Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns N' Roses


Still some votes left to beat that damn Barracuda. There's only one voter to it - together we can bring it down! Run and you'll live -- at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell Heart that they may spoil this top-tens list, but they'll never take our freedom! - DrHoney

Appetite for Destruction came out when I was still in High School. There are so many great songs on that album. Sweet Child of mine was playing the first time I kissed my girlfriend who later became my wife. Even today after 19 years of marriage when ever we are together and hear that song we still kiss.

Best song on a insanely great album. I've often thought Slash's influence on the album was its key to success. As is far too often the case, infighting led to this band's break up. It's a shame because it would have been nice to see this creative masterpiece be the first of many, instead of the beginning of the band's death rattle. - Ned964

Whenever I listen to this song when I'm sad or upset, it makes me one of the happiest people in the world, it gives so much energy and it's all because of the way Axl sings and Slash's crazy awesome guitaring. The song has got the best bass line you'll ever come across, and when I was watching the music video, I thought how awesome does Izzy look playing the rhythm guitar. He was like swinging his arm over the strings like he was a crazy maniac. Greatest song of all time!

I can appreciate epic riffs of songs, but the very thing that pretty much got me was the lyrics of this song. Just read it. It makes such a beautiful metaphorical and lyrical sense! This song for me is the best in history of all great songs.

One of the best ballads of all time. I can understand a lot of the songs above it, except for the earth song, Why? It is not like smooth criminal or Thriller where the mv is good or like Beat it, where the song is good, so why is it on here

Come on people who's voting? I mean when you listen to a song do you actually hear it. Sweet Child O' mine does not deserve to be number 13, is should in the top five. It's got a great Riff, awsome solo's and the best singging.
Come on people get your act together!!! - zbedd1

Even though I've heard this song about 200 times (maybe more) I can still get goosebumps listening to it, especially when it rises to a crescendo during the guitar solo in the middle part of the song. Just love it!

The title itself is a great one! And when you see guns N' roses besides that title... You become pretty sure the songs gonna be AWESOME! I listen to this song at least ten times a day! Got touching lyrics.. Just one word... BRILLIANT! (worth downloading )

This song was and still is a remembrance to what Rock n' Roll should be, steady, edgy and full of sweet old guitar riffs. Without Axl Rose, Slash and the others Rock n' Roll wouldn't be the same. And this songs shows Rock at its best. - stevenshanemorgan

This is THE song! Which person who has heard it doesn't like it? Slash gives it his all in the solo, Axl gets into his own, Izzy does his job as only he can, Adler's drumming is awesome as in the bass by duff! Guns N' Roses rule the world!

Believe it or not, if nobody knows, the beginning of this song was Slash's warm up for a while, then axl rose heard it one day and told him to play it, that's how this wonderful song was created, plus I'm learning it on guitar

Who doesn't like Guns N' Roses?! Oh that's right, people who don't like good music. Axl has this voice that no one else can even get close to matching, Duff is the most badass cutest bassest EVER! Slash is a legend that is just totally unrealisticlly amazing at guitatr, Steven can rock out on the drums like no one else and Izzy is just absolutley awesome. I remember my dad always played Guns N' Roses and this song I remember particularlly well, because I loved it. I love all their songs. Seriously. I love them all because they really don't have weak spots when it comes to music. They will always be the best band in the world to me. No other band can top this band. I hope that maybe some of them will see this and know how talented each individual is. Every one of them is special, and I know the original band is broken up, but they're still talented. I hope that this music is never forgotten. EVER! LONG LIVE GUNS N' ROSES!

I thing this is the best song ever! On this website this is my favorite song! You can't go wrong when you listen to this song. Its awesome! Great beat! Amazing bass!

LOVE THIS SONG! Best song ever. This should be #1. Slash is the best guitarist ever to live on this earth. The best part about this song is it was just slash's warm-up that was made in to a very excellent song by guns n' roses.

As a child my parents always played this song for me, today I turned 28 and this song has been with me the whole way. I know ill still be listening to this when I'm 100 if I make it. It is simply a masterpiece.

Arguably the most recognized guitar riff ever.
Probably the best guitar solo of all time.
Amazing vocals.
The song that made Appetite for Destruction the highest selling debut album of all time.

BEst song ever! GUNS N' ROSES RULE AXL is the best singer I've herd. SHOULD BE # 1. and why is stairway to heaven #2 have yall ever heard it backwards? I don't think anything evil should be on a top ten list - alejandro2466

Slash is one of the most iconic guitar players of history. With a sweet intro and lyrics, quickly changing into a guitar crying out a solo, this song should be higher up on the list.

Love this song! Definitely should be higher on this list. One by Metallica, Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, Smells Like Teen Sprit by Nirvana, and this song should be in the top 5!

Amazing guitar rift! Recognizable by anyone:) Slash is one of the best guitar players of all time.. This is just one of those songs you can rock out to and practice your air guitar

Guns N' Roses are simply amazing!
I love their song 'Patience! '
That song is truly my favourite song ever!
I wish I could see them live they are so truly amazing!

it just rock me up.!
Guns N' Roses are known for this song, they are just super awesome and I just love this song only, haha. I haven't heard any other song of'em whahaha

This is by far the best song I have ever heard. I mean, people, the solo Slash does. You would be insane not to think this is the best song ever! - KingKongCage

Sweet Child O' Mine is GN'R best song, that song makes Guns N' Roses very famous and popular, the words of this song is perfect, and Slash solo is killing thing, with this song Guns N' Roses show they romantic side, and I think that's the reason that this song is so awesome!