Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls


This should be in the top ten. Just listen to the guitar solo and the lyrics. Then explain WHY Christina Aguilera songs are above this...

Just a masterpiece a beautiful song... I'm not gonna say where it should stand for all time but I was glad to see it on this list it definitely deserves to be here! Watch the movie as well City of Angels for the lovely famous love line... This movie encouraged a beautiful song to meet as a counterpart

I mean this should be way higher I love this song this should be making history right here great guitar solo and everything there is nothing wrong with this song come on people vote for this song I think this is better than most songs that I came across

I think that this song should definitely be in the top five. It is so powerful and passionate and it just makes you feel alive. When you listen to it there is just sort of a sense of peace and hope. definitely my #1

This is such a good song. I don't think I ever met someone who didn't like this song. It's played on the radio a lot for a song that was made in 1998. It has such a good tune and very deep lyrics. It amazes me the amount of emotion in the song.

This is such an amazing song, it really should be much higher than 60! The lyrics in this are just incredible! Brings back such happy memories!

Song really hits home. Anybody that's ever experienced the reality of life can relate to the lyrics in this song.

this is one of the best songs ever! the lyrics are amazing and it deserves to be a lot higher in the list!

Always Perfect! Oldie, but Goodie. Every time I listen to this song, My world is straightened out.

This is the greatest song ever. The lyrics are just beautiful

The Best Song I've Ever Heard. Please listen this. Stay Safe Don't Try This At Home!

Beautiful. I wish it could be the only song so I could listen to it all the time - Songsta41

This is a couples song... it can end arguments... and make love stronger - ShinySpoonODew

YES! One of the most beautiful songs ever. It is a classic, I love it so much!

This song is the epitome of perfectness. Love it from starting to end.

One of those songs that I just can't imagine not existing, so perfect

Glad others see @ hear how great this song is. Brings tears to my eyes.

Very well written song, I mean this is the best song I ever listen

I don't like this band but this song is great. Makes me shed a tear. - 445956

It's a really cool song! Do yourself a favor and listen to it now!

The best song in the entire world! It never, ever gets old.

It's not the best song of all time, but it's in the top 5.

Very powerful song, should be higher on this list...


This is by far the best song I have ever heard.