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381 Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley

Not only was Bob Marley a brilliant composer but he was also a very outspoken man. R.I.P.

382 Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez

Listen to this song, as well of the rest of the songs by Melanie. You won't regret it. Mark my words.

Amazing song!

Her songs are depressing but this one has meaningful lyrics. I reccomended carousel pity party cake and soap

Hey little girl open the walls play with your dolls
We can be a perfect family. When you walk away is when we really don't hear me when I say:
Mom,please wake up. Dads with a slut...and his son is smoking carrabas
No one ever listens,this wallpaper one ever listens,this wallpaper glistens, don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen...

383 Pinball Wizard - The Who

When "Pinball Wizard is at 434,you know the world is about to come to an end!

384 Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston

Hello, Whitney's songs are the best of the best and this song rules over all songs.

I don't need to say much, just listen to it and be amazed with this whitney song.

Now this song is the greatest song coming from the greatest singer of all.

Whitney made this song what it is. She is the master of her craft.

385 Pain - Three Days Grace

I agree a very good song that sure beats a heck of a lot of the music on this list... Just wish people had a good taste in music these days

this is a really good meaningful rock song. its so great to listen to.

This song is so much better than almost all of the songs before it... Sad that nobody knows good music anymore

Really? 481? Why so low? It is so sad that music like this is so under appreciated!

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386 Antidote - Travis Scott
387 Rumors - Lindsay Lohan
388 Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

It's a very nice and a comedy song at last... I love it and you should listen it.

More like the worst.

This song sucks.

Um heck no Carly is so 2001

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389 When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin

This song is really good. Good from most of the songs in top 100. And quite underrated too. I suggest you to give it a try. You will like it for sure. I is among the best songs by Led Zeppelin.

Bonham's drumming, Plant's vocals, and the sheer thickness and heaviness of this song makes it the best.

The intro blows my mind even after the a millionth time. This song combines the four best musicians into a blues masterpiece.

Best led Zeppelin song this should be number one

390 The Count of Tuscany - Dream Theater
391 Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix

Millions have tried to play this song, to no avail. Its simple, YOU CAN NEVER COPY Jimi Hendrix.


392 Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan

The single greatest lyrics of all-time. Dylan is the greatest songwriter of all-time and it is so disgusting that Nirvana is ahead of him in any category.

A real poet

393 Blowin' in the Wind - Bob Dylan

A Classic for the ages.

Great stuff listen over and over to it

394 Royals - Lorde

I would say it's one of the most popular or the most popular song of 2013 - Ajkloth

I don't get why fancy is ahead of this

Sia wrote the lyrics nice song!

Royals by lorde is amazing

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395 I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) - Meat Loaf
396 Always with Me, Always with You - Joe Satriani
397 All the Same - Sick Puppies

I've looked through the first five hundred results, and I did not see this song. Put simply, this is one of, if not the greatest song I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.

A Great song, lyrically, musically, just beautiful.

398 Cats in the Cradle - Ugly Kid Joe
399 The Time (Dirty Bit) - The Black Eyed Peas
400 Waitin' on a Sunny Day - Bruce Springsteen
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