A Day in the Life - The Beatles


To me it is no question which song is the greatest. This is by a mile. There is literally not a single imperfection behind this song. Lyrically, orchestrally, vocally - it's just a peak of all peaks. I purposely starved myself from this album by refusing to listen to it for most of my life. On June 19th I listened to the complete Sgt. Pepper's album from start to finish and was left in an expected trance. A Day In The Life honestly made me tear up. If you break down the song it can literally translate to a life of it's own. The composition sees it start with a narrator reading a newspaper, reminiscing his past, and then eventually dying. The final chord that lasts over 40 seconds allows the narrator and the listener to reflect upon not only their consumption of the song, but their actual life story too. - lachiemc

This is number 1. It has a great sound and great vocals and the orchestral parts in it are brilliant. Bohemian rhapsody and maybe space oddity are a close second. This song is to underrated and in my opinion it is better then hey jude. This song can never be re-created and this song is the reason why sgt peppers lonely hearts club band is the number 1 album. Not putting this song on the top 2 is one thing, but not even in the top 10! That is shameful. I vote this song number 1. Also this song isn't even the number 1 Beatles song. It's a bit disappointing really. Sorry that's just my opinion. Also the Beatles are the greatest band of all time and my favourite.

What is "best" is just an opinion, and there are plenty of good songs out there.
HOWEVER, "A Day in the Life" is the best song off what is without a doubt the most IMPORTANT rock/pop album of all time.
There are a half-dozen albums that have sold more, but none changed things like Sgt. Pepper.
Before The Beatles, the world was about old people, after The Beatles, the world was about young people; that can only happen once.

The pure definition of the differences between Lennon's and McCartney's song writing. This is the entirety of the Beatles career wrapped up in a beautiful little package of simplicity, complexity, craziness, campiness, sadness, and satire. The E chord at the end is also the longest ever recorded (I believe). Not to mention this song ends the greatest album of all time, Sgt. Pepper's. Need I say more?

A Day In The Life still sends chills up my spine. I have the 1967 album. Sgt Pepper's was revolutionary and ADITL, the last song on the album was John Lennon and the Beatles at their very best. Fifty years later, the song is as hauntingly powerful and relevant as it was in 1967. Some songs transcend the sum of their parts. The voice, the melody, the lyrics, the musical journey added to create a song better than all before and since. If this were the only song the Beatles created, it would still rate them above all others.

The best Beatles song of all time. No argument at that. Musically and lyrically, this is the greatest song of all time. Complex, yet simple to the ear, and full of meaning. This song is SO underrated. It doesn't quite have the catch that the others do. But come on... this is definitely better then "Smells Like Teen repeats hello 44 times Spirit"

Greatest song by the greatest ban ever - it is a mystery as to why it isn't in the top 10 let alone top 100. Great lyrics about fame as well as a sarcastic view on our everyday boring live, reminding me of fitter happier by radiohead - also, fantastic and unique chorus to top it off and as favourites by myself - haunted, dreamy vocals to top it off. PS Just come to terms with how low this is on the list: what is wrong with you people?

This song is actually two songs put together, Lennon wrote a slower song which is the first part, while McCartney had written a second song which was more upbeat, thus the second part. They combined the two to make A Day in the Life. How many bands would even think of doing that? Just another illustration of the genius that was the Beatles.

this song has been re-done by literally over 2000 different artists by that alone this is without a doubt the titleholder of the greatest song of all time not even opinion if to be done by over 2000 people all over the world more than any other song it is number 1

As a tripping young man, this song, as well as the albums inner sleeve, created a mood so deeply surreal. It was as if I was transported to a parallel state. My gaze was fixed on the four Beatles and slowly their faces melded into one. That one face was mine... No kidding

This song closes the greatest album ever recorded. Very rare that a song sounds like it is not from any specific time period, but a whole other dimension. I am listening to the original 1967 pressing of Sgt. Pepper right now, and it still feels as good now as the first time I heard it.

Wow, can't believe that this isn't at least in the top 15 songs (actually 10) this an absolute work of art, a very innovative song for its time, great instruments, great lyrics, simply fantastic, if not the greatest Beatles song, one of their best, this song deserves so much more than 24

The Beatles, were, is and will be the best band ever! No musician can even be the same page with The Beatles in regard of revolution in music. This song is one of the classic example of the genius that is The Beatles. enough Said!

This is it. This song is a masterpiece. There are two completely different parts of this song, and yet they compliment each other perfectly. It's rock and roll's version of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9.

A masterpiece of classic rock that has stood the test of time. It switches from melancholy to upbeat without a flinch and ends with an epic chord that ends the musical journey with a bang. Should easily be in the Top 10!

Read and heard this was there best work of art, made me think as liked the song but yes I see they did little this little that then little of Paul singing then John at the time he did the movie how I won the war, think name

A great song on the best album ever made. At the time you knew on first hearing it was special and even after all these years it still sounds undated and I enjoy it whenever I listen to it.

A Day in the Life is the greatest song ever, the ethereal music, John's dreamscape lyrics followed by Paul's "Woke up" interlude which ends with "and I went into a dream" going back into more John dreamscapes. Absolutely incredible in every way. The hanging note at the end of the song has been ringing for 50 years for a reason.

First off the Beatles easily one of the best bands of all times. This song tells a great story. It makes you think, it might be they are on drugs but all great musician.

This song influenced every band and every song from then to now. Most people don't realize that. Best band and song that ever was. Most importantly ever will be.

This is the only song ever created without a flaw.

People don't know how to vote. You don't need "taste" in the Beatles to like this song. I can't believe its down this low, should be in the top 5 for sure.

This is simply one of the best songs ever made. It's the best song by the Beatles. That's saying a lot. And it should definitely be in the top ten. - dudesterravensfan

This song speaks on a a whole new level. So simple lyrics but yet so complex at the same time. It is the epitome of music

This song listening to it on stereo headphones in the sixties as a young teenager is an experience I will always remember