Stan - Eminem


"Stan" is the third single from the The Marshall Mathers LP, by American rapper Eminem featuring Dido. It peaked at number one in the United Kingdom and Australia. It is also included on Curtain Call: The Hits, performed with Eminem and Dido on track 5 and on track 17 as a live Performance from the 2001 Grammy awards featuring Elton John, which was censored on both the clean and explicit versions. The song was produced by The 45 King, and uses a slightly modified break from Dido's "Thank You" as its base sample. The track also samples the opening lines of "Thank You" as its chorus. Coincidentally, both songs were released as singles in late 2000. "Stan" has been called one of Eminem's best songs and is considered one of his signature songs. Rolling Stone magazine ranked "Stan" at #296 in their list in The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song was also listed at #15 on VH1's list of the greatest hip hop songs of all-time. The song was nominated for multiple awards like the Best Song ...more

I can see why songs like Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California, Sweet Child of mine and so on rank higher, but this song deserves to at least be in the top 20, at least for today's generation. Eminem is one of the most talented artists and real that our generation has seen rather you like hip hop or not. What he contribute to the culture of hip hop alone is enough and contributing to this culture.

I am shocked that Till I Collapse don't even make the top 100, yet Love the Way You Lie (which is terrible) did. Some of the mainstream rubbish of today undeservedly made it into this list, and it is such a shame. Oh well.

Stan is the next best after Till I Collapse, with incredible meaning and emotion to it. It sends shivers down your spine because of how deep Eminem emotionally penetrates you. An excellent song, anyone can watch the video to this and it will hit them. Also worth a mention is Dance With the Devil by Immortal Technique (similar to Stan).

This song is amazing, just amazing and should be higher than 34, this and Lose Yourself and his two greatest songs, but this song just has a great story behind. The story about a crazed Eminem who writes to him but doesn't get a reply in time so kills his pregnant wife just shows how talented Em actually is. Old people just try and find the swear words so they can criticise instead of listening to the lyrics because they are unbelieveable. This is the greatest story I have ever heard in a song. This deserves better than 34.

This song is not only a rap, but it is a story about him practically telling his fans not to go the same way Stan did and not be overly obsessed with him but to take head at his words. This, in my opinion, is another work of art by Eminem which is why this song, and many others, should be at the top ten. Eminem is a true legend and true person. He is and always will be the most honest and humble artist in the music industry.

Almost every thing Eminem does is fantastic, he can take someone like me (I'm a rock n roll fanatic) and turn me into a believer of rap. This song is simply a very sad story told incredibly well. I do think lose yourself should be put up in the top 20 at least.

I'll tell you why this is a great song. Because Eminem sings a beautiful song about his uncle Ronnie who died. And they were so close. He made a song in honor of Ronnie. In his memory. A song about his best friend, his brother... Eminem sings from his heart. You can't argue about it.

Even though this isn't my absolute favorite song, it is one of my favorites. This song is a lyrical masterpiece with so much meaning behind it. I am a big fan of rock music, and I never really liked rap and hip hop, but thanks to this song and Loose Yourself I may have to reconsider that stance.

This is one of the best songs ever. It shows how one artist or a media can take over your life. Eminem is wonderful anyways, and Stan should at least be in the top fifty for its message alone.

This is one of eminem's greatest songs ever. It sends the message of how people should not be obsessed over celebrities and should concentrate on their friends and family.

How are songs like Happy and Roar above this masterpiece. So much emotion is put into this song. It should be at least top 50.

Stan by Eminem is so lyrical and brings a good story together, you need to listen to the story, not to how groovy a song is

I still say to my friends at least once a day, "But anyways, F it. What's been up, man? How's your daughter?"

My number one song of all time. I don't know how to explain it but it is the best song ever. I give a 10/10. The Elton John version is great too.

Not my favorite Em song but still a classic.

Best damn song... yo the first time I listened to it I loved it!... just listen to the words and you will understand... great job shady...

There is no way not afraid should be any where near this song. Especially not ahead of it!

I listen to all music and I dont understand why this song is not close to the top 10 if not in the top 10.

One of the most perfect poetically crafted songs ever that came from the pen of a genius rapper.
- Rocky5

the lyrics hit the nail on the head perfectly. the version recorded with elton john is amazing.

This song is most soulful and honest song of all time... It just made me worship Eminem...

the lyrics 0f tyhis song is exclamating.eminem and dido caught every in the heart

Best story rap song ever. You will get chills the 100th time you watch the music video

This & Lose Yourself are awesome.

Love this song... this song should be in top 10's.. Love Eminem.. I'm the biggest fan of him