Hotel California - Eagles


I just learned this song on guitar, and I love the rhythm and melody! So peaceful and melodic, it is really fun to listen to! - Flowersocks2137

I heard this song for the 1st time in my life in 2005 & after 7 Years of Intense practice & commitment, I became the Most Musically Skilled Guitarist of my Country! (Sri Lanka) - Nirmal1991USA

When this album was first released, my friends and I were literally floored. Prior to this Eagles were a mellow, country/rock band. Although they had quite a few hits, their sound was quite different earlier. This album took Eagles into the mainstream of hard rock, and it's edgier rock riffs, no doubt were the influence of Joe Walsh joining the band. A very good album, give it a spin. - Ned964

It took so much talent to write a song like this. I love the 12-string guitar at the beginning and the solo is hella kick ass. It is obviously my Favorite song of all time. Nobody will ever make a song better than this. Screw led zeppelin. Screw Queen. Screw Nirvana. It is all about EAGLEs!!!

I was lucky enough to see this live in May and it was the most indescribable feeling in the world. So well written, and the guitar riffs sent chills down my spine. It's incredible that Don Henley's voice sounds just as impeccable as it did in the 70s today. I'm only seventeen, but this song has always been at the top of my favorites, although my favorite Eagles song is undoubtedly New Kid In Town. This song certainly deserves this spot.

So calm and relaxing and laid back. The Harmonizing is so beautiful, every time I hear the song it gives me the chills. This song is simply amazing, it has to be the best song I have ever listened to. The guitar solos are so awesome, it just puts a big smile on my face. The beat is so on point, I always just find myself tapping or bobbing my head, its just so catchy.

I don't have words to describe how much I adore this song. It's my favourite song of all time.

How many people care about´╗┐ why a song is written? What was the inspiration? Each and every song has a different meaning to a different person. The song can be associated with a memory, a loved one, a difficult period in your life.

To me this song will always remind me of a bad breakup, even though it's written about an addiction. But that's just me. Your meaning or interpretation might be completely different.

Let's be clear, 80% of this song is just "Good". The lyrics are out-there, they're well sung and the music marries them well... But other songs are good too and this is _the_ best.

Five minutes in Hotel California pulls away from the pack.

The world drops away and you're surrounded by angels doing battle on what sounds like a thousand diamond guitars. It's beyond perfect and I've never heard anything like it since.

It's not just a few chords. This is the full package.

I compared it with the other songs on the list and based on the music I mean the drums guitars bass lyrics I found it so much better than the others I think Bohemian Rhapsody is so much overrated and Led Zeppelin has a lot better songs than stairway to heaven and although comfortably numb is the best solo ever but it cannot be the best so obviously this is the best song ever

Can we get all the Linkin Park songs off the list? The only reason they're here is because of 14-16 year old emo girls.

Now, this song is real music. It's got a great riff, awesome vocals, and a peaceful melody, yet its lyrics are very dark. It was the Eagles' highest charting single, and it DEFINED 70's rock music. Thank god it made Top 5.

I hate this song so much. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, this just isn't an appealing song. I've heard it several times before, and I still don't like it. I've read the lyrics, and I find them to be quite bland. The melody is ugly, and the guitars and vocals just sound boring in my opinion. I don't like this song, never will, and can't believe how high it is on this list.

I'll respect your opinion, but to me it is a great song, and I don't even like country. I think it deserves to be up high on this list. There's a reason why it's so high up. - Kyledren

This place is way to low for such an amazing song! The lyrics are quite simple, yet brilliant! I will love this song forever and I hope that this comment will give this song that little push it needs! Come on guys, this song should be number 1!

One of the greatest songs of all time. I love the Eagles and their inspirational music. I went to one of their last concerts. It was nothing short of incredible. I was deeply saddened when I heard that they had lost the beloved Glenn Frey. RIP Glenn. I also want to wish Don Henley good luck at his solo career. - D0gLover970

Being an Indian and a villager, I was not interested in western music. Once I got a chance to listen this song from my friend. Such a melodious and meaningful song. Since then I have heard this song over 10000 times, even now I listen this at least 5 times in a day. I also started listening to other kinds of western songs.

Great guitar, no song is even close to the perfection of this one. There is no arguing to that, and the group has made so many other good songs, they should be known by all generations

I first heard this song when I was 2 and I have been a classic rock fan ever since. This song never got old to me. Nothing will ever compare to this song. Nothing else not even journey foreigner pink Floyd Metallica or Bon jovi. Why ain't this song at the top of the list I mean come on

This song is an absolute classic. First of all, the music is beautiful: a wonderful melody, great instrumentation and (musically, not technically) the best guitar solo ever. Also, the heavily metaphorical lyrics are a true work of art. Amazing. - Blueyays

hard to choose this over any Floyd song.. but I really do believe Hotel California is the greatest song ever conceived. and I'm not even an Eagles Fan.. like I said.. I'm more into Floyd and Metallica and Queen

It's been my favorite song since I was 14. It has one of the most amazing lyrics coupled with emotional singing, a great bass line and that guitar solo is just way too addicting. It was the first song I learned on my bass and I try to play it everyday. It's just timeless.

It has one of the most powerful, mind blowing guitar solos I have ever heard. The lyrics are so profound and quite frankly, really confusing, and anything you wanna hear sung about, the lyrics can tell it to you, if you want them to.

BEST SONG EVER. The music is so beautiful, it just brings pictures of devil and sun to my eyes. I already know the lyrics, which are so amazing--and it's really weird because it's not very deep even! FAVORITE OSNG EVER!

My dad introduced me to this band via their 'Hell Freezes Over' Album. Wasn't even halfway through this song before I decided that I was an Eagles fan forever. My brain was flooded with emotion at the beauty of the song.

This is one of the best songs of all time. I get emotional every time I hear this beautiful well-set guitar arrangement. It is refreshing to hear a song like this in such horrible musical times we are today. Beautiful!

The lyrics, the music, the solo guitar piece just make this an awsome track. I love this so much. Everytime I listen to it, it remains as good as the first time, if not better. This should be notched up to top 3!

This song is, simply put, perfect. It has deep lyrics about a man's struggle with a drug addiction, which ends with the acceptance of his problem, and one of the greatest solos of all time.

Absolutely beautiful.