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321 Never Too Late - Three Days Grace

So emotional. Reflects emotion perfectly.

This song is the best around the world

322 Epitaph - King Crimson

Incredibly powerful song and lyrics. Massive emotional crescendos.

323 Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

gives me shivers
i love this song so much

Why are there so few Bruce Springsteen songs? This one should be at 1

324 Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley

Best Elvis song about his marriage. What a classic should be in the top 25

Along with Buddy Hollys everyday.

1. Suspicious minds - Elvis
2. I will always love you - Whitney
3. Man in the mirror - MJ
4. Life on mars - David Bowie
5. Everything I do - Brian Adams

Rap -
1. Changes - tupac
2. Juicey - biggie
3. Lose yourself - Eminem
4. Life goes on - tupac
5. Love me - lil Wayne

325 Stockholm Syndrome - Muse

God how I love this song! Didn't vote for it, but had to comment something.

326 All the Small Things - Blink-182

A classic by my favourite band.
Should be number one! x

Amazing song, with an equally awesome video!
I can listen to this song all day, and still love it each time. This song deserves to be ahead of some of the new junk that is cluttering the list... It's easily top 50! Go Blink!

This is my favorite song ever!

Is fun and never gets old!

327 Vienna - Billy Joel

This song is so beautiful, I don't understand how low it was on this list. Before I put my vote in, it was at three hundred something, but it just moved up to thirty-three.

But I still don't understand how an Eminem song can be the best song in history -. -

328 Not Gonna Die - Skillet

I love that song never hear anything like it!

No song is better!

329 Let Her Go - Passenger

Not the best artist on this list - but probably one of the best singer songwriters of our generation. To bring what is fundamentally folk music at its roots, into the charts (not that that really matters) and for his songs... let her go in this case, push past the rest of the mediocre pop that currently exists... Passenger needs to be here purely for his talent not he usual commercial peddling of pop crap and back slapping that exists. At least ten of his songs should be on this list... if you don't believe me, listen to his (formerly their) albums...27 years, I hate song, Holes. More people should listen to his music, take his lyrics to their hearts and laugh at his humor... just like past legends, his songs capture a range of emotions and stir up feelings of love of one another, life with love not hate and the ability to take us to where we aspire to be. Purely my sole opinion, if you don't have a Passenger album, you don't have a collection of great albums and your life is missing ...more

I love this song. It is sung well. It is elegant and awesome and other good stuff. Great. Phenomenal.

My 8 year old grandson played this song for me now I really really like it

best song

330 Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & the Comets
331 Counting Stars - Onerepublic

You just listen to it once every day for three days and you'll see why it's the best. Totally rock-out-able, and by one of the best bands of our modern day. Just do this and then vote. Please. I even got my tech. Ed. Teacher into it, so I think you'll love it.

Great lyrics, Great vice everything is great... It inspires me

One of the best mainstream songs and extremely catchy

This song is beautiful

V 4 Comments
332 Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf

The greatest duet of all time, such a freekin classic!

Paradise by the dashboard lights classic ROCK...

Incredible duet!

Epic song

333 Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith

This has such interesting tunes and it's a classic.

This song fit well with the dazed and confused movie - Ajkloth

This is a sick song with awesome bass at the beginning


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334 Come Together - The Beatles

Brilliant song,from the genius mind of John Lennon...Best bass line ever!

Not the best Beatle song. - lannypetersong

335 In the End - Black Veil Brides

I can't believe I just went through 37 pages of this crap just to find this song. and now its not on there. Well it is now. I'm very sorry for everyone that went this far down, but join me if you agree!

If anyone is annoyed that the highest Black Veil Brides song is at #446, just be glad that this is higher up than that One Direction s***

This was my 4'th song I heard by black veil brides

336 Hotline Bling - Drake V 2 Comments
337 Heroes of Our Time - DragonForce

This DragonForce hit is not only the sequel to Through the Fire and Flames, but it's also a song that is genius throughout. Whenever you hear the beat and/or lyrics, an epic story of a war or battle pops in your head and it's just a great feeling. I really wish DF was a more popular band and not only known for Through the Fire and Flames and Fury of the Storm. Everything about this song is wonderful; the lyrics, the drums, the guitar rhythm, the solos, EVERYTHING! If you're tired of the average mainstream music and you wanna try something new, this song is a song to listen to. If you decide to listen to this song, trust me, you won't regret it.

Heroes of our time is a very inspirational song.
It may give a hint of death but when listen to it...
It gives you an idea of what he is trying to say. -

This should be much higher!

This the best song ever I mean right behind through the fire and flames

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338 Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin

Best Zep acoustic based song ever!

339 Hold Me - Jamie Grace
340 Sometime Around Midnight - The Airborne Toxic Event
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