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161 We Found Love - Rihanna

I Love this song it gives me a good feeling

It's just a repeating song the whole time

If you think this is the only thing of this song you have zero taste in music, the base is perfect, Rihanna's voice is stunning and it has so much meaning. - DaisyandRosalina

I love the video for this song!

162 The Day That Never Comes - Metallica
163 Bonamana - Super Junior

I love this song so much I like the dance and their voice - Manalaldaihani

This song just the best in kpop!

164 Jeremy - Pearl Jam

Somehow my favorite song is ranked lower than my least favorite song: Fancy by Iggy Azalea. How did that even make the list? - Songsta41

I love this song. It's the absolute best. Just THE best. - Songsta41

Great song with such a sad story

Should be higher than 298

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165 Someone Like You - Adele

Though this is new song competing with classics, it's got all it needs to become a classic: brilliant lryics, real music and a singer who packs a punch. I have never in my life felt such raw emotion come from a singer. The fears and pains felt... Relatable is an understatement. I have no doubts that this is a song that will go down in history.

I love adele because it means me when my family is about xx

I put down new music, but will compliment it when it is deserving. Adele is very deserving. She co-wrote this song with possibly the best songwriter today, Minneapolis' own Dan Wilson.

YES. Adele is an amazing singing. Her voice shows true emotion.

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166 I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles

This is the one of the top 20 songs of all time. This is one that should be in the top 20. There is no way this song should be this low on the list. This is one of the classics that should be on every best song list. It is what got The Beatles started in America. - bre505

This song is quite possibly the greatest song ever written. It is better than anything by Nirvana since kurt cobain would'nt know talent if it shot him in the head (which he eventually did himself.) The Beatles was the greatest Band Ever!! R.I.P. John

I love Kurt Cobain and The Beatles the same but you roasted him right there. - peaceswagtv

The Beatles will never die! - Ajkloth

The song that brought The Beatles To America...number 1

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167 Art of Life - X Japan

It's not just a song, it's a rock symphony. After X Japan, bands they are often compared to sound hollow and meaningless to me. X Japan's music is filled with emotion and has a classical edge to the composition that leaves me dumbstruck listening to the guitars, drums, orchestra, and piano weaving around each other. And Art of Life is the masterpiece. The fact that it's 30 minutes isn't important, it's that there isn't a thing in those 30 minutes that doesn't work perfectly. It expresses the heaven and hell of living. And the piano solo is like being reborn. Please do NOT listen to this song lightly. It demands your best sound system and all your attention.

AWESOME. Really worth the 30 minutes. Epic song, epic lyric, everything it's just perfect.

All the songs of the list are great songs, each of them has this human feeling a great song must have, but Art of Life isn't only a song, it's a fight from death to life, it gives to listen the way to resist to shadows and to come back to light.

OH. MY. GOD! Should definitely be higher on the list. Worth 30 minutes of your life. That eight-min piano solo by Yoshiki is just pure masterpiece, I dislike long songs but this is an exception. WE ARE X!

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168 Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees

I'm a huge fan of the bee gees & This is undoubtedly their best, one of the most popular songs of all time
Vocals of all three gibbs' is just mind blowing in this song not to mention the ecstatic beats that were looped from their other single "Night Fever"

Have you people never seen Saturday Night Fever?

Yes, this is the BEST song ever. Why in the world is it not #1?

This should be in the top ten why is it 248!

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169 My Generation - The Who

HOW ON EARTH CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE ON 395?! Come on people, you've got to be kidding! This song was the song of a whole generation, the mods! It is definitely better than Tokio Hotel, Jason Mraz or The Veronicas?! - thestranger

No way should this be on the list. One of my favorites from the who, even though my generation wasn't the best in terms of the music. - matty925

Wait, I thought this was the worst songs of all time list. Pardon me. This should definitely be higher up. - matty925

How is Taio Cruz above this timeless tune?

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170 Buddy Holly - Weezer

229 eh? What's not to love about this song?

Buddy holly! I know u died but there's a song about u called American pie!

171 Numb / Encore - Jay Z & Linkin Park

An amazing song deserves to be higher

The overrated duo have combined. - swagmaster97

Wow I love this song so much and I never thought it would be here this needs to be higher!

This is the best song by Linkin Park with jay z must be under top 30

172 We Are Young - Fun.

Used to listen to this all the time when I was in the eight grade. What was I thinking? Crappy autotuned pop songs. The only thing I like from it is that it brings memories back.

Fun was an amazing band

Just horrible

This song is great. One of my favorites.

173 What About Now - Daughtry
174 Aerials - System of a Down

Best System of a Down song for sure.

175 On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons

WHAAAT?!?!?! 202?!?!? This song is too good to be in the 200's! "i'm on top of the world and I know, it's a long way up cause it's a long way down! Get up now! Get up! Get up now! " Dove Cameron sang this song too!

Nah, we need to put Elton John, Celine Dion, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and many more on the top 100 before we deal with Imagine Dragons. But to be honest, Coldplay should be higher than Imagine Dragons. - okcnaline

I don't know if any others people like this but I like it

This song encourage me in the hardest times. It makes me wnat to climb every mountain. Another perfect song from Imagine Dragons

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176 New Year's Day - U2

Favourite U2 song ever. Should be in top ten

177 Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy V 1 Comment
178 And Then There Was Silence - Blind Guardian
179 Enter Sandman - Metallica

Simply the best hard rock song ever. James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and Jason Newsted were geniuses to come up with this masterpiece. - aman28

Don't forget, my son
To include everyone

Tuck you in, warm within
Keep you free from sin
Till the Sandman he comes

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit: light
Enter: night
Take my hand
We're off to never never land - htoutlaws2012

Haha. It's funny because the next verse has some of the worst lyrics of all time. It goes, and I quote, "Heavy thoughts tonight, and they aren't of snow white" - VaticanCameos

This has to be the greatest song ever by Metallica, short of Nothing else matters, definitely my favourite song from Black, love the version on S^^M too

How is P! nk, Taylor Swift, and Iggy Azalea above this masterpiece? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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180 Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

Simply the best, ozzy has been going at it since the beginning of metal and is still rocking. Long live the prince of darkness!

This is Ozzy's signature song for a reason. It talks about the dangers of drugs and it has some kick ass guitar riffs. This is definitely one of his best hits! I love you, Ozzy!

I loves this song. Its hard rock with just a touch of insanity. My only real issue with this song though is it is not higher on this list. I mean seriously its hard core epicness. :D I say it should be number one.

Great song..Randy Roades,and Ozzy at their best!

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