Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd


Makes me cry. A deep, emotional start sung by the greatest ever american singer, the a insane solo. The popular rock song, and with good reason. The list should be:

1: This
2: 2112 (Rush)
3: Babe, I'm gonna leave you (Led Zep)
4: Halleluja (Jeff Buckely)
5: Forgotten Sons (Marrilion)
And I'm 12... and I love this stuff.
- nic1997ps3

There is no question this song deserves to be number one on this list. It brings the best sensation of music to yours ears more than any other. With five minutes of the best singing of the best lyrics ever written, and five more minutes of the greatest guitar solo in history. It should be number one, no question. My absolute favorite song ever.

Let's just face it, Freebird is great. An ode to Duane Allman, it doesn't matter what concert you go to someone wants to hear it. The layers of guitars, the rising and falling of intensity like a bird flying, and one of the greatest guitar solos ever. How this misses the list is beyond me.

I play the piano and when I play in front on my family, my dad always says, Free Bird! PLAY FREE BIRD! And every one laughs. Now this isn't my favorite song, it's just a nice song. My dad took me to see lynyrd skynyrd and yeah, they were a pretty good band in stage.

Some of the best Guitar ever to have been played. Skynyrd werent an arrogant band, they were down to earth, southern working class people who played 'for the street people.

im relavtively happy that its 9.. but its not good enough.

Could listen to this song for hours on end and never get bored of it. The guitar solo are the end is fantastic and actually gives me hop in the music world. A song that hasn't been messed around with. True genius.

Should be in the top 10, its one of the greatest songs of all time! One of the very few songs that is almost 10 minutes long and you can listen to the whole thing. It's a disgrace to the memory of Ronnie Van Zant that this isn't in the top 10.

The first five minutes of this song are an easy-going and epic ballad, then it becomes a little heavier revealing the best solo in rock history. Who can play a 5 minute studio solo that doesn't become repetitive or boring? - fidelcanojr

Kind of strange on how they decided to write it. I saw something on YouTube and they were sitting in a boat watching birds, and one of them said, "well.. Birds are free, you know? Maybe we should write something based on that. "

This is definitely the greatest song ever, it has amazing lyrics, amazing guitar solo, and like someone said before me, people will be hollering "free bird" for a long time. this ABSOLUTELY should be Number 1. - pajak1

God, damn those schoolboys who think that the androgynous creature singing songs at the level of Britney Spears is better than the band that is considered the codifier of Southern Rock. Save our souls.

Tough choice with so many good songs in this list but this song is so classic it's hard to find anyone who doesn't like it... Especially the live version! "Play it pretty for Atlanta" (One More From the Road album)

greatest song ever created. you can feel the energy building up then they hit you with a 5-minute solo. you just can not beat this song it is perfect. this is by far the best song i've ever heard!!!!!

This song has a little sob story past with me, it was my beloved grandfathers favorite song, he was a pilot and a chef, he loved flying and this was his favorite song. he was the vice president chef of Florida for a time. (fuzzy at the chef part, but he was a ceo or something in Florida's chef industry or something) the song played at his funeral. the slow beginning sounded like a normal funeral song, then... BOOM! the 4 minute mark passes and... EARGASM TIME! my god... I will miss that man, rest in peace Donald.

This is the greatest guitar songs in the history of guitar songs.The solo is not only phenominal but also sounds so dammn good. This should so definately be in the top of the list

This is honestly my favorite song ever. One of the best guitar solos next to stairway to heaven and very good lyrics. I feel it should be in the top ten but this is an opinion based site.

Why is this song not #1? Also, don't forget "Gimme Three Steps", or "I Know A Little" There should be more Skynyrd on this list. Great band, great guitars and a great experience.

One of the greatest songs ever, the best song of Lynyrd Skynyrd, great guitar, and not many things to say but it's definitely one of those great songs of rock & roll

Ain't heard a better song than this! So soothing and calm! The southern rock's best ever song! Its solo is like wow! Song literally transforms to to a bird. Love it!

Not much more I can add to the great comments already listed here. The greatest Southern rock song, the anthem of the band, and the genre for that matter. - Ned964

It has one of the the longest and greatest guitar solos in the history of music. And the slow flow of the vocals is the perfect blend for an awesome song.

Epic song sad to see this song being so low on the list, the big question here as well,.. X Japan who? Are they the online who build this site laugh out loud,

One of the greatest guitar songs ever - great vocal melodies to start until you are drawn in to that now famous, funky, layered outro. It is just epic!

I feel like I'm on some sort of crazy journey when I listen to this song. It blows me away. Great lyrics from start to finish and nice guitars as well.

Free bird is the best song ever thought of by anyone. I don't know 2 of the top 10 songs and metalica's best song is master of puppets. FREE BIRD!