Top Ten Sonic Dreamcast Levels

The Top Ten

1 Radical Highway

Shadow is being badass in my opinion! YEAH! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I love this level. You go super fast through the Golden Gate Bridge! AWSOMENESS!

2 Speed Highway

The fastest level in the game. I love running down the wall. This level is epic.

3 White Jungle

Oh yeah, hurry toward the unexplored land, the song speaks for the level, escaping Prison Island in the rainforest

4 Emerald Coast
5 Green Forest

This level has high speeds, crazy platforming, and is fun all together

6 Final Rush

I may jot be the biggest fan of Final Chase fan, but all the rails make Final Rush awesome.

7 City Escape

Being chased by a truck, the military, just plain rollin around at the speed of sound

8 Windy Valley

Inside a Tornado? You are brave Sonic!

9 Skyrail

Pumpkin Hill as a speed stage with rails as well? HECK YEAH!

10 Twinkle Park

This amusment park has go carts, castles, haunted houses, etc.

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