Wonderwall - Oasis


As much as I like Oasis in general, with excellent songs like Some Might Say and Fade In-Out, this is just terrible. Not only was I never impressed by it, I'm bored with it. Almost everyone who knows Oasis only knows them for this song, so nobody really appreciates Oasis for who they are. That's sad. - PositronWildhawk

How can Bon Jovi be ahead of Oasis, let alone with an overplayed & overrated song like "Livin' On a Prayer"?

Anyways, this song is very meaningful though one has to interpret the lyrics well. If you disagree, many "Greatest Songs" lists cannot go wrong when they list this song. I do not know how this song cannot be even Top 10. In my opinion, it should be #1 as this song has touched the masses, as proven time to time.

"let alone with an overplayed & overrated song like Livin' On a Prayer"

Yet you voted for Wonderwall?

Just an all I all fantastic song that I can find myself listening to constantly forever and always. It is a fantastic song and has a lot of meaning. GO OASIS, you're a fantastic band and deserve all the praise you get. You deserve to take out number one for good

Quite simply, Wonderwall is one of my most guarded secrets. It's an addiction that intoxicates me more when I realise that few people get the high I get from it. Too few people knows the song. It should be number 1.

Great song, lovely lyrics and first real indie song on the list.
Oasis are a great band but why aren't the stone roses or Kasabian up?
Both should be and Bon Jovi are crap!

Why is this not the greatest song ever!? I love this song so much, it's simply beautiful. His voice is amazing, the music is just gorgeous.. Hard to believe that this isn't in the top ten yet "You Raise Me Up" is...

This song keeps hope inside. It tells you that the time will come to you to show your love to someone who you really love...this is something that young people at this dark times really need

most of you probably no nothin about oasis there the best band of the 90's and there continuing the trend now, the best singers in liam and noel and amazing songs like wonderwall

This song is the best by far. It can change your mood no matter what I love it! I think this song should be number 1 on this list, come on people vote this song you know you love it!

Absolutely captivating. It buries deep inside of your soul. It's the type of song you understand only by feeling it. I would like it to be the last song I hear before I die.

How's josh groan there but not this? I grew up listening to this song, well the paul anka cover anyway, and have all the lyrics memorized. Josh groan puts me to sleep

its an awesome song its one of my favorites and you can't beat the people who made this song! The ones who make the band awesome (Gallagher brothers)! - noelg1

Without doubt the best song for a long time, the lyrics lend themselves brilliantly to the music and fit Liam's voice perfectly, My favourite song... EVER!

One of the greatest of all time, the way its sang is just sheer genius and beautiful at the same time, should undoubtedly be in the top ten.

I love this song, never gets old! It's a song that most people know and love I think. Definitely one of my favourite songs, and always will be.

Simply Fantastic! What a creative, catchy and meaningful song! A real rock band at its best! I wish more bands were like this one!

definately the best song ever, its bn my favourite song since it was released when i was 6 and i still cant get enough of it!

It's a nice song influenced with passion and depth, and perfect lyrics. It reminded me of my childhood, It's memory provoking.

I believe one of the greatest songs ever oozes out emotion and the simple guitar in it brings one to near tears.Awesome!

This song is so brilliant, that makes me listen to it everyday, awesome lyrics, the lyrics has a very deep mean, Oasis rocks!

This song is the by far the most poetic and gorgeous song I have ever heard in my entire life. It is an orgasm for the ears.

This is the best song ever made. Not even close. Has such an incredible mix, amazing lyrics. Just overall a beauty of a song.

Oh my God!! THE GREATEST SONG EVERRRR!! the lyrics are just perfect! I will love that somebody sing it to me... !

i absolutely love this sing it has to be the best song ever...it will always be here.....its fantastic.....x

This Band really deserves a place in this chart...
And this song has one of the best lyrics all time...