Top Ten Sonic Fan Videos

This is a list on all those amazing productions by all the Sonic Fans out there.

The Top Ten

1 Sonic Fan Movie

This movie lasts around 20 minutes, it was made by BlueCoreStudios, lots of effort was put into it. - Silverbronwyn

2 Sonic in JAWS

One of the most popular Sonic videos on YouTube, hilariously stupid and is a great laugh - Silverbronwyn

3 Shadow and Silver watch Night of the Werehog

Made by Shadow759, a short video of Shadow, Silver, Blaze and Knuckles watching Night of the Werehog! - Silverbronwyn

4 Silver Eats A Banana, Nice and Slow, Just For You...

Please, of you ever need a laugh, watch this video where Silver goes through 3 of his friends and shows them that he can eat a banana... - Silverbronwyn

5 Ask The Sonic Heroes

Made by SonicSong182, we meet the Sonic Heroes and... Ask them questions... - Silverbronwyn

6 Game Grumps (Sonic '06)

Over 100 episodes of madness, enjoy watching the Game Grumps torture themselves, while they try to beat Sonic '06! - Silverbronwyn

7 Needlemouse The Musical

Video made by Random Encounters, we see the Sonic gang sing about themselves... - Silverbronwyn

8 Shadow Orders A Burger King
9 Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Knuckles DANCE!!!

Remake of a Mardic Video, Sonic and his friends go dancing, with strange consequences... - Silverbronwyn

10 Don't do drugs (1,2 and 3)

Video made by TailsGuy7 A.K. A Miles Prower, we see the consequences of taking wisps. - Silverbronwyn

The Contenders

11 Sonic Shorts

They've made 8 parts of it - ShahryRKnoT

12 Sonic Zombies V 1 Comment
13 What Sonic Does When Sally Plays Xbox
14 Seaside Denied

It's so hilarious! A musical set to the music from Seaside Hill. - eventer51314

15 Metropolis Mayhem V 1 Comment
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Top Remixes

1. Sonic Fan Movie
2. Sonic in JAWS
3. Shadow and Silver watch Night of the Werehog



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