Imagine - John Lennon


This song is great, the lyrics are powerful yet subdued, the melody is timeless and despite some critics the message is absolutely positive. If you take the words in this song at their text book definitions and refuse to read between the lines than you may get offended and never truly understand the big picture. Take a moment to think about living in a world as imagined by John Lennon in this song, take away Material Possessions (wealth, status, greed, envy... Etc. ) Religion (holy wars, terrorism, religious persecution... Etc. ) Countries (war, tyranny, oppression... Etc. ) If the world truly lived as one your only responsibility would be to wake up and breathe, enjoy your life.

"Imagine" is a very special song, it's probably ultimately his most powerful. This is a unifying song that people all over the world love and sing. Even when I hear those opening chords my mind stops and I get very misty-eyed. It really is a deep song. Absolutely one of the greatest classics ever ...more

This song is just to GREAT all of these songs are amazing in there own way but this song is my favorite because it inspires people to care about each other and show that everyone should live there life to the fullest! He talked about all the things that he believed would make the world a better place. He does talk about religion and lots of people were offended by this cause he believed that it was a thing that people killed and died for, many of you may not believe this but its true not to long after this song was made and a man had murdered this amazing artist for being against Christianity in my opinion this man only proved his case and that's why this song is the number one song in the world because this man spoke the truth. BEST PIANO PLAYING, BEST LYRICS, AND SUNG BY JOHN LENNON

How did Bohemian Rhapsody get up there? I don't even like that song! Stairway to Heaven I can sorta understand, because it is an awesome song, but it's still not in the same league as John Lennon. If Led Zeppelin walked up a stairway to heaven, John Lennon would be standing at the top. And Queen would be so far below him that they wouldn't be on the earth at all. They would be floating somewhere out in space roughly in the direction of the other side of the planet. Imagine is definitely first. It's dreamy melody and powerful lyrics really do make you imagine what John Lennon imagined.

All 3 songs above this are great, but this one is just pure genius, sung by a LEGEND. It makes me cry when I'm sad sometimes, just because the world isn't as good as people think it is and this song points that out. I wish the world could be as great as this song says it could be. Amazing lyrics, vocals, and music. It's so much better than the stuff they try to pass as music today. Anyways there is no competition. This song is deep, heartfelt, and just a masterpiece.

Personally, I like Instant Karma better, but I love this song too. John Lennon songs are my favorite. It doesn't matter if it's with the Beatles or solo, his songs are the best. The lyrics, piano, drums, and strings are beautifully orchestrated. By the way, Bohemian Rhapsody sucks! It sounds like the musical Rent tried to become an opera. I hate Rent! The only way I'd actually like a song like that is if it was written by John Lennon.

For goodness sake; this song is a political song couched in a beautiful melody. Yoko Ono was responsible for much of the songs, including the very idea for it; John admitted so later in life. The lyrics about no religion and no possessions are straight out of the book "Animal Farm' and John was a self admitted communist. Some may find it inspirational; I have a hard time doing so, especially a song from a man who made fun of the mentally challenged, beat his wives and abandoned his oldest son for most of his life.

This is just an all around amazing song. Amazing lyrics, amazing vocals, amazing instrumentation, an amazing song. Thumbs up if you know what's good.

I agree that Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the top songs ever, for it is unique, and fun to listen to. However, it doesn't have the warm, tender compassion behind the lyrics Imagine has. It is an outstanding song to say the LEAST, and has the best message a song could possibly have. It always makes me happy, hearing this song. Just the hope of something so great happening, is almost unbearable (in a good way

What in the world is this song doing down here it deserves to be at the top. (singing) Imagine if this song was at the top it isn't hard to do no need to put classics at the bottom it deserves to be up there imagine if people new good music when they here it yoo ho ooh ooh you may say I'm wrong but I'm right and not the only one someday you'll notice that it's better than those other songs.

Imagine is a truly inspirational song; projecting the dreams of a man who aches for world peace and for everyone to be happy and love one another. It is heart wrenching and beautifully sung. Though I think all of the songs on this list are amazing, I think that Imagine should be number one, not just for its melodic and easy listening, but for what it stands for: peace and love

Lennon was a half of the greatest songwriting partnership to ever exist, and this is his greatest musical gift to the world (except for maybe Strawberry Fields Forever). No wonder it gets played immediately after Auld Lang Syne at each new year - certainly not Bohemian Rhapsody or Stairway to Heaven (or god forbid - Satisfaction). Truly a song with a message for the world.

I love this song its beautiful It makes me think how lucky I am to have all the thinks I do I'm the average 12 year old and every time I listen to this song It brings a tear to my eye I just love this song I wish music was like this now instead of crappy raps John Lennon rest in peace you great man! :-)

It's the best song ever it tells how life would be like if everybody loved one another how life would be like if we could all live in a brotherhood/sisterhood with no war, It's very inspirational... It was made also by one of the great Fab Four, John lennon one of Liverpool's legends is one of the greatest musicians of all time this song deserves to be #1

Not one song was ever this inspiring and spiritual. It envisioned a way to live that we are so far from now. We need John Lennon like never before

This song does speak to many people who question life and religion but to say it's better than Bohemian Rhapsody is an overstatement. The range of voices and musicality of the rhapsody are simply not comparable to the simplicity of rhythms and voice that Lennon displays in this song.

It's the simplicity of this song that overwhelms you, quite the opposite to the current number 1 Bohemian Rhapsody which has its own agenda. Has anyone else even dared to say 'Imagine no religion'? I doubt you could today. Plus the video which is pretty old has stood the test of time as well.

I think Imagine should be number one. I agree with the whole song and it is SO much better than current top 40 party songs with no meaning. I think it has changed many peoples opinions on the world. It's hard to believe he was shot for this masterpiece. I have my favorite songs right now, but those will change. Imagine is my all time favorite!

Imagine is a revelation about how this world, that we ourselves live in, should live and breathe. Bottom line, it shows us that if we listen to this song and live by it, our world will be a better place. It should be the anthem of the whole planet. That's how deep and true it is. Lennon really did more than his best on this piece of pure art

The absolute beauty of john Lennon was his stark and brutal self honesty and reflection. Unlike so many, he never professed to be without flaws, quite the opposite. Non the less, he was a giant in terms of his generosity, his humility, his humanity and his willingness to bear his soul. His lyrics were stunning and always other worldly. This song is an anthem about a world where equality and compassion I valued above all else. thank you, John Lennon. - Pfeifferpfan

Imagine, A Day in The Life and Like A Rolling Stone are the only songs worth being #1 in my opinion. Stairway To Heaven is good, and so is Bohemian Rhapsody. But not that good. My list would be: 1 Imagine 2 Like A Rolling Stone 3 A Day In The Life 4 Bohemian Rhapsody 5 Stairway to Heaven. Love and peace you lovely people.

John Lennon should be #1 ALWAYS! I think his songs are awesome! My dad showed me the Beatles and I keep going to YouTube and searching Beatles songs. I play piano and take lessons and like 1 year ago my piano teacher had me play " Here comes the sun". I liked the tune and searched it and listened to it like 50 times. Then I bought 2 CD's of their's and listened to it like 50 times also. GO JOHN LENNON! AND THE Beatles!

This song brings intangible things, that few people realize into a new, positive perspective. Subjects like those discussed in this song, people should be more aware of, if everybody, or even more were, the world would really be a much better place. Peace, love, and Lennon.

Every time I listen to it, I simply have to cry. I ask myself how such a beautiful song can exist. And for the people how don't understand why this song makes me feel this way well it only means that did not understand it, and the day that they will, it will take it's lace back at the top of the charts

Not only a beautifully crafted song, but the meaning of it seems to apply to everybody throughout the world, especially with everything going on right now. No religion to kill for, everybody with freedom, everybody living together as one. Imagine that.

What more can you say about a song that has the best lyrics in it... Listen to this song and then listen to manny pacquiao and will ferrell sing this song on YouTube... It's super hilarious... Good ass song for me...