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241 Don't Stay - Linkin Park

Damn I'm so pissed at humanity. While this of course isn't the best song ever this is still an amazing song and it is definitely better than most popular songs today.

242 Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescence
243 President Carter - Lil Wayne

This song is dreadful - Ajkloth

244 Photograph - Nickelback

I saw those "Look at this photograph" videos.

245 Piano Man - Billy Joel

My favorite song, cheerful and comforting!

It's impossible to get rid of this song once it has entered your mind, and it's impossible to get bored! Go Billy Joel! And go Piano Man! (Hey man what are you doing here? )
Lalala lalala ;)

This is the greatest song of all time it has been my favourite song ever since I could remember it captured the hearts of millions this is the best song of all time!

I heard it last weak on the radio, and I loved it from the first second till the last second, I'm listening it the whole day now!

This is the greatest song of all times

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246 Supper's Ready - Genesis

This song took me about half an hour to find, and by the end my index finger hurt from scrolling too much, but I new from the beginning this was my choice. To see it in 1072nd place is quite shocking. Being a teenager I feel I can truly evaluate modern music against its slightly older counterparts, but even Genesis as a whole didn't show up until the 953rd position. Them, as a group, being this low on the list, is, to me, a disgrace to the human race.

Best song ever, no doubt, even if very few really know Peter Gabriel's Genesis, they're the best band ever in term of pure quality, and this is the best song they made.

One of the few 20+ minute songs that doesn't bore, annoy, or wear on me. I could listen to this song all day - musicman4

*sighs* why don't people understand what good music is anymore... it is so sad that this song has almost entirely passed out of knowledge, and for one very simple reason: it is too long. Which is ironic since that is one of things which makes it so good
(Note: I actually rank this 2nd on my all time list, behind "Here Comes the Flood" - Peter Gabriel (Greatest Hits version) however obviously virtually no one shares my view on that) - JonnyMoo

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247 Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who

one of the best songs ever and after the drum fill daltry screams at the loudest tone ever and it makes a rock song

This song should be in the top 20 at least.

I'll vote for this whenever I get the chance. - MontyPython

Best intro, best lyrics so why is this not in the top 10? Best Who record and one of the best ever!

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248 New Slang - The Shins

Should be higher!

249 Forever - Drake

Stars the best 4 rappers of their generation in one single song. It fits evey athlete's situation and it's a modern work of art.

250 Rap God - Eminem

How is this not higher up? Its built on pure talent

Another Eminem Track Hit The Charts And this time its Rap God one of the most Downloaded songs Ever with Eminems HiGh Speed Rap

I love this song. It's lyrical genius. Put this up against Jay-Z or Kanye West, it's not only the speed (I memorized it, it's at aprox. 4:25) but how it isn't the same lyrics repeated in every line. *cough* Nikki Minaj stupid ho *cough* *cough*

251 F***** Perfect - P!nk
252 Royals - Lorde

I would say it's one of the most popular or the most popular song of 2013 - Ajkloth

I don't get why fancy is ahead of this

Sia wrote the lyrics nice song!

Royals by lorde is amazing

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253 Hot N Cold - Katy Perry

It is not my favorite song but I like it and it is really catchy.

254 How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead
255 All the Shine - Childish Gambino
256 Working Man - Rush
257 Song of the Century - Green Day
258 Everlong - The Foo Fighters

This Song is my favourite song ever made. It is just beautiful! I listen to a ton of bands ranging from punk to light rock to deathcore and I really have no favourite band but without a doubt this song is my favourite. It's just so good and so well put together. It really makes you stop to think about all the good things in your life and give you the courage to live through every day. This being below Party Rock Anthem makes me want to shoot myself with a gun by the way lol.

Fantastic, Powerful, Consuming. This song Is a milestone by the Foo Fighters by far, and is super addictive. Yet the meaning is still so simple (Love) and is summarized in the first line "Hello, I've waited here for you, Everlong"

Everlong is definitely the most beautiful song for me. So passionate, so perfect. Dave Grohl actually made a perfect song I think. If you ever checked out Everlong live at wembley, everyone will fall in love with that song.

So amazing, one of the best - Memeswitjesus

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259 Because of You - Kelly Clarkson

Thanks for reminding me to get this on the old ipod! Happy ears! A song everyone can relate.

Such a beautiful and meaningful song!

260 She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

There is just so much emotion and realism in this poem, its is awesome!


Maroon Five sucks now, but I thought they were really good at first. I have no problem with early Maroon 5 stuff being on this list.

(I don't think I have heard this one before)

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