Art of Life - X Japan


The fact that this isn't number 1 is sickening. The songs which are rated higher are all great songs, don't get me wrong (especially Stairway to Heaven, One and Bohemian Rhapsody) although I bet people who have voted for anything else has ever heard this song. This song has always has been the pinnacle of music, art or any type of human expression. This should be seen by everyone as the greatest song anyone has ever written and the most powerful piece of art ever seen or heard by a human. Seriously, if anyone called themselves a fan of music, the owe it to themselves to hear this. All hail X Japan

I feel sick to my stomach about the fact a tokio hotel song is above this one. What is happening to the appreciation for good music? This song should be at least in the top 3 and in my opinion it deserves first place. This is a song that has literally SAVED LIVES. The real emotion in it, the melody, it's unlike any song ever made. There will be no other song like this. Bohemian Rhapsody gets voted best song all the time, but honestly, this song is much much MUCH better. It's life to the core. It's the Art of Life, and if you call yourself a music fan, you have to hear this. We Are X now and Forever

This Song changed my life. This song is the best song ever written by the best band ever. This song is almost 30 minutes long and its just a rollercoaster ride of awesomeness. I couldn't life without X japan anymore. I hear this song at least one a day. Others pray to god, while I listen to X japan.

There isn't a single thing about this song that isn't perfect. The way everything moves together, is like a dance. It's like an incredible pain conflicting with the most amazing happiness, all whilst being at your most content state of mind. Art of life is the perfect name as it is exactly what it is.

The perfect blend of classical music and metal. The lyrics are simple and cliche, but they stick. The chord progression is simple, but it's effective. This is more than a song, it's a journey; with the doubts in the beginning. What lies are truths? What truths are lies? Art of Life explores the fatal human question: What is life? Ultimately, it doesn't give you an answer, it gives you a story.
And this story only gets better.

This is not fair!.. This song should be in the top 5.. Are this is because the owners did this song come from the east? I can vomit blood that played western songs every day.. Comprehensively assess a song, not as a singer only. Wake up..! Music is life.. We are X!

If you hear this song, you must agree this is the best song ever exists. Even better than "Bohemian Rhapsody"!. Yoshiki (drummer, pianist, composer, leader of X Japan) need 3 year for make this song.

And why Barracuda is in the top ten list? This is sad joke. - fratza

Art of Life is not only a song. Art of Life is the way of living which means music. You can search your whole life but if you not listen to this song you can never imagine what it means to be alive!
So close your eyes and listen Art of Life... After your first time you will never forget this masterpiece of rock symphony that only can created from one band on earth. X-Japan connects heaven and hell in one epic song!

This isn't even my favorite X Japan song but it deserves to be in the top ten greatest songs of all time. We are so ignorant in the west... just because X Japan wasn't white doesn't mean they weren't the best. They were the best, deal with it.

Bohemian Rhapsody is the best song ever, Art of Life is the only other song to have completely blown me away since - it is so powerful that it transends language to portray a message. Incredible.

This is perhaps the greatest song ever written. It is definitely up there with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, or Stairway to Heaven and Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. It is 29 minutes of highly emotive and highly talented music. Yoshiki is one of the finest artists of our time.

A genius had written this song enterely. 30 minutes with extraordinary Guitar and Piano's solos. Morever they're Japanese the lyrics are in English and are the most beautiful lyrics I've heard. Yoshiki Hayashi deffinitely an excelent musician.

Easily one of the top 5 songs of all time! Even X-Japan's "Endless Rain" is better than half of the songs in the top ten. Apparently, these are fan votes, based on familiarity. One of the greatest pieces of music ever composed. Thomas - Memphis, Tennessee

30 minutes! This is more than just a song, this is a masterpiece, a work of art. Everything is perfect in terms of notes, of harmony, on sheer mastery. You should listen to this to understand the beauty of it.

Awesome, no more words to say about it. Thank you Yoshiki for this song, for all good songs that you compose... Art of Life is a masterpiece, but I don't forget to mention "Kurenai" one more time, thank you!

29 minutes, awesome guitar solos & riffs, epic lyrics telling a epic story, badass drums, beautiful piano, impressive bass lines... And a guaranteed eargasm

give this song a chance.. I also was like "what the hell? " when I saw this song at the top of the metal list... but I gave it a fair chance.. and whatta you know... outstanding! - kameel

EPIC. AMAZING. And I do not know what else to say. These guys - a living legend, this song is a significant contribution to music in general and the Japanese scene especially

It is the most incredible song I've ever heard. 29 minutes of passion that reach our hearts. There is no words, you just must hear it and you could understand this feeling!

My favourite song ever, by my favourite band ever. It seems to speak about all the various phases of my life, I usually can understand how my live is at the moment just by identifiying in one of the strophes. The title fit the song perfectly, it's truly an art masterpiece, and it's truly about a life of a person that faces a lot of obstacles and finally arrives at a state of peace, not truly a completely 'perfect' state, but it's better this way, because that's what life really is.

OH. MY. GOD! Should definitely be higher on the list. Worth 30 minutes of your life. That eight-min piano solo by Yoshiki is just pure masterpiece, I dislike long songs but this is an exception. WE ARE X!

Who another than Yoshiki can write a song which persists over 30 minutes? 'Art of life' is truly awesome song from X-Japan. You definitely should listen it if you love music.

Beautiful song, but it's not like basic song, it's a symphony, rock symphony, X Japan is a powerful band, I really like them, and this song is perfect, this song is the BEST

An epic of pure epic epicness. Every chord, every note, every word, even the "meaningless" piano solo, hasy a very deep meaning of what is life.

Seriously when you are ready (to be able) to hear this, you understand that X Japan and hide are above music, and that Art of life is the best song ever. (from France )