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321 Paradise - Coldplay Paradise - Coldplay

This song is so powerful. Best song ever.

Beautiful song with touching lyrics

Paradise, Viva la Vida, and We are the Champions are the best songs of all time

The Best Song Ever

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322 Be (Intro) - Common Be (Intro) - Common
323 The Track of My Tears - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles The Track of My Tears - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
324 You Know You're Right - Nirvana You Know You're Right - Nirvana

Amazing song. Kurt's voice is great in this underrated masterpiece

This is the best Nirvana song! It shouldn't be this low!

This is definitely the best composition of any song ever. The song is sad, energetic, and awesome. This is the best voicework by Kurt Cobain ever

325 The Final Countdown - Europe The Final Countdown - Europe

This song is awesome. Why is it so far from top 10?

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326 Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Don't forget this song!

327 Carol of the Bells - Christmas Carol Carol of the Bells - Christmas Carol
328 Secrets - Mary Lambert Secrets - Mary Lambert

Beautiful song with beautiful meaning by a beautiful gal

329 Who Is It - Michael Jackson Who Is It - Michael Jackson
330 Dancing In the Dark - Bruce Springsteen Dancing In the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
331 The Ascent of Man, Pts. 1- 6 - Thomas Dolby The Ascent of Man, Pts. 1- 6 - Thomas Dolby

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332 Purple Haze - The Jimi Hendrix Experience Purple Haze - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Dude Hendrix is just like the greatest musician ever definitely top 10
right behind queen Zeppelin
- idso27

Hendrix, easily the greatest guitarist to live, he inspired, and revolutionized most genres, and musicians his music deserves to be at the very top of this top ten without a doubt, just listen to songs such as Along the Watchtower, Voodoo Chile, simply, mind blowing!

I'm pretty shocked that nothing by Hendrix made it into even the top 50. This song is probably one of his most iconic, and no one has mentioned it yet! This man was a genius! @

I firmly believe that All Along the Watchtower and Purple Haze both deserve a higher standing.

The greatest song by the greatest guitarist.

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333 Lateralus - Tool

Lateralus. The album, the song, sheer genius. Allow me to explain. You see in music each line is comprised of measures and these measures affect how the timing in the song occurs such as the pulses and the drum beats etc. Most songs stay in either 4/4, 2/4, or 8/8 time signature, meaning four beats for every measure, etc. This songs chorus, comprised of three lines, descends by a beat each line. Thus you have 9/8 for the first line, 8/8 for the second line, 7/8 for the final line. If you thought THAT was crazy, that is only the beginning. You see, Lateralus is the title track for Tool's 2001 album "Lateralus. " Now Lateralus in and of itself was a complex song, and most fans thought it a bit awkward the way the syllables were laid out in the verses. This song actually acts as a gateway to a re-structuring of the albums tracks for a "Holy Gift" (as it is known by their fanbase). You see on The Holy Gift version, each track leads perfectly and coherently into the ...more

The most technical band that I have ever listened to. There should be more tool on this list

This is must hear song, the greatest song ever that created by tool. Maynard is very genius artist

Personally I like Pushit most, but this is definitely deserving to be higher on this list.

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334 Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers

I've heard so many musics... But can't stop is a genius's creation. Introduction is simply amazing. This music should be in the Top Five dude! Red Hot Chili Peppers Rocks a lot, thanks for Flea the BEST bass player, Anthony, the old guitarist, Frusciante, he used to rock a lot. Can't stop reflects a lot about our unstoppable society, everything is fast and we don't have time to relax a bit, we always have something else to do after finishing something. Yeah dude, "Can't Stop"

Lyrics brilliantly written and shaped into undoubtedly one of their greatest hits

Totally underrated because it has no pretenses, no hype, just a song that rhythmically hooks you and delivers a deep and emotional undertones. Can't stop listening to it and liking it. Heard it first on a jukebox in a bar - selected by a stylishly hip girl - and t

I hear this song and it sucks

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335 A Change of Seasons - Dream Theater A Change of Seasons - Dream Theater

Whenever people ask me what my single favorite song ever is, I will always answer 'A Change of Seasons' without hesitation. It is really THAT GOOD. It goes through many moods, from Cheerful, Sad, Angry, and Hopeful, while telling the beautiful story of someone's life. Even though it clocks in at almost 24 Minutes, it actually keeps you engaged from start to finish. 'A Change of Seasons' is truly a musical masterpiece.

Progressive Metal WIN. Portnoy and Petrucci showing their amazing skills in drumming and guitars to provide the best song ever made.

This song is truly amazing and is Dream Theaters best song right next to Octavarium It is 23 minutes long which makes it a truly epic song

My favorite all time Dream Theater song by far.

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336 Rolling in the Deep - Adele Rolling in the Deep - Adele

Amazing song, but it's fairly new. Hopefully it can get way higher! - GuitarManiac715

How is this song ranked 323? This is an incredibly good song. It's beautifully executed, and should be way higher. - Pluma

Adele doesn't need auto tune to help her amazing voice! She's also not at all like other artists today(2015). It's purely good music.

YES. Adele rules! So much emotion in her voice!

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337 Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior

This should be the Korea's Anthem. The best song ever and the most successful song in Korea! This should be at least in Top Ten! Super Junior And ELFs Hwaiting!

This song will get you addicted with it's witty lyrics and amazing dance tunes, you won't get board listening to it, it will make you want to sing a long even though it's Korean, it will make you want to dance a long as well
Nothing can beat this amazing song

Sorry - sorry by super junior is better song than others I think.
It's Because I liked SUPER JUNIOR. I like their voice, dance, MV an others. They're look so handsome in this MV with 13 member. Oh I miss Them. SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING!

I think it was the best kpop song

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338 Gee - Girls' Generation Gee - Girls' Generation

The history of girls... Listen boy my first love story... My angle and my girl my sunshine...

Gee is the song which caused snsd @ girls generation craze in South Korea.
Melon choose Gee as Song of the decade and this song charted on number 1 for 9 consecutive week on Music Bank k-Chart.

Of course it's the best song, listen to it once and you'll understand. It's highly addictive, I did warn you mate

Girls generation are the best k-pop band! Love all their songs

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339 Iron Man - Black Sabbath Iron Man - Black Sabbath

awesome song, this deserves to atleast be in the top 10, Black Sabbath influenced metal to the point of creating the genre

I am iron man
Has he lost his mind?
Can he see or is he blind?
Can he walk at all,
Or if he moves will he fall?
Is he alive or dead?
Has he thoughts within his head?
We'll just pass him there
Why should we even care? - htoutlaws2012

340 Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

gives me shivers
i love this song so much

Why are there so few Bruce Springsteen songs? This one should be at 1

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