Top 10 Best Sonic Final Boss Battles


The Top Ten

1 Solaris - Sonic 2006
2 Metal Overlord - Sonic Heroes

I PLAYED SONIC HEROES and I defeated him easily, but before I defeated Metal Overlord I was praying REAL hard, and he let me destroy him. So, I m only voting for him because he let me kill him. - ENDERMAN

I like:
The music (what I'm made of... )
Sonic' quote "too bad it's all over, FOR YOU! "

3 Nega Wisp Armor - Sonic Colors

I mean come on he has the best music the best way to finish him the best fight and don't forget EGGMAN VS SONIC FOR FIRST TIME IN 10 YEARS!

4 Perfect Dark Gaia - Sonic Unleashed


5 Final Hazard - Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic adventure 2 was so good when the final hazard is the most likeable and the best sonic boss battle ever, this is a my favorite MMO boss battle in my favorite MMO, sonic adventure 2.

Just the music
Live and learn

6 Time Eater - Sonic Generations 3DS
7 Perfect Chaos - Sonic Adventure
8 Super Death Egg - Sonic and Knuckles
9 Death Egg - Sonic the Hegdehog 2
10 Devil Doom - Shadow the Hedgehog

Metal Overlord number 1? Rubbish. This fight is way more epic. A souped up Black Doom tearing apart the city and using thr wreckage as a sheild. Not to mention this fight offers players a genuine challenge.

The Contenders

11 Mecha Sonic - Sonic and Knuckles
12 Nonaggression - Sonic Advance 3
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