Best Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Songs

The Top Ten

1 Solaris Phase 2

How could a bad video game have such good music? This deserves to be #1 despite being music from a video game that sucks.

2 Solaris Phase 1
3 Mephiles
4 Crisis City (The Flame)
5 His World

Well the Crush 40 version is pretty good.

I like it! It's Sonic's theme.

Why does Sonic get a theme song but not Mario? Doesn't already have other theme songs?

This song SUCKED! Why is it even on here?

6 Aquatic Base (Level 2)
7 Wave Ocean (The Inlet)
8 Kingdom Valley (The Wind)
9 Flame Core (Volcano)
10 All Hail Shadow

Love it! I love this song! It would be higher it's 20 percent cooler than the other songs except Dreams of an Absolution!

The Contenders

11 Dreams of an Absolution

Why isn't this higher up? It's an amazing song!

Why isn't this on the list already? This song is awesome! It's so cute...

Yes Crisis City and Solaris Phrase 2 are also epic. And Hos World. But yeah. Dreams of an Absolution is by far the best, for me at least ✌

12 White Acropolis (Snowy Peak) White Acropolis (Snowy Peak) Cover Art
13 End of the World (Shadow & Amy)
14 Enz of the World - Silver & Tails
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