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281 Until the End - Breaking Benjamin
282 Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson
283 West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

The pet shop boys at their best great atmosphere on their first hit

284 Without You - Breaking Benjamin
285 Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
286 Still Breathing - Green Day
287 Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

This is one of his most heart felt songs. The words are so true. Of all of Michael's songs this one and "We are the World" are the most heart tugging songs. Michael Jackson will always be the greatest singer on the planet!

I am honestly shocked that this song is so low on the list. It's lyrics and melody are equally beautiful, and it has such a powerful message. One of Michael's many masterpieces.

The king of pop rules love you Michael jackson the song is so cool vote so it goes higher

Awesome song

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288 Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

93rd? This is a joke, isn't it?! The whole genre of rock actually revolves around this song... And wats it doing at the 93rd spot?

This is the best song ever written!
Why is it so low on the list. This is bull. I hope more people can realize this!

Epic song just epic. Should definitely be number 1 or 2 no definitely 1. I listen to it like twenty times in a row before it us inspiring shizz dude.

One of the greatest intros of all time at number 275 this list is all wrong

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289 White & Nerdy - "Weird Al" Yankovic

White and Nerdy is a fantastic song, It is much better than ChamillionR. It should be in the top 15 at least...

come on guys how many white guys do u know that can actually pull that off and still be a hit....... keep thinking about it exactly not that many. - shashasls

Weird al is the BEST! There should be a lot more of his songs in the top 100. - anonymous

Funny song and sung pretty well by Weird Al.

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290 Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2

One of the most powerful songs with one of the most important messages

Best song ever great meaning but how does kei$ha make the list she suck like tim tok is horrible

Amazing song

291 Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

This has got to go up higher! One of the greatest songs ever made. No matter what year it is.. It's always a rockin song to listen to.

Definitely one of the best songs ever made! Have listened to it a thousand times and never gets old!

Best song ever! Fantastic, it's a classic!

He was only 10 in the summer of 69 lol

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292 I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys

why is this all the way at 341? its one of the best modern songs and pretty much sums up todays youth

Classic tune, classic Arctic Monkeys!

650! Are you kidding me! - neel9248

Um, this along with A Certain Romance is one of the top 100 songs ever made. And this is coming from a guy who listens to all types of music including Otis Redding, Nine Inch Nails, Justin Timberlake, Velvet Underground, Radiohead, Beatles, Led Z. , and Lorde.
It's a shame that this is so low and that 650 songs are above this. It's not the greatest song ever, What's Going On (Marvin Gaye) is, but this is an ATROCITY! Please vote this up, it brought back rock and roll to the 2000's.
Arctic Monkeys are like the 2nd coming of the Beatles, and the only reason you disagree with me is because you haven't heard all their material yet, please listen to them, they are the best today, along with Arcade Fire.

293 All for Love - Bryan Adams
294 Titanium - David Guetta

This song is amazing. It was one of the best songs in that year. It has a meaningful message. Sia's vocals are FANTASTIC! David Guetta and Sia make GREAT songs! It should be at least in the 70-80

Amazing song! I don't understand, all my relatives hate this song and I'm the only one who likes it! Best song ever!

Best song ever taylor swift sucks

Totally agree with the person who liked turn me on.

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295 The River - Bruce Springsteen

It's one of the most devastating songs I've ever heard. He builds the story beautifully until he completely breaks your heart with "now those memories come back to haunt me, they haunt me like a a dream a lie if it don't come true, or is it something worse? " The theme of the song, the lyrics, melody and the way Bruce feels it and sings it all make this song a masterpiece. This one deserves to be in top 30!

It is a really good song and should definitely be put on the list for people to vote for. It is a major part of his music career and should be shared throughout the world.

Less than David Guetta. No words. Just... sad.

296 Paradise - Coldplay

This song is so powerful. Best song ever.

Beautiful song with touching lyrics

Paradise, Viva la Vida, and We are the Champions are the best songs of all time

The Best Song Ever

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297 The Final Countdown - Europe

Just an amazing song, love it!

This song is awesome. Why is it so far from top 10?

It's the final countdown! - htoutlaws2012

Come on, it should be at the top 10 people! - Yungstirjoey

298 Rap God - Eminem

How is this not higher up? Its built on pure talent

Another Eminem Track Hit The Charts And this time its Rap God one of the most Downloaded songs Ever with Eminems HiGh Speed Rap

I love this song. It's lyrical genius. Put this up against Jay-Z or Kanye West, it's not only the speed (I memorized it, it's at aprox. 4:25) but how it isn't the same lyrics repeated in every line. *cough* Nikki Minaj stupid ho *cough* *cough*

299 Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil

A song that tells about what's happening to our planet as man lets it rot.

i absolutely love this song its awesome

300 Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey

Many of the songs in this list are 'Rock' songs, but for those who love the James Bond Movie Series, the theme song from 'Goldfinger' as performed by the powerful vocalist, Shirley Bassey, and written by John Barry, Don Black, Anthony Newley And Leslie Bricusse should definitely be included in this best song list. To this day, few other artists have attempted this song because they simply can not match Shirley Bassey's powerful rendition.

Lots of good songs here, but this one stands out! Contains more energy and attitude than all the rock songs listed

The BEST James Bond Theme Song of all time! After 45 years, few other artists have even attempted this song because they know they can't beat Shirley Bassey's rendition.

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