Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana


Kurt Cobain has a unique voice and talent to make music in his way because Smells Like Teen Spirit is not like other songs in this list -"comercial"- he just put in this what he feel, and maybe he wasn't happy with the succes that this song had but we must face:"this song really rocks"...

Before hearing this song, I was a idiot, dumb, not cool etc. After hearing this song I felt like my past boring myself is dead forever... A new born of myself... Cool, intelligent, smart etc.. In one worn this song changed my life... My everything... Since then it's my favorite song... And all ways will be... No song can beat this one... In past, present or future. The lyrics, music, drum beat, bass and of course the guitar solo it's just amazing! It was released in 1991, now it's 21 century... And it's still sounds like new. Every time I hear this song, I learn something new... I remember I heard this song 20 times a day... Can't stop listening again and again. Kurt cobain was really a genius... Thank you kurt for this all time best song and all time best album NEVERMIND!

Nirvana themselves said they hated playing this song, it isn't really one of their quality songs; they made it to get some mainstream attention. They hated playing it during concerts, and I don't blame them because it doesn't really capture the true sound that Kurt and the rest of the band was trying to present. A good song, but shouldn't be on this list.

I wouldn't say that Smells like teen spirit is great in the sense of it's very understandable lyrics, or even its powerful and heavy riffs. I'd say this song is one of the greatest because it changed a musical generation permanently, bringing rock/grunge/punk back into the mainstream and because of this, has had an immense effect on all mainstream music since.

Best song I have ever heard. NIRVANA is the greatest band ever. Every time I hear this song it gives me awesome feeling. Lyrics is perfect, music is excellent. Its simply the best. Best alternative song ever.. I'll listen to this song daily till the end of my life.

It's not about the song or the lyrics. A plenty of unheard songs have just as much meaningful song-writing than Teen Spirit. It's about the passion, the anger and the energy. Cobain pushes his voice to it's limit to attain one of the most enigmatic and energized songs of all time. Whether you loved or hated Nirvana, you can't doubt the fact that this song deserves to be on top of this list.

I'll Keep it Simple, NIRVANA IS THE BEST BAND EVER, and Smells Like Teen Spirit IS THE BEST SONG EVER, they Only Recorded 3 Studio Albums and There Considered one Of The Best Bands of All Time, I Listen to This Song Every Day at Least 25 Times, Nirvana Is an inspiration and There Better than All These Current Rock Bands That Suck, Rock Music is Dying Because of The Pop and Current Rap Music, This Generation Doesn't Have any Musical Taste - AyoubMathers

Not sure it's even the best nirvana song, as I love lithium as well, but for it's mainstream appeal, its cultural significance and just pure power combined with melody and amazing unique vocals by Kurt, it's one hell of a song, and probably deserves to be number one overall on this list

This song is an "end of an era" song. We all listened it hundreds of times and enjoyed it each time as well as the first time we heard it on the radio. Such music is not being created anymore. They just can't do it another Nirvana song. Full of emotions accompanied by loud music is the best thing you can get in this life.R.I. P Kurt.

Whether you'll admit it or not, you know and love this song. This song is always around and it has a genius chorus that I thought was genius when I was a kid. So catchy, nonsense lyrics, but you can't understand them anyway. If you really look into it, you'll find that Kurt is singing AGAINST Generation X and not FOR it. I guess it was pretty misinterpreted, but it is an essential track in the history of music.

This is the oldest song I like, apart from ABBA. I think the sound, the sound, the energy, etc, are so awesome it's hard to believe it's a song from 1991! I Love it and it must always come with me! People, if you don't think this is the best song ever is because your musical taste is a real crap!

I don't know good words to say what I feel when I'm hearing this song. When I saw it here I don't think about other songs, I just vote on it! Nirvana songs were awesome, what more can I say, Kurt definitely had GIFT FROM GOD!

This is the stuff I grew up on, seriously. I grew up on trying to figure out what the eff he was saying half the time, and just enjoying the music.

If you've ever seen the footage from SNL, I love how Krist Novoselic bounces around while playing the bass.

This song brings best of the rock that will entertain not only our generation but the generations to come. SIMPLY ADORE NIRVANA FOR GIVING US NOTHING BUT PURE MUSIC. I wish he lived for few more years as I am addicted to his music and want more and more of it.

Love this song. Awesome lyrics. Though the song is about doing heroin, doesn't make you feel intimidated. Just gives you the exact feeling a person has after takin heroin. The song has a certain calm and low feelin. Wish Kurt Cobain was alive to make another masterpiece like this. Hello! Hello! Hello! How low?

The title really says it all; I've never heard a song that has inspired in me such strong feelings of angst, aggression, and sadness. I think the fact that the singer blew his brains out further validates the emotional aspect of the song; the feelings are legitimate. This isn't some fake crap.

You guys are crazy for putting this at number four. I listen to a lot of music, and I can safely say this song doesn't belong in the top fifty. It's not even Nirvana's best song. There are tons of better songs out there, and this song is over rated. - IgetAlltheGirls

Kurt cobain wasn't the best singer of all time but his raspy heaven like voice grasped me and anybody that would hear him and although smells like teen spirit is mainstream and he despised the fact it got so much attention, I, Kurt and any nirvana fan would know this was his best song and if anything, the best song of all time from the best band of all time

This Song Refresh The Meaning Of The Rock And Roll on 90s! And Nirvana Is the King Of Rock Music On the History There Legend! This Song Also Gives Me Energy, So people Vote Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana!

For years, I have grown up listening to this tune, never fully realising what song it was, and it was complete coincidence that I decided to come onto this page today, and I am so glad that I did, the top 10 really deserve to the top 10.

One of the best bands ever. I believe they should have a few songs on this list. I heard them in '91 and general music was the worst it was ever before. I heard Nirvana and thought, "What the hell is this!? " They made a new genre and wrote the best lyrics ever. Rest in Peace, Kurt Cobain.

Nirvana had better songs than this one, but I had to admit this song changed the music, defined a entire generation and decade & it always be the teenage angst anthem. Kurt was a genius. Nevermind had a huge impact, there will never be another album like this one.

This song is amazing.. THe music is over the top and the lyrics make you wanna run a marathon...
This is pure genius- it should be number 1..
This is the best the rock world has had to offer, the singing and the scream, they're both just incredible...

I'm a massive nirvana fan, probably have 30 odd nirvana songs in my playlists with all three of the main albums but I can't believe this is at number 4, one of the worst songs nirvana made, pure trash and a sound song, even kurt said he didn't like it and wrote it while he was in the parking lot just before the recording

Every person I play this to likes it even people who hate rock best song I have ever heard. And I still here it every where.