Blaze the Cat

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Blaze is such a well liked female character it is quite amazing. She is the strongest female character in the whole list of female characters and quite high in the males as well. Being called many times the 3 famous hedgehogs female double in ways. With this she also has a mystery backstory, but with the things shown is very sad. She also has a rough time making friendships hard, but once she does she is very loyal and protective. This is until you stab her in the back you will have to show a lot about the friendship you have. Also she has strong relationships with Shadow, and Sliver. Durning parts they are together there is many inferences of love and evidence. This could make for a great love triangle. She also has this with Sonic sometime knowing this it could make any mad for a very interesting relationship show how they are friends in past games. Her personalty also make you love her a loner but a protecter, a hidden backstory, her suriving Iblis, quite funny at moments, and new ...more

OH MY GOD, I love her, she's literally the best female character in Sonic, I liked her in Sonic Rush, she was a beast, being a match for Sonic, which no girl ever manage to do, I hate how she was in the future with Silver, it didn't make any sense and that she doesn't get enough screen time, Amy is too overused, I know she's the main female, but she shouldn't be on screen 24/7, her powers are awesome and so is her back story, Blaze is also the only female to have a transformation - jay10

I hate Amy Rose and Blaze is my favorite because she's not girly. Also, I hate Shadow, he's worse than Amy! Also when I was little, the only game I saw of Sonic was that one where Sonic and Blaze were on the cover and then I thought to myself that I guess that Blaze is the main girl when I was wrong but does Sonic realize that Amy likes him yet?

Look blaze is awesome she's a princess from the future. She not mean she looks so cool as burning blaze. She should so be beating shadow now. She is so powerful. I mean she is a girl with super forms. Her best friend is silver you may the he has cooler powers but to me blaze has way better powers. She is super cool. Vote Blaze!

I really like blaze for many reasons.. She's strong and very skillful, can keep up with other speed type characters like sonic and shadow, having pyrokenetic powers, and even though she started out as a very cold person who doesn't rely on others, she began to trust in other characters and become more open towards them. I find that really interesting. I also find her past life interesting, how she was alone and all... Even when she went through tough times, she still stood strong and independent and I find that amazing! I think she should be second next to sonic

I don't really like Blaze but I can understand why she is in this spot. She does have a good personality and is well thought out. I have to admit, even though she is not a favorite of mine she is still a good character.

In my own personal Top 10, Blaze the Cat is my #1. She has a great gameplay concept, a great personality, and she unique from the other girls in that she has her own type of transformation, Burning Blaze.

Totally should be higher! Had great development, cool powers, fire is awesome, can handle herself, awesome design and great story!

Blaze is so amazing to me!
When I first got my nintendo Ds (2005) my big brother gave me his sonic rush.
When I saw blaze I was super excited because my favorite color was purple.
I love playing as blaze and when I got all the sol emeralds and chaos emeralds I also love playing as burning blaze. I also love Blaze because she is my role model she tells me not to let people walk all over you

Strong and shy. Good design and good at plating with. She's got everything to be liked! By far the best female character of the series!

By far my favourite female character! She can control fire and can use it to fly for a short time. I eagerly await Blaze's return in a future game.

Blaze the Cat is my Girlfriend, and I'm trying to get her on Number 1! Vote for her, and keep her away from Sonic! Thank You, and Blender!

A strong girl this one. She can control fire everyone. That's awesome. Raise your hand if you would love to control fire.

If we played sonic heros I think we know well enough why metal sonic should be higher on this list.

She's the only female with a super form, she's completely immune to fire, and she's the only character to make sonic go full power. Not to mention she called Marine a nuisance and ditched her, for bonus points. I could go on but I think you get the point.

Vela-Nova is the best theme song for any Sonic character. So this makes Blaze the best Sonic character. enough said.

One of the best sonic characters ever

I think Blaze is like a princess from another dimension. Well, she is a princess... But not like the other princesses. She's brave, and up to any challenge.

Blaze is my favorite character cause she has this calm and peaceful. I- I mean Blaze flys with her pyrokinesis and dashes almost the same speed as Sonic. She is the only female character with a transformation and she is independent. She is a princess of another dimension and friends with a hedgehog from the future, Silver, which makes her different. Blaze will always be my favorite character.

Blaze is so underrated. She's like girl power plus the supernatural powers of fire. If she's so awesome, can someone explain to me why SILVER is beating her out? She needs more apperances in games!

She's super strong, super fast, can fly, control fire, got the Sol Emeralds, the power of Solaris, and the Power of the Stars. She took down Knuckles without breaking a sweat.

My second favorite Sonic girl! She's a guardian, princess, holder of the flames of Iblis. She is very agile, quick on her feet, and keeps her head. She is also very gentle and friendly when she gets to know new people

AWESOME CHARACTER! Why you may think? Well, she likes to be alone and likes doing this on her own. This makes look more badbutt then the other female character. Plus, she doesn't wear a dress! I mean she a princess but doesn't wear a dress! BLAZE IS A HARDCORE TOMBOY!

Really needs to return as a playable character along side Sonic and Shadow. By far the best female character and I'd even go as far as saying the best overall.

Blaze I she best. She is purple, which is my favortie color, and she can control fire. She is one of the best characters in the franchise, with a very good design.