Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams


Hey this song has to be way high up on the list... It's one of the greatest kickass songs of all times. It has to be in the top 15.

In my opinion this is the strongest song because you can understand what it means to him

for sure THE BEST SONG EVER... you can vote others.. but this song remains the BEST

This Is the BEST SONG OF ALL TIME BY GREAT ROCK ARTIST BRYAN ADAMS. This is the best rock song that make you fell truly nostaligic and summer feelings. Man this song beat beat every song it's on rank number 1. Please vote for it please.

one of the coolest songs of true experience with a majestic background music

this shud b top of the list!!bryan adams is juzz 2 perfect he rulz!!

Brilliant, this song should be at least in top 20 in this ranking

This song makes me remember my dads birth year! Love love love it!

This should have been on the top 15! I grew up listening to this song.

This song deserves to be somewhere at the top... Poor list:(

What?! 98?! This should definitely move up! Amazing song!

Pure nostalgia for me, has to be in at least the top 30!

Excellent song nothing song that can defeat

simply great the best song by Bryan Adams

Great song... Reminds of a beautiful past

Those were the best days of my life

Definitely deserves more votes

It should have been much higher on the list it is one of the best songs I have ever heard. Bryan rocks it is a ultimatr song awesome

The Best love song ever
Listening to this song from past 5 years
Should be the number 1
A complete youth song and fully energetic

This is my favorite song,it should be at least top 25,definitely above bad blood

I just love this song! I reminds me of my school days... :D :D :') :')
Beautiful Song!

There are two words to describe this song..
And, dangerous..
Damn rocks!

Best ever rock by any 1 in the universe, touches the soul and reminds me about the younger days... bryaan adams...
Summer of 69. Also my 1st rock and song is still standing... unbeaten in my eyes.