Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd


This song really does deserve a placing in the top ten. Just listen to the lyrics, the slow smooth melody, with your eyes shutting out the rest of the world for a while. It makes you think, and sometimes even brings you back to those moments in your life where you'd wonder when you had to change things and why you had to view life differently. Even if you aren't a Pink Floyd fan, this song really brings out something. I for one think the lyrics can reach in deep to almost anyone who remembers what transitions are like and how difficult they can be.

Plus it's a nice song to slow dance too.

So Much Win!

Masterfully created song written by both Roger Waters and David Gilmour, they didn't usually write together. The combination of Gilmour's slow riff and Water's vocals make this song a tear jerker to even the most insensitive of listeners. A great tribute to Syd Barrett and his ordeal with schizophrenia, showing the world how much he will be remembered. This song shows everyone that we're all just lost souls in a fish bowl.

Its such an intimate song in its context, yet is near universally comprehensible with its emotionally aching lyrics and instrumentals that anyone can understand and relate to its message. The loss of one you once loved and respected can be devastating, and there are times when you just want to cry out and, for lack of a better term, "wish they were there".

This song understands the importance/impact of the visceral and all too human feelings of grief, loss and sadness, something any conscience being can relate to.

For that (at least from my viewpoint), I feel it is the greatest song ever written.

Wish You Were Here is the single best Pink Floyd song, and the best homage to a former bandmate, and the best song honoring another person. The only other tribute that got even remotely close to the power of this song is when David Bowie covered Imagine in '83. Every recording of Wish You Were Here is pure magic, and it's truly a masterpiece. I've never repeated a song lyric in my head more than "we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl". In my opinion, that's the single best verse of any song from any genre. This song at LEAST deserves to switch places with Comfortably numb on this list. It deserves #3, behind only Bohemian Rhapsody as #1, and Imagine as #2.

I used to listen to Pink Floyd a lot when I was a Teenager. This was 1 of my favourite songs they sang of all time. But it has to be played very very LOUD, so that you can get tuned right in to the music. Good for when your on a long drive thru the countryside, the wind in your hair & 'Wish You Were Here' playing at the very loudest you can get it. Myself & my husband also played it after we scattered his Dad's ashes up @ Loch Awe, on the way home.

This song captures so many feelings with so little actual words sung. In my opinion one of the most incredible songs ever made. But then again, I am quite the Pink Floyd fan.

I'm pretty amazed that this isn't even in the top 10, probably Pink Floyd's greatest song, probably their best lyrics, great instruments, GREAT GUITAR and just has the magic of Pink Floyd, this song deserves way more than 19, one of the greatest things to ever happen to music.

This is part of an album that I call practically perfect in every way. I really classify it as the most important rock song in rock's history. It's unique atmosphere, tone, and just beautiful music composition rivals that of anything out right now. And rivals that of anything that will ever be released again.

The lyrics of this heart pounding song are so powerful the strongest get moved to tears. I'm growing up in the wrong era, an era that has Eminem over this masterpiece. Not a single song can match to unending emotions that pour from the guitar and mouth of Gilmour and Waters. Sit down for 5 minutes, put your earbuds in, and just empty your mind as this song flows into you. It's a song that I want played at my funeral. Pink Floyd did more than they needed to writing this work. Well done. Top 5 all time.

Come on, the 19th? I will change my personal top 10 everyday depending on the day but this song, THIS SONG... It has to be there always, hasn't it? I don't know if there such a thing as a perfect song, but this one has a lot of votes. It always makes me cry, and I am not the crying type, that's how good it is. (sorry for my English) - Esteluki

Best song of all time its deep meaning cannot be matched. We all have some one we wish was here, and we you hear this song you immediately thing about those. The beginning of the song amazing, starting out slow with those first chords tugging at your heart. There is not a better song I've ever heard.

Great song. I don't understand why it's not in the top 10. And nobody gets it's true meaning. After "The Dark Side of The Moon", Pink Floyd becomes a really famous band. With the fame, they started to act not like themselves. That's Wish You Were Here, I wish that the real you is here.

Probably not the best song ever but definitely one of the best rock songs of all time... Definitely should be in the top 10... And what is that Bohemian Rhapsody is 1st? I mean Queen was awesome but that wasnt even THEIR best song...

Classic. That's all there is to say about it. But I'll say more anyway: Wish You Were Here is so smooth in typical Pink Floyd fashion. There's no song I'd rather listen to in any given situation at any given time.

This song is a masterpiece, the simple rendition that he came up with is amazing. This is why floyd is such a great artist. He Can change your mood with a simple song For instance, Hey You- Pink floyd makes people relaxed

Great song, I love it. One of the most beautiful pieces of music in the world. In my opinion, this should be at least 10 because there isn't enough music like this in the world. One of the best bands ever, one of a kind sort of thing.

wish you were here just makes the tears well up in my eyes. in fact, that's the effect of the whole album. such a tribute to such a wonderful musician, lost to mental illness. we miss you syd - icaruswings

It's a brilliant song, and David Gilmour's voice makes it heartbreaking. It's legendary.

If I had to sum up mankind in a couple of songs, this would certainly be one of them.

The most beautiful song with the most beautiful lyrics!
Amazing guitar play and a great voice to cover the song!
Best pink Floyd song ever! You need to hear it!
Simply The Best!

Perfect in every way. Great guitars great lyrics great vocals. Probably the most underrated song of all time and should be number 1. Everyone should listen to this at least once. !

There is nothing else to add! This is the best song, just because this is the best song!

Please people, vote for it! All the biggest music band in the world already did it

Dogs is the best floyd song by a mile. But wish you were here is still very good. But if you want other floyd epics, try shine on you crazy diamond or echoes.

Don't know if it's necessarily the best, but there are too many good candidates and this is just a great song. Pink Floyd has so many good songs, and this is just one of them.

Great story behind song. Almost perfect in many ways. Should be rated much higher along with stairway to heaven. Hey where's Jail House Rock, maybe it should be 1.

Just perfection! Like the Band and its members, no one can rival this song, not even Stairway to heaven or Bohemian rhapsody, It has more meaning and soul.