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321 Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

gives me shivers
i love this song so much

Why are there so few Bruce Springsteen songs? This one should be at 1

322 Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton wrote this song in memory of his son who fell out of a building to his death. The song is so sad, so meaningful, so hearwrenching.

This song has a deep lyrics. It's interesting the worth of Eric Clapton of singing this song without falling tears. I really like it. This artistic piece must be ranked in higher place.

Deeply moving. Brought an entire audience in Madison Square Garden to tears.

I honestly was suspicious of this song being number 1. A song first kept secret by Klapton and then released as 'one for the ages'. Deep lyrics, catchy tune, and more importantly, a perfect voice for it. Everyone from all genres of music know that this song is easily a top 20 even top 10 song. There is no doubting it.

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323 Paradise City - Guns N' Roses

Best song ever made! Love it! Why isn't this Number one on this list?

A great rythym, great chorus, paradise city is great!

When I saw this list I thought it was going to be 1st

It's The Best Guns N Roses Song Ever

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324 Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf

The greatest duet of all time, such a freekin classic!

Paradise by the dashboard lights classic ROCK...

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325 Never Too Late - Three Days Grace

So emotional. Reflects emotion perfectly.

This song is the best around the world

326 Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & the Comets
327 Alive - Pearl Jam

If you don't listen to the lyrics its one of the most powerful rock songs of all time. If you listen to them, its heartbreaking. This is the Paint it Black of the 90 and one of the best songs ever. It deserves to be in the top 20

Great great song

328 F*** You - Cee Lo Green

Fun fact: this was the original version of the hit song: forget you

329 New Slang - The Shins

Should be higher!

330 Gee - Girls' Generation

The history of girls... Listen boy my first love story... My angle and my girl my sunshine...

Gee is the song which caused snsd @ girls generation craze in South Korea.
Melon choose Gee as Song of the decade and this song charted on number 1 for 9 consecutive week on Music Bank k-Chart.

Of course it's the best song, listen to it once and you'll understand. It's highly addictive, I did warn you mate

Girls generation are the best k-pop band! Love all their songs

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331 Citizen Erased - Muse

How can this song not be on this list? It's probably muse's best song! The lyrics are so political and the riff is contagious.

Why is this song under Rihanna?

Favourite song ever!

332 Supper's Ready - Genesis

This song took me about half an hour to find, and by the end my index finger hurt from scrolling too much, but I new from the beginning this was my choice. To see it in 1072nd place is quite shocking. Being a teenager I feel I can truly evaluate modern music against its slightly older counterparts, but even Genesis as a whole didn't show up until the 953rd position. Them, as a group, being this low on the list, is, to me, a disgrace to the human race.

Best song ever, no doubt, even if very few really know Peter Gabriel's Genesis, they're the best band ever in term of pure quality, and this is the best song they made.

One of the few 20+ minute songs that doesn't bore, annoy, or wear on me. I could listen to this song all day - musicman4

This list is a joke! Supper's Ready at #119?!?

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333 We Are All Made of Stars - Moby

Love Moby-but 'Natural Blues' should be higher than this

This deserves to be a lot higher. Why? See my remix. - PositronWildhawk

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334 Vienna - Billy Joel

This song is so beautiful, I don't understand how low it was on this list. Before I put my vote in, it was at three hundred something, but it just moved up to thirty-three.

But I still don't understand how an Eminem song can be the best song in history -. -

335 Roar - Katy Perry

Why is this on the list? It's the most annoying song of all time.

This is the dumbist katy perry song don't you think.

I am a 8 year-old boy and I had to sing it in front of everyone. This song made me want to kill katy perry. - lizard302

Katy Perry can just snort cocain and die out on a ally way for all I care
This should be at 1000

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336 Not Gonna Die - Skillet

I love that song never hear anything like it!

337 Let Her Go - Passenger

Not the best artist on this list - but probably one of the best singer songwriters of our generation. To bring what is fundamentally folk music at its roots, into the charts (not that that really matters) and for his songs... let her go in this case, push past the rest of the mediocre pop that currently exists... Passenger needs to be here purely for his talent not he usual commercial peddling of pop crap and back slapping that exists. At least ten of his songs should be on this list... if you don't believe me, listen to his (formerly their) albums...27 years, I hate song, Holes. More people should listen to his music, take his lyrics to their hearts and laugh at his humor... just like past legends, his songs capture a range of emotions and stir up feelings of love of one another, life with love not hate and the ability to take us to where we aspire to be. Purely my sole opinion, if you don't have a Passenger album, you don't have a collection of great albums and your life is missing ...more

I love this song. It is sung well. It is elegant and awesome and other good stuff. Great. Phenomenal.

My 8 year old grandson played this song for me now I really really like it

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338 Concrete Angel - Martina McBride

Wow... just wow, so sad, so powerful, greatest vocals... this song is #1! Martina rocks!

339 Constant Craving - k.d. lang

Super KD for 100 for sure

340 All Right Now - Free

One of the best classic rock songs of all time. Should be on this list.

My favourite song of all time. A real classic

The catchy,best song of all time! Played everyday on classic rock radio for 35 years.

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