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281 Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson
282 West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

The pet shop boys at their best great atmosphere on their first hit

283 Dead! - My Chemical Romance

Amazing song by a great non-Emo rock band - Aman42k

284 Mortal Share - Insomnium V 1 Comment
285 The Monster - Eminem

Best song by Rihanna and Eminem yet! It hasn't been out for 2 month and the official music video of it has almost 100,000,000 hits! Now that's something, impressive.

I loved this song it really hooked me in


286 Temptation - New Order
287 Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is the best Rock & Roll singer ever! Every time he makes a new song or album; he makes a masterpiece. Born to run is a one of his best songs along with the river, thunder road, Tougher than the rest, bobby jean, born in the USA = I could continue for hours. He deserves to be in top 10 at least with one of the mentioned songs. Instead of being number 108, that is ridiculous.. Just my opinion - Rock & Roll and the boss for Life!

It's true, BtR in the Top 10! But we know: Bruce doesn't use drugs, alcohol, he's not suicide and he hasn't long hair. But we know his live concerts!

"The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive
Everybody's out on the run tonight
but there's no place left to hide"

This song should be in the top 10.

You could and should continue on for hours. The Boss is no joke. Let me just name drop a few more great songs, Candy's room, Prove it all night, Badlands and my favorite, Promised Land. All off the same Album - Ned964

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288 They Don't Care About Us - Michael Jackson


The beats of this song are amazing... Makes me want to dance

I love this song, and it's pretty famous.
I guess this list is going to become a "best songs" list, instead of a "most popular" list.
Nevertheless, this song deserves top spot in any list.

I love this Michael Jackson song so much. I think that the determination this song shows should make it go from 250 to top 50 or 100.

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289 Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

I don't want to say this site is bad, but seriously? The first dire straits song on number 153? This is (one of) the greatest rock bands to ever exist, and I'm not only talking about this song... Telegraph road, Romeo and Juliet, tunnel of love, love over gold, they should all be in the top 50 at least.

Why is Michael jackson, akon, backstreet boys, mariah carey all in front of his song. what is wrong with you people

LISTEN to this song people! it's a disgrace it's not even in top 3. Must be a kiddies charts (unbelievable)


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290 Africa - Toto

This song has amazing vocals and is very well put together. It should be in the top ten and that josh groban song should be removed also Eminem and Tupac sucks rap has destroyed the music industry and should just stop

It is an amazing mellow song that makes me feel much better. Doesn't really matter what mood I'm in, it always makes me smile ;D - Bergur

All of the toto's songs are good for example: St George and the Dragon, Hold The Line,etc... But this songs is the best. - Carcamoh

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you!

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291 In My Life - The Beatles

Timeless piece of art. Always soothing at the end of the day. Must listen to Beatles especially this song and Day in the Life.

The Beatles would have to be my favorite bands of all time, and this would hav to be my favorite song. It is probably the best song ever recorded.

This has to be my favorite Beatles song, although there is so much to choose from. Rubber Soul is an amazing album that is kind of a bridge to the time when the Beatles' music went from yeah, yeah, yeah to being more serious. This is the first of what are generally accepted as their best albums, including Revolver, the white album, Sgt. Peppers, Magical Mystery Tour, and Abbey Road.

Far too low. Below See You Again? Come on.

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292 Paradise City - Guns N' Roses

Best song ever made! Love it! Why isn't this Number one on this list?

A great rythym, great chorus, paradise city is great!

When I saw this list I thought it was going to be 1st

I liked it

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293 Titanium - David Guetta

This song is amazing. It was one of the best songs in that year. It has a meaningful message. Sia's vocals are FANTASTIC! David Guetta and Sia make GREAT songs! It should be at least in the 70-80

Amazing song! I don't understand, all my relatives hate this song and I'm the only one who likes it! Best song ever!

Best song ever taylor swift sucks

Totally agree with the person who liked turn me on.

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294 I Miss You - Blink 182

just a classic, no other way to describe it. Blink 182 at their best - especially for double singing

Not the best blink 182 song, but it should have been added a lot sooner. This song is one of a kind.

279... oh God I can't believe this. Yeah, blink-182 are less famous than Pink Floyd, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and CO., but... this song is simply perfect. Touching and emotional, I feel chills when I listen to it. Really, really beautiful. I love it and I love blink-182.

Perfect song, perfect lyrics, perfect voices, perfect sounds. No words to describe it. Pure perfection.

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295 Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2

One of the most powerful songs with one of the most important messages

Best song ever great meaning but how does kei$ha make the list she suck like tim tok is horrible

Amazing song

296 Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil

A song that tells about what's happening to our planet as man lets it rot.

i absolutely love this song its awesome

297 All for Love - Bryan Adams
298 YYZ - Rush

the best song ever by the best band dare to say there's a better drummer than Neil Peart!!

Lol 367? This should be at least top 50. This song is a milestone in learning to play drums (or guitar or bass) if you can play this you're pretty damn good.

No, Niel is one of the best drummer ever, no argue what so ever, but don´┐Ż't forget 2112 album though.

299 Little Wing - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Is the best arrangement for a guitar, and also the lyrics are wonderful, just the best song of all time


300 Everywhere I Go - Hollywood Undead V 2 Comments
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