Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden


Wow, I had to scroll all the way to number 25 to get to one that I agree with. I'm pretty sure that's a new record. "Bohemian Rhapsody" being the best song in the world is like The Avengers being the greatest movie in the world. It's an average song, some genius moments, some not so genius moments. Pretty soon, it's novelty wears off and then you listen to other Queen songs and realize how great they really were, not because of their most famous song, but because of everything else. "Imagine" isn't much better, an overrated song by the most overrated Beatle... Yeah. Now, onto Hallowed Be Thy Name. The song itself is metallic genius. It just proves how Iron Maiden is simply the best metal band ever. Every riff so so recognizable and catchy. Bruce sings his balls off, but the guitar again is where the song shines. - TheMinishCap

Brilliant song, one of the best by Maiden. Though I'm surprised Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills or Rainmaker didn't make it on this list. Though it is irritating to see that people are only sticking classic songs on this list instead of some of the better, more modern songs. If you are going to make a list about best songs of all time it should be a mixture of all eras of music, not just classics. For example - Newton Faulkner's "Dream Catch Me" or Disturbed's "Down With the Sickness" or Avenged Sevenfold's "Critical Acclaim"

This list is quite diverse. Selections that ought to qualify so far are queen and led zepplin, but I suppose I think in rock fairly exclusively. Green Day? RHCP? My Chemical Romance? We are talking the Greatest Song EVER! There is no place for these bands at all, let alone the songs that have been chosen from them. Jesus of Suburbia. What? I am choosing an outside shot that at least deserves consideration. Up the Irons!

It's hard to pick one song to be the best, and it's all a matter of opinion, but Hallowed Be Thy Name is at least amongst the best. It deserves at least top ten, along with Comfortably Numb, Hotel California, Bohemian Rhapsody, American Pie, Hallelujah, Sounds of Silence, Sweet Dreams, One (or Master of Puppets), and (just for being a classic) Highway to He'll.

Great song with awesome guitar, piano and everything else. Deserves a top 20 spot. There is nothing better than this song in rock category along with queen, Green Day, Led Zeppelin. Etc

For one thing, this is THE best metal song of all time... Yes, better than "One. " For another, the guitars of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray are nothing but phenomenal, Clive (Nicko when played live) does a great job, and nothing even needs to be said for Bruce, because he's so good. Having this (or any song) listed after Eminem's "Lose Yourself" is a disgrace to humanity, this needs to be way up there... Top 15 at least.

Easily the best metal song ever written and probably the most recognizable riff. The amount of effort and passion that went into this song is just incredible! The lyrics send shivers down your spine if you really listen to them. All these other songs are great, but they just don't have the skillful progression and mastery that this song has

Should be higher what higher. Just because a song becomes famous on the internet or because "anyone can listen to it, it's so catchy." Doesn't mean it's good. This song like all Maiden songs has a deep meaning and tells a story unlike no others and while grim you can't deny Bruce sounds great and makes the lyrics flow like no one else.

Mark my words believe my soul lives on. Don't worry now that I have gone, I've gone beyond to seek the truth. When you know that your time is close at hand maybe then you'll begin to understand life down here is just a strange illusion.

That song is one if the greatest songs ever because it shows u how the death truly look and make u feel like the whole world is nothing so if u look for something like that I'm sure that song will make u feel great and thanks for reading my comment.

Music in all its splendor, magic in a heavy metal song is difficult to find, but certainly in this song. The emotions loaded in the lyrics of this song are incredible, the voice of Dickinson is incomparable and the complexity of the song, the structure, the only, I can only say... Iron Maiden

The emotional depth in this song is matched by no other song in anyone's catalogue. When you know that your time is close at hand maybe then you begin to understand that life down here is just a strange illusion! Absolute musical brilliance. Best song from the best band ever!

This is rock... An amazing song, the best metal song ever! This is slow and melodic then a few minutes into the song it has a skull crushing solo that leaves me no doubt that herman lee, no matter how fast he is could never play with as much emotion and precision as adrian smith

This song is just AMAZING. Maiden are the best band ever, and this song is one of their best. It opens with a spine-tingling intro, continues with an awesome riff, Bruce Dickinson's singing is just mind-blowing and the solos are just so good. UP THE IRONS!

Although this isn't my favorite Iron Maiden song (Rime of the Ancient Mariner or Infinite Dreams or Trooper anyone? ) this song is one of their best and just legendary. The lyrics are simply wonderful and the playing is too good for words.

This is the best song which consists in the whole world. Only the first 3 minutes are better than each other song in the world. and the end part, where bruce is singing: "hallowed be thy name", is truly perfect.

A masterpiece, from one of the best bands of all time. I just can't believe it isn't in Top 10 of the list, the only thing I can imagine about this is that the voting people just vote for the very first known song they find.

This is the greatest song of all time. Everything about it is amazing. The vocals, guitar playing, bass playing, drumming and lyrics, they are all just awesome. This song sends chills up my spine, it needs to be in the top 10

I agree to someone who says "Its disgrace to humanity if this song is below all those that have been listed above. " and " This song is why I love music "

Greatest song ever.. Beyond the constraints of any genre.. Up The Irons..!

Come on people, lets bring this to number one. I can't do this alone. The greatest metal song of all time deserves to be in the top ten. - metalmaiden

It's by far the greatest song ever. The only reason it is not number 1 in this list is because it is metal and metal, in general, is underrated. Even non-metalheads to whom I introduced this song loved it.

Hallowed Be Thy Name is easily Maiden's most epic song along with 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner'. A metal classic that needs to be heard when Bruce Dickinson performs it live. Truly a masterful achievement.

This song will be the one that will sound during my funeral. I want to pass out with this powerful song due to its amazing lyrics, solos, Dickinson's vocal range, etc. My all time favourite song!

This is the greatest metal song ever(fact) and my all time favorite song too. Why so low? I'm sad. At least it's going up in ranks. People are finally starting to realize how godly this song is. - metalmaiden

This website fails, when I vote for something it always goes down in the rankings. Anyway, as far as I am concerned, this song is perfection and truly is the best song ever.