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421 Not Alone - Jamie Grace
422 Buggin' Out - A Tribe Called Quest
423 So What - Metallica
424 House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls - The Weeknd

Plus it up

425 Free Speech for the Dumb - Metallica
426 Classic - MKTO
427 C'Mon - Ke$ha

This song makes you happy. I love kesha.

Why isn't Melanie Martinez on this list?!

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428 Suffering - Satchel
429 That's My Job - Conway Twitty
430 Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits

The best song from the much underrated bend, the song was written by Mark Knopfler whilst in a bar in South London, the inspiration came from a jazz band playing in the corner of an otherwise deserted pub. The song has a great guitar solo and the lyrics are amazing.

I admit this isn't the best of all time, but come one
This has to be in top 10, maybe in the top 20, but not at all existent?
I mean this song defines what classic rock is
One of the best ever guitar solos
And has anyone ever listened to the live versionS (alchemy and wembley)

totally awesome song, can't believe its not higher - doig3r

I'm shocked this is so low

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431 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

This is absolutely her best song! I don't know why everybody hates her.. I mean, she's a great singer, with a great voice and talent. People should stop hate and start try to listen everything before judging. Criticizing everything, you won't become cooler.

Best song ever made by an artist, most viewed music video of a female( all time), best selling, multi-platinum, and a slew of awards for this song and the artist, The Queen Of POP, named by Rolling Stones.

The video is one of the most popular on YouTube of all time, and one of my favorites. Lady GaGa is the best singer in the world, and this song is bursting with symbolic meanings and catchy phrases.

So low it should be top 100

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432 All Apologies - Nirvana

I could listen to Nirvana forever and not get sick of any of their songs... This one definitely a fave

Absolutely amazing. I have and will never get tired of listening to this masterpiece

One of the many songs that shows you why nobody did it better than Kurt and the boys

All of the Nirvana songs I've heard are great and this is no exception - Ajkloth

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433 The Scientist - Coldplay

This is such a great song. Sometimes I cry at the end.

434 Yellow - Coldplay

I cannot even believe Coldplay isn't even on the list. Chris Martin is a lyrical genius, the stuff he writes is so powerful. This songs is only the beginning to so many.

How come there are hardly any Coldplay songs in the list... Should be easily in top 50. One of the best songs of Coldplay... Beautifully sung, beautiful lyrics, awesomely sung...
What is with you guys...?

Brilliant, Coldplay is the greatest band of these times!

Amazing song!

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435 London Calling - The Clash

The only band that ever mattered.

There was nothing like the Clash playing live-greatest live band I ever saw-

This is the best song ever

This is in my opinion the best song that everyone has ever made. Why?
Cause is perfect in every aspect. The intro is awosame and has you are listening the song she evolves to something more powerful. When Joe starts to sing you can really felt that you are in London and you chood attent to the call.
The misture of reggae elements whith punk made shuch a good result that obliviates every song release since them (except perhaps smells like tean spirit).
Resuming this music is perfection, this music is pure art.

436 Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival

this songs gives you the goose bumps all over.. Perfect!!

Still true today maybe even moore

Ccr is simple one of the best bands

437 Janie Jones - The Clash
438 Come as You Are - Nirvana

This song is so cool, I like the watery tone and mood to it.

To hell with Teen Spirit, Come as you are is the better song and all the true nirvana fans know it.

It's the top 10 songs ever

How is the here it should be top ten not top 500

439 Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy

One of the best song of 2007.

Love it

440 Smokestack Lightning - Howlin' Wolf

Lists like this prove that people don't know what constitutes quality or talent. This is raw, powerful, route one genius. Utter genius. To think that the pretentious Queen are rated above this is moronic.

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