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1 Sonichu Sonichu Sonichu is allegedly the most powerful anime character of all time. He was created by Christine Weston Chandler, mostly well-known as Chris-Chan in the Sonic the Hedgehog community. It's a combination of Sonic and Pikatchu, which makes him unstoppable.

A terrible mix of Sonic and Pikachu, not to mention poorly written and drawn.

Anyone would think he'd have at least improved at drawing him over the years... - Entranced98

XDD retarded fusion of Sonic and Pikachu by Chris chan and there are many parodies of him - sonicriders789

Did he get #1 for his notoriety, Mary-Suism, and cancer? - DogmeatAndRex

2 Run the Hedgehog

Funniest fan character ever made to parody other stereotypical fan characters - sonicriders789

Run is always best O.C.

3 Becky/Purity the Hedgehog

Most well known female fan character, and has A LOT of art of her. She is super hot too. - sonicriders789

4 Chase the Hedgehog

One of the oldest fancharacters who was in a popular video with Super Sonic Level 4 on YouTube - sonicriders789

5 Rosechu Rosechu

The way he draw her is a little bit better, but not good enough! - BorisRule

Over-sexualized, personality-lacking, hollow shell of cancer - DogmeatAndRex

6 Coldsteel the Hedgehog

A characte who like run the hedgehog was made as a paroddy of fan characters, mostly the dark edgy males stereotype - sonicriders789

Ironically the most iconic Sonic OC out there, along with Sonichu.

7 Mardic the Artisthog/Hedgehog

Mardic has a fan character also named mardic, and originally he was a green and black edit of shadow, but now he looks... Weird - sonicriders789

Mardic can create food and burnt noodles with his trusty purple pen.

8 Venus the Hedgehog

Another female chracter like Becky with a lot of porn and art of her. Every1 knows her and she's also superr hot - sonicriders789

9 Donic the Hedgehog

A purple recolor of sonic that was featured in one of Mardic's videos. His comics are drawn SOOO POORLY its really funny LOL - sonicriders789

10 Sanic

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11 Gary Oak Gary Oak Gary oak appeared in the anime series in seasons 1-5 . He was ash's rival and childhood friend . Though they had a dispute once they fought over a rusty pokeball they wanted for luck, which broke after they fought over it . Gary was the grandson of professor oak . He had cheerleaders & his own car. more.

Gary always get's their first made by fireGxLOL a long time ago to troll some deviant artists - sonicriders789

12 Aurora the Hedgehog

I love Aurora she is my favorite oc and has quite the detail

Sonic and Amy's fanchild that dates Shadow. Couldn't have shoved her more in-between characters to make the "creator's" Sonamy and Shadow X OC love fantasies come true.

13 Chris-Chan Sonichu (Sonichu) Chris-Chan Sonichu (Sonichu)
14 Steve the Hedgehog

O.O this guy is Balenaproduction's fancharacter! - sonicriders789

15 Seelkadoom Seelkadoom
16 Nazo the Hedgehog
17 Mecha Sonic Mecha Sonic
18 Susan the Hedgehog


19 Akai Dalia The Hedgehog

An original character created by the infamous akaidalia, who left after smashing us all with her popular Sonic "rape face" and flooding the fandom with angry, often nonsense outbursts.

20 Aeon the Hedgehog Aeon the Hedgehog
21 Millie Trina Prower The Fox

This one was a joke people lol - MillieTrina_Prower

22 Cinos The Hedgehog

A funny "OC" made by the Sonic Paradox team, featured in a Sonic short. - MillieTrina_Prower

23 Alex The Hedgehog
24 Jack The Hedgehog
25 Marth Marth
26 Caden The Hedgehog

Honestly this oc is just a re color BUT! It’s not a Mary Sue like most oc s And just pretty okay over all!

27 Bee the Cat

She can actually draw unlike most Oc's So yeah she's a good Oc

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1. Run the Hedgehog
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1. Sonichu
2. Rosechu
3. Chris-Chan Sonichu (Sonichu)


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