You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban


This song is only 10? Let me clear some things up for everyone... Josh Groban is the bridge between quality and popularity. He is classically trained, and yet his music is sung with an understanding that words and meaning and musicality still have significance and you still put him in 10? Not only that, You Raise Me Up is one of the most beautiful and inspirational songs ever. Josh Groban is an artist, a singer; the other guys you have mentioned above are all nasally, high pitched, hardly controlled or over-controlled voices with not much to offer with their voices. Josh Groban! JOSH GROBAN!

Yes this song my Grandma loved a lot she did not like a lot of music singer's that had come out! she played your music 2 all of us Grand kid's and Great Grand kid's.
so much that my teen kid's know your music very well and enjoy your music they even turn it up and sing. you have a special way of reaching in to the heart's of everyone who is willing 2 leason.
thank you for being you.

you raise me up is on of the best song I've ever heard aside from the song of taylor swift.. lol... it really deserve to be on top because the song is about giving tribute to our parents for all the things they've done for us! in my own opinion it should be on top 1 because of its beautiful/ wonderful meaning!

Lovely lyrics, sweet sounds... What is needed more to regard this song as best songs ever? Not like other songs here, this song is loved by everybody... Everywhere in the world! Even my mom and dad like this song because this song gives us special feeling which heals and comforts us... Westlife version is also lovely, maybe this song might be still grate even re-made by some strange singers

This song is one of the BEST ever. My choir sang it at school and some of the moms started crying! The number of times I have sung this song at events only proves to show how meaningful and thoughtful it really is. As a child, I only knew the chorus; now I know it practically off by heart. You Raise Me Up is a song that will never grow old. Joshie's voice is pretty kiff, too

You Raise Me Up, no matter how many times I hear it, it still touches a place in my heart. For as many times as this song has been covered, Josh Groban's voice is perfect for this song. It's amazing how this song resonates with so many people and can be used anywhere whether it be a ceremony, wedding or funeral. - KatieEM

You Raise me up, is a great song ever...
I love that song, it can make I became optimist and all a good things Em, I long Josh Groban too, because he's a good artist.. Em, so I love that song and the singers. That's all and thanks for Josh Groban

I'm 14 and had to go through heaps of stuff from abuse to aneurism and my nan dying in front of me and this song I grew up with so it's a really good song. It should bring inspiration to all.

It's pretty awesome too if you think about it.

Sure it's great! In schools, teachers always play this song.. At me house, 'You Raise Me Up' gives motivation to me and makes my parents cry joyfully when I sing it out! 'You Raise Me Up' by Josh Groban is the greatest of the greatest! To my opinion...

The most emotional and expressive song ever, Josh's voice is amazing and really gentle.
A perfect combination that makes the Song still more heart-melting.

I swoon everytime I hear this song.

Thank you Josh Groban

You Raise me up is a very popular through the whole world. Josh Groban is the extremely correct person to sing/act this song. Josh Groban has a very smooth and lively voice. When I hear this, I will be very free.

Josh Groban's voice is gorgeous (the best in the world, in my opinion), the lyrics is really beautiful. This song brings the warmth to my heart and I start to think about my beloved. I think, it's really wonderful.

Love his voice, it is captivating and I love the Scottish bag pipes during the song breaks. Man this song is the best I heard out of all of them! This is a Christian song and this is really good for me! WOO go Josh Groban!

Great message. Most of the most popular songs have terrible messages mixed with really good messages. It's like putting a bit of addicting negative drugs in your vegetables. This song is vegetables and fruits.

This song has an amazing violin, Josh's voice is so powerful and beautiful, and it reminds me of another song I love by Jeff Buckley. It disappoints me how many positions this song has lost.

It's a work of a true artist. Josh Groban really has the voice of an angel and it's only fitting that he sing the song. It makes me really hungry when I hear it though. I think that it beats all of these songs.

This song helped me through a physically painful night. It also introduced me to the beautiful voice of Josh Groban and it has led me on a wonderful journey through music. - Jerusha

This one's the best song ever.. So much inspiring. It just takes the listener to a whole new level. Its just a fantastic song, and I listen to it whenever I'm bit down and out of luck.

This is a song. Bohemian Rhapsody? Smells like Teen Spirit? What is the meaning to those songs? This is a song that will speak to people. It inspires people. Amazing voice, amazing song, pure amazement!

Seriously? This song by josh groban has beaten "welcome to the jungle" and "Dream on" and other songs such as "I guess that's why they call it the blues", " Sweet child o' mine" this list is seriously jacked.

I think that this song by josh groban is great by its lyrics and by the music its perfect I never get tired of hiring it... that's why it should be number 1 on the list! Not number 3!

Its wonderful to see such an inspirational song as one of the top ten songs of all time. We all need a reminder that there is more to life then were we are are currently at and things do get better

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this song because it is so up holding hence the name 'You Raise Me Up. ' I could listen to it for hours on end. It has such passionate words and all in all is composed beautifully!

This is the most emotional song I've ever heard. The music is so gentle, so perfect. Josh Groban's deep voice flows to well with its tune. It's got a beautiful meaning. Mesmerizing.

"You raise me up so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas
I am strong when I'm on your shoulders
You raise me up to more than I can be" - PlatinumTheHitgirl

He has a good voice, nice character, good performance.. The power of the voice in You Raise me up song brings adrenaline up.. Even the lyrics just that simple but it can make our spirit on!