Best Sonic Games on Genesis and Game Gear


The Top Ten

1 Sonic the Hedgehog 3

The levels are challenging and fun, you can play as Sonic, Tails or both (default setting), the music is good and most of all, unlike other Sonic games, you can save your progress. - TommyBranca

2 Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)

It’s very simple but it’s a little harder than the Game Gear version. Also, it was the very first Sonic game to ever be released so, props to the one that started it all. - TommyBranca

3 Sonic Triple Trouble

This was the first Sonic game I ever played. It plays very much like a Game Gear Sonic 3. What with the Knuckles plot and the similar looking zones. I’d play this any day. - TommyBranca

4 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear)

Very good Game Gear sequel, but I don’t know why Tails is in every picture with Sonic next to the Zone title when the whole point of the game is rescuing the poor fox. - TommyBranca

5 Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear)

I love it. It was the first Sonic Game Gear game and it’s pretty simple compared to most Sonic games out there - TommyBranca

6 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)

Very well designed levels. I like that you can have Tails follow you. - TommyBranca

7 Sonic and Knuckles

Quite the fancy cartridge. It’s a little hard and I never beat the entire thing in one sitting, but the soundtrack is full of bangers! Knuckles can climb walls and run super fast, and the neat thing is, you can latch another Sonic game on top of the cartridge to play as Knuckles in that game. - TommyBranca

8 Sonic Chaos

I like it but it’s a little too easy. - TommyBranca

9 Sonic Drift 2

Very similar to the SNES Mario Kart. - TommyBranca

10 Sonic Blast

This is like an easier more 3D-oriented Sonic & Knuckles. It’s quite underrated and overhated because of the lack of speed in the playable characters. It’s still good though, and it’s one of the last Game Gear games to be released. - TommyBranca

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