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201 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day V 1 Comment
202 We R Who We R - Ke$ha

I love kesha, screw taylor swift. This song tells us to be our selves and awesome beat.

This should be at least at the Top 100 ;-;
One of the best pop songs by a female singer, that's for sure!

Yes! Go ke$ha!

203 The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan

Bob dylan the times they are a changin

This song is great. It was played on watchmen at the beginning. Such a great song.

Shows that nothing has changed

204 Stockholm Syndrome - Muse

God how I love this song! Didn't vote for it, but had to comment something.

205 Champion - Kanye West

Crummy Song from a dirtbag!

This song Lina sucks actually - Ajkloth

206 SOS - Rihanna V 3 Comments
207 Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia

This is the legit best song ever

This song is just creepy

What the hell!? No one suggested it. Its one of the best songs by SHM... This should be in the top 20!

208 Wake Me Up - Avicii

This is absolutely unfair to AVICII!

He doesn't sing any of his songs

This is the best of avicii

Wake me up
Can't wake up inside
Wake me up
Save me

V 4 Comments
209 Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam
210 King of Kings - Motorhead

Behold the King
The King of Kings
On your knees dog
All hail

Bow down to the
Bow down to the King
Bow down to the
Bow down to the King

The King grinned red
As he walked from the place
Where the traitor lost both his name and his face
Through the halls and the corridors
Stinging in blood
He tasted his grin and it tasted good
The King took his head
Left him broken and dead - htoutlaws2012

211 The Way I Am - Eminem

Another Eminem song. But the best thing about this list is that till now there is no Justin Bieber's song.

212 Cult of Personality - Living Colour

I know your anger I know your dreams I'm the cult of personality!

Unbelievably Amazing song...
great guitar work,Great vocals,Just a great song.

CM Punk theme
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Guitar Hero 3
This song seemed like it was everywhere - htoutlaws2012

I sell the things you need to be
I'm the smiling face on your T.V. -
I'm the cult of personality.
I exploit you
Still you love me
I tell you one and one makes three.
I'm the cult of personality
Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi.
I'm the cult of personality
The cult of personality - htoutlaws2012

V 1 Comment
213 Just Breathe - Pearl Jam

This is a fantastic feel-good song. - Songsta41

214 Changed My Mind - E-Dubble
215 Monster - Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragon is relatable and really knows how to make a good beat.

Why are there so many Imagine Dragons songs on this list? They aren't that great. - Imreallyboredrightnow

I'm only a man with a candle to guide me,
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me.
A monster, a monster,
I've turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger. - htoutlaws2012

V 1 Comment
216 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

This is certainly the greatest song ever.
Not only because of its musical fascination, but also because of its meaning for the society we live in!

This Song was one of the greatest songs ever it reached number 1 and stayed their for so long

One of the all-time greats. It beats any other song hands down even rap.

This is obviously number 1

V 30 Comments
217 Where is My Mind? - The Pixies

I haven't agreed with much on this list. Earth Song, really? This track ('Where is my mind') is great, could listen to this again and again... But where's Neil Young ('Down By The River' - Epic! ) or Creedence Clearwater Revival ('Up Around The Bend' or 'Born on the Bayou') or in fact Janis Joplin (anything! ), The Doors, Willie Nelson, Fleetwood Mac, The Derek Trucks Band... I could go on... This list is lacking.

A kind of song you like to the first second and you want it to last forever.. should be higher.

One of the only songs left, where I can't help moving my arms in the shape of a guitar and 'play along'.

Fight Club is the best movie ever and the song is perfect too

V 4 Comments
218 I Am the Walrus - The Beatles

Best song about everything that doesn't make sense

this is a fantastic song,

semilina custard.... dripping from a dead dogs eye - and it does make sense - we did lyrical analysis a few years ago at school on it

This may be my favorite beatles song. I used to hate it because it's so weird, but now that I'm more into music, I can appreciate it. It's a great song.

If you think this song stinks,you need a Head-Shirker

V 7 Comments
219 Misery Business - Paramore

HUGE inspiration of mine. Hayley really shows her emotions in this song. Guitar solo is nice. Really brings meaning to modern rock. - joshleberte

220 We are the World - U.S.A. for Africa

It is difficult to choose the best song in Michael Jackson's legacy. All his songs are unique and breathtaking. The hymn "We Are the World" definitely deserves our recognition.

This should be also in the list because of the lyrics that can touch any heart of all mankind. And it got a revival version where many of the popular artist this time has do it for the people who needs help.

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