Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan


While songs like Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody are classics, they were songs, Bob Dylan's, like a Rolling Stone, was a movement. So in addition to the power of the lyrics, the song helped changed the history of Rock and Roll; hence #1.

An exquisite piece of poetry. The surreal nature of this work results in it requiring many revisits to truly understand its meaning. even on the thousandth visit you find yourself suddenly realising what the artist is trying to tell you. It questions the very nature of society and the way it looks towards certain trends. Ironically the song questions the way we feel the need to create lists such as the one it appears on, though it appears far too low on the list. All though it is not my favourite Dylan track (Bob Dylan's 115th dream) when compiling the list 'Greatest songs of all time' of all the songs on this list this is certainly #1 - liamh1381

I try not to take any survey too seriously, including this one and including Rolling Stone. It's all just someone's opinion anyway. There are a lot of people who think Prince is one of the ten best guitarists. I'm not sure I'd go that far but I do think he's one of the ten best musicians. This isn't even my favorite Dylan song, although it's up there. I probably prefer Tangled Up in Blue, Just Like a Woman, or Lay Lady Lay, but that's all just my opinion anyway, right?

This song is like a punch in the gut every time I ever hear it. Who doesn't know what this song is talking about? It's that life is every bit about loosing, also, not just grasping and utilizing. In the end, if you remember your own name, and have even one person who truly cares for you, or at least tries, then your already ahead of the game. My ex friend walked out on Bob in a club, he said he couldn't understand him, what a idiot. I would take him any way I could get him. My opinion, which equates to O' This song is the greatest song ever written, so there. I dared say it and I don't give a Bleep.

Like a Rolling Stone will always be the greatest song of all time because of how eternally wise Bob Dylan is. He made the brave decision to go from a quiet, controlled folk sound to a booming folk rock sound. And the lyrics are one of the few that successfully tell a story. Overall, this masterpiece is the greatest song ever made.

Arguably our greatest songwriter. His most popular song. This guy personifies the genius of our greatest rock heroes/heroines. How could one person possibly write all these incredible songs. Where would we all be without him? I'm proud he is from Minnesota. - Ned964

Arguably the point at which Rock (not rock and roll) was invented. Lyrically and Musically, no song had sounded like this before it. The first non-jazz/classical song over 3 minutes to have commercial success. Influence wise, this song HAS to be number 1, and musically and lyrically, it isn't far off

very good. I really do NOT think this is the best song ever, but how can someone NOT put this song in the top 20, at least? Bob Dylan was a genius when wrote Hurricane, and when wrote this, no doubt it was genius too. You should put it at least on 20th position. Go, Dylan! Go Like a Rolling Stone! Go Hurricane! GOO!

Bob Dylan's masterpiece is by far the greatest song of all time. While Bohemian Rhapsody and Stairway to Heaven are art. Like a Rolling Stone changed everything including music, pop culture, and simply the world. Even musicians like the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen agree.

May be the best song ever written, and one of few that manages to combine pop music with a serious lyrical theme without sounding awkward.

Was kind of tempted to vote on Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division as well... - Ekolod

Never has there ever been a song or artist that has had such a large influence on the world of music other than Michael Jackson, but even Michael doesn't compare to the changes that this song has had on the world. Number One for sure, at least in the top ten.

This is a shame to be this far down. This shows that people care more about the tune then the message. Like a rolling stone is the most important song in the history of Music and here it is at 29. This list is void.

Life for most people; your either with this song of targeted by it. It describes those of us who peak in highschool then fade and the rest who continue to shine and dylan's attack on the people unlike him.

What is this song doing all the way down at 14? Below Monsoon by Tokio Hotel? Seriously? The fact that this is not AT LEAST in the top 3 makes me lose all hope for the human race. May God have mercy on your souls.

Its insane how low this is on the list! You might not be his biggest fan but you can't deny the talent of this man. in my opinion the best singer/songwriter ever

It is a great song composed by a genius that comes once in an era... Don;t you know that this song has a deep purpose that is very helpful to all the protesting people in the world?..

Mind refreshing, than any song. If you can absorb it's psycho, you will not stop listening this song... This the all time favourite song... Bob dylan is the great musician, and this song is his shadow.

Why are their songs by Linkin Park and tokio hotel and other God awful bands on here and Like A Rolling Stone is not even in the top ten? It's the best song of all time.

This man is a freak of nature the modern day Shakespeare the musicians musician the most pure genius of our time thank god for bob dylan and thank you bob dylan

Josh Groban? ABBA? How can they be in the top ten and this isn't? I don't think that there is a 'best song ever' but this is certainly one of the best songs ever! - GuitarZero

The best song ever written. Bob dylan, was the greatest lyricist ever, without a doubt. He didn't have the best voice ever, but it was the right one.

No offense but if rolling stone mag didn't vote it number 1 on there greatest songs of all time list no one would even know this song. I love Bob but this song was just garbage.

Hahah, I would never pick this song as Dylan's best, but here I am! This was revolucionary, but believe me, this guy has at least 10 better songs. When you listen to Dylan and pay attention to the lyrics, your brain starts to grow automatically.
You take Idiot Wind, Changing Of The Guards, Hurricane, Highlands, It's All Right Ma, Visions Of Johanna, Desolation Row... These songs are what Dylan truly is: an exceptional songwriter that absolutely no one can fully understand.
When you meet Cinderella, Romeo, Ophelia, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cain and Abel, Dr. Filth and many many others rotating around a desolation row, you come back here and think which truly are the all-time best songs. It's not Queen, it's not Led Zeppelin, not Nirvana, not MJ, not Guns N Roses (not Guns, for GOD'S SAKE), not Metallica. It is Dylan.
But this song is not, not at all, Dylan's best. It is just his known song.

Singles like Bohemian Rhapsody that exceed 3 minutes would not exist without Like A Rolling Stone. The birth of the meaningful pop song arrived with this masterpiece.

Just brilliant, easy listening but effective message. Unlike other songs above this in list, I don't have to think about it. It just works