Proof Proof Cover Art
12 Playing God Playing God Cover Art
13 Crushcrushcrush Crushcrushcrush Cover Art
14 Hello Cold World Hello Cold World Cover Art
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