Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day


It's the son of rage and love. The greatest song I've ever known. From the bible of rock gods above, with a steady stream of... awesomeness and great lyrics. Bill, Tre, and Mike play like no one else, as far as I can tell, at least from what I've heard of them. And there's nothing wrong with it, this is how it's meant to be. In the land of rock and roll, this is the perfect song.

People have to be not be scrolling past the top ten list, because it is songs like this that should be up on top. This is one of the best songs that Green Day, not only because it is nine minutes long, but because those nine minutes give birth to a constantly changing tune. There's no one melody in this song, it keeps up pace and changes throughout. I love this song so much, its one you can loop and keep listening over and over again!

This is the best song ever! The video for this song is long and I love the way its got acting in it. I also love the way it fits with the the theme of St Jimmy. I could listen to it all day and I would never get bored because there are so many different tunes to listen to. Billie Joe also has the best voice ever! And Green Day are amazing together to!

Green Day's, and one of Punk Rock's best. I love this song not only because it's awesome, it gives a meaning to the story of American Idiot, but also perfectly captures the mindset of a teen bored of his life. He does drugs, cigarettes, is addicted to T.V., and is on a steady diet of soda pop and ritalin. And he justifies his lifestyle: "And there's nothing wrong with me/ This is how I'm supposed to be/ In a land of make believe/ That don't believe in me! ". It's this ingenuity and meaningfulness that makes me love Green Day.

Please please tell me this a joke! How can this be so low?!?! And where are boulevard of broken dreams or wake me up when september ends or even American idiot? These 3 songs surely should be at least in top 20!

An epic song comprising the struggling life of a teenager (applicable to any of us really! ). I mean who else but Green Day can bring out the story so emotional, powerful and touching! Combine billie's amazing vocals, tre's frenzy beats, mike's (sadly underrated though! ) riffs with beautiful lyrics and vola! You've got an unforgettable epic song!

A Green Day song is barely in the top 50. Seriously jesus of suburbia is one of my favorite songs ever (still behind boulevard of broken dreams and time of your life) but jesus of suburbia would be in my top 20 so how is it 50.

Dynamic, well timed, great combination. Simply awesome! Green Day stays true to their fans and their style. The lyrics have developed and are more mature, but the style has been kept. Thank you Green Day!

To be honest, I have heard of the story arc behind this song and researched it. But I can't remember it so I'd like to say this is a fantastic song with memorable lyrics and it's a tune that never fails to get the blood pumping.

How dare you put linkin park over Green Day?! No, I'm just kidding I love linkin park... But seriously, this song is one of the greatest of all time and will be remembered for probably hundreds of years

This is one of those songs that will stand the test of time, it's dark and it's about Rage vs Love and it captures the entire emotion and feel of the ALbum "American idiot" which is among the top 10 best albums ever released

A really good song : ) Are really long and it should be at least number 2! It's a great and long song that every rocker on this planet can like! I'm voting for this song. hahahahahahaha :P

This song has so many different parts to it, its incredible! The lyrics, the bass and of course Billie joe's amazing voice, it really doesn't get any better than that

Not my favorite Green Day song, but I'd have that Jesus of Suburbia is pretty damn good. It's quite an amazing rock opera and I love how each part transitions so smoothly. Plus I never get tired of Billie Joe's voice

This should be #1, or at least above any Linkin Park song. This is the most relatable song you will ever hear and you can't GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Green Day is my favorite band ever and this is my favorite song ever. It is so perfect its insane.

This song is dedicated to all the teenagers who are frustrated from their life. It has awesome and well written lyrics with rocking and punky music, which Green Day can do only. This song must be in top 10.

this is an emotional moment for billie and his fans when he is singing it. he is telling the truth. deep down inside us there is some part that can seem to partly relate to it.

Jesus of Suburbia, though unappreciated by many, is one of the greatest songs ever. Anyone can relate to the song in their own way. Truly great.

Oh my god! This song is terrific! Green Day is the best band ever! I can't believe that JOS is at #30! ! It's my dad's favourite Green Day song and my 11th favourite! - Jetticus12

Jesus of Suburbia demonstrates the insecurities of being a teenager, such as questioning your families and friends. This song takes a step further by showing how St. Jimmy was able to transition from being a loser to trying to do something with his life. However, this was not the result and the result is actually more tragic and deep.

This song is really epic, its all about the rage and recklessness in teenagers, this song really gives me relief when I'm disappointed and deprived of something!

This is a song that is VERY good that Green Day should have merit to this marvel. It is interesting to see the harsh reality of the other person's lead to drugs, etc..

Incredible song, incredible album. I am truly happy that this is the top Green Day song on this list and I feel that it should be higher. It definitely has my vote

Frankly an amazing song however I still feel that basket case is by far a better song and should be in the top 25 by a mile GREENDAY YOUR AWESOME

Been one of my favorite songs since it's release. I grew up on Green Day. The broadway musical based on this album is still on of my favorites ever.