Unintended - Muse


If everyone could agree which muse song was best they would be at least top ten, however muse have so many great songs that people like different ones which spreads the voting out, if muse had one good song that stood out above all muses other epic songs it would be number one.

I LOVE MUSE SO MUCH! But I don't know why they are number 53! I highly recommend anyone reading to listen to some of their songs and you will defiantly be impressed and eventually addicted! Listen to Super massive black hole and Uprising!

This song is enchanting! I have always thought before I heard this song that muse didn't do good music, however, my perspective changed ever since listening to this song all day!

Very emotional song... It makes me cry every time I hear it, love love love. I still want to hear it alive, besides it's so old and I guess Muse would never play that again

Muse are quite possibly the best band ever-apart from Queen :) This song is full of emotion-Matt's voice the best! Go Muse! I think it should be in the top 10 at least!

Just a wonderful emotional song! I wonder wy there no further Muse-Song is on this list. I LOVE MUSE

its a very beautiful song describing a true love itself
i really like it a lot, it has power to make me cry still with a smile...

My favourite band is MUSE and I'm a pwoper Muser so I'm bound to vote for MUSE because I love every single one of their songs! But this is one of the best! The lyrics are clearly well thought about and when they're sang you can here the emotion in Matt Bellamy's voice.. Phenomenal!

ok, this one much higher for is it a soothing song that makes me cry, infact all the muse songs should be on this list,

The most beautiful song I've ever heard in my life. I could listen to it continually and still cry every time. - RiffandMagenta

This is my freaken favourite song in the whole wide universe and I deserves to be up in the very top! Go Muse!

Like all Muse songs, intelligent and melodic! This is a beautiful song.

Best song ever! Love playing it on guitar
Matt bellamy is the man!

Unintended is great Muse song. I love it. I love all about Muse! So much emotion in this song. Great Matthew┬Ęs voice. In this world I can't find something better than Muse. Unintended never dies. It's unique song

uncommon song from a band like muse, but it's great.

Wow, liked it when it came out, still like it now.

It's a very soothing song and it's beautiful - llamalove

The song must be a special wand had given... There something special in this song... Like a magic...
Go muse.. Go music..

I'm sorry but this song shouldn't be at 56! Are you deaf!
Matt Bellamys voice in this is unbelievable! :')
As it is in all of muse's songs
This is one of MUSE'S best songs by far