Top 10 Best Sonic Final Boss Battles

The Top Ten

Solaris - Sonic 2006

Not the best ONLY because his battle was awesome... but because, well, read my quote on most powerful Sonic characters, it's the scary new one, and you'll be glad this guy isn't real... oh, wait he IS; Satan.

Metal Overlord - Sonic Heroes

I PLAYED SONIC HEROES and I defeated him easily, but before I defeated Metal Overlord I was praying REAL hard, and he let me destroy him. So, I m only voting for him because he let me kill him. - ENDERMAN

I like:
The music (what I'm made of... )
Sonic' quote "too bad it's all over, FOR YOU! "

Nega Wisp Armor - Sonic Colors

I mean come on he has the best music the best way to finish him the best fight and don't forget EGGMAN VS SONIC FOR FIRST TIME IN 10 YEARS!

Perfect Dark Gaia - Sonic Unleashed


Final Hazard - Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic adventure 2 was so good when the final hazard is the most likeable and the best sonic boss battle ever, this is a my favorite MMO boss battle in my favorite MMO, sonic adventure 2.

Just the music
Live and learn

Time Eater - Sonic Generations 3DS
Perfect Chaos - Sonic Adventure
Super Death Egg - Sonic and Knuckles
Death Egg - Sonic the Hegdehog 2
Devil Doom - Shadow the Hedgehog

Metal Overlord number 1? Rubbish. This fight is way more epic. A souped up Black Doom tearing apart the city and using thr wreckage as a sheild. Not to mention this fight offers players a genuine challenge.

The Contenders

Mecha Sonic - Sonic and Knuckles
Nonaggression - Sonic Advance 3
Phantom Ultimate Death Egg Robot - Sonic Forces
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