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401 Dynamite - Taio Cruz Dynamite - Taio Cruz

It's the best its very easy to sing I love to sing DYNAMITE!

I love the tune to this song. It is so enthusiastic!

They make good Harry Potter parodies, those people who posted those memes

402 Headstrong - Trapt Headstrong - Trapt

Oh my... Really 501... Deserves way better than that.

403 Overdose - AC/DC
404 Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars

I hear this all the time. This is a really great song.

405 Rock Your Baby - George McCrae Rock Your Baby - George McCrae
406 No Quarter - Led Zeppelin No Quarter - Led Zeppelin

A very mystifying song, from Zep's most diverse album, Houses of the Holy.

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407 Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn & John Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn & John
408 New Kid in Town - Eagles New Kid in Town - Eagles
409 Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley

Not only was Bob Marley a brilliant composer but he was also a very outspoken man. R.I.P.

410 Space Oddity - David Bowie Space Oddity - David Bowie

383?!?!? No song, I repeat no song above this deserves to even be mentioned in the same sentence as this (except paranoid android)

This list is obviously a joke. Space Oddity is one of the greatest songs of all time and truly immortal!

The stars look very different today!

Best Bowie song miss you Bowie I'll never forget you

204! This is the best song of all time. I just look at Justin Beiber and get highly upset people place him above David Bowie!

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411 Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez

Listen to this song, as well of the rest of the songs by Melanie. You won't regret it. Mark my words.

Amazing song!

Her songs are depressing but this one has meaningful lyrics. I reccomended carousel pity party cake and soap

Hey little girl open the walls play with your dolls
We can be a perfect family. When you walk away is when we really don't hear me when I say:
Mom,please wake up. Dads with a slut...and his son is smoking carrabas
No one ever listens,this wallpaper one ever listens,this wallpaper glistens, don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen...

412 Runaway - Kanye West Runaway - Kanye West

Just too good. The song speaks for itself should be in top 100 or 50

413 One - U2 One - U2

Very emotional song, U2 will be my favourite band for a long, long time. Rock on!

One is a truly amazing song - especially in pre-Vertigo Tour live performances with the 'You Hear Us/Me Coming' verse.

Such a beautiful song... it talks about the pain and everything that can matter a person. It's simply touching, so touching that it makes me feel sad even hearing it everyday.

Evergreen with no doubt... great song.

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414 Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits

The best song from the much underrated bend, the song was written by Mark Knopfler whilst in a bar in South London, the inspiration came from a jazz band playing in the corner of an otherwise deserted pub. The song has a great guitar solo and the lyrics are amazing.

I admit this isn't the best of all time, but come one
This has to be in top 10, maybe in the top 20, but not at all existent?
I mean this song defines what classic rock is
One of the best ever guitar solos
And has anyone ever listened to the live versionS (alchemy and wembley)

totally awesome song, can't believe its not higher - doig3r

Top 20 song..Why so low on the list?

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415 Time to Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman Time to Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

This song brings you to a unbelievably glorious, joyful, as well as far, deep, and away neverland experience... So relaxing yet meaningful...

This song makes me feel hopeful and optimistic, it gives me the push to continue my life delightfully, great voices and great singers.

A time which we all experience, must go through. This song causes me to be aware of where I am at in whatever moment is present. I am inspired to appreciate, enjoy and cherish this, because the 'Time to Say Goodbye' is always there, opening the door to new possibilities while a memory is forever rememebered.

Amazing uplifting song

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416 All the Same - Sick Puppies All the Same - Sick Puppies

I've looked through the first five hundred results, and I did not see this song. Put simply, this is one of, if not the greatest song I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.

A Great song, lyrically, musically, just beautiful.

417 You're Not Alone - Saosin You're Not Alone - Saosin
418 Rumors - Lindsay Lohan Rumors - Lindsay Lohan
419 The Count of Tuscany - Dream Theater The Count of Tuscany - Dream Theater
420 Basket Case - Green Day Basket Case - Green Day

Top 10 of the 90's... 473 on the best songs? - mr_crossover27

This should be NUMBER ONE!

Needs to be higher.

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