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61 Cubot

Cubot is funny! Especially when he is a cowboy and a pirate!

62 Cosmo the Seedrian

I love Cosmo. But why did Sega kill her? Anyway, she's amazing.

Cosmo deserves a higher spot on this list

She cute with Tails

Clumsy wierdo who mesed up more missions than saved

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63 Sticks the Jungle Badger

Why is she on this list she's the worst sonic character EVER
I don't want her to appear in any more games!

She's a coward I could imagine her in Amy's arms Scooby Doo style and she has an I.Q lower than Patrick Stars and I'd oughta whack her with an oar if she comes into my house and eats all my food and attacks my sister like a Gremlin I would call Video Game Animal Control.

Sticks is really cool! Why do you hate her because she doesn't have much money! That's like saying you only like snobbish brats like Amy! Sticks has way more swag than Amy primrose

Sticks isn't that bad.

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64 Eggman Nega

Well, NONE of the sonic games would even exist without him. He is the main villain of the series. Enough said...

This guy is funny as hell, just seeing him fail all the time makes me crack up and almost roll on the floor laughing hystericly, enough said.

Eggman Nega is okay. At least his accent is like in the United Kingdom.


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65 Fang the Sniper

Just...Why is he gone? This character had an interesting design and great potential to be a rival/good guy like character. Think about it, he appeared in tons of games after his apparition in Triple Trouble(Sonic Drift 2, Sonic The Fighters etc...) He was even planned to be in Sonic Extreme before this game was cancelled.Along With Bean and Bark, I would love to see him in a future Sonic game as a Hero. Fang, Bean and Bark are my all time favorite characters from the sonic franchise.

Underused and underrated. He needs to return as a full time minor villain.

I mean, I like Mighty as much as the next person but we really need Fang a lot more, he was originally a main character in the series, and was the only villain that is an animal until his subordinates Bark and Bean were first added, and even then, they're only evil in the comics. This guy would make a great anti-hero/anti-villain a criminal that still helps sonic and co when he feels the need to, but he can also be an enemy towards the cast, depending on the situation. I wonder if he would still be here if Sonic X-treme was made.

What the heck isn't he nack the failer oh no offense

66 Zavok

Hello Sonic equivalent of Ludwig! Only difference is that Zavok is better than Ludwig! - DCfnaf

Incredible underrated bad@$$. Best Sonic villain (Mephiles comes close)

The leader of the six.

67 E-101 Beta
68 Cosmo (Sonic X)

Was a really graceful and mysterious character, I liked her a lot. She shouldn't have been killed off, bring her back SEGA! Bring her back!

Already mentioned as cosmo the seedrian

See because the seedrian for details

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69 Wave the Hawk V 1 Comment
70 Bean the Dynamite

Bean is one of the forgotten sonic characters he has bombs and in a sonic, shadow and silver show here's what happened

Rotor:Who loves bombs that much that they leave them lying around the place?
(Everyone looked at bean)
Sonic:Let's automatically blame that duck who loves bombs
So funny

Another funny moment is that 2 characters burn people's houses down first charmy them bean but instead he blows up the house instead

I always use this guy in Sonic the Fighters. It usually takes me only 1 try to knock out Dr. Robotnik's henchman Metal Sonic because I always spam Bean's bite attack on him by pressing the punch button and the shield on my gamecube controller to activate it. First Metal Sonic would spam his air grab or whatever his special attack in Sonic the Fighters is called. Then I would start biting his nose off and say "Two can play at that game."

I miss Bean so much since Sonic the Fighters...He was cute, funny and an awesome game style. With Fang and Bark, I would love the see him in a Sonic Heroes 2 as a good guy.


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71 Cheese

Chao can be raised to be very very powerful and with cheese following cream he's gonna pick up some pretty badass moves

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72 Shard the Metal Sonic

Shard! He's my favorite sonic character of all time! He goes through so much character development and he's just darn funny! And his relationship with Nicole... So beautiful *cries* WHY ARCHIE?! WHY DID YOU KILL HIM?! He totally needs to be in the reboot then my life shall be complete.

Shard is amazing, clearly the best metal sonic ever

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73 Fiona Fox Fiona Fox

She betrays Sonic and goes with Scourge. And she was so mean to Tails.

Yes yes yes fiona fox is a awesome character that dates scourge the hedgehog she in my eyes should be higher than mina hands down Just look at her brilliant Backstory

Sexy... I can see why sonic and tails had crushes on her


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74 Gerald Robotnik

Well, he isn't a very popular character. But think about. He created the amazing space colony and great plot mechanic also known as ARK. What else? He created the living definition of awesome, Shadow the hedgehog. On top of that, he is a genius. Too bad he tried to destroy the world...

I actually felt sorry for him. I mean he lost his granddaughter Maria.

75 Moto Bug
76 Sonic the Werehog
77 Dark Sonic Dark Sonic


Seriously Sega, where is our game/movie/ T.V. show/ whatever else you can put, where is Dark Sonic? He is the best transformation, ever! And I'm sorry, but Dark Spine Sonic was a poor replacement.

Sega show him some love guys Dark sonic is to OP 4 u do not right him. Come on sega we all liked him bring him back plate or I will forget buying sonic forces.

Best sonic transformation ever

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78 Nack the Weasel

This guy is really underrated. I would love to see him appear in another game after all this time.

Man, I wish he could be a full time side villain in the main series... At least Archie knew what to do with him... (Insert rant about how the Super Genesis Wave ruined everything)

He sounds sorta kinda maybe French or british... Not like Marine though.
He reminds me of Shadow, just a bit more ill-tempered. But for what it matters, Shadow is obviously the best character.

Back the best

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79 Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette

Not only is she half robot but she is still a bunnie she has what no other robot has a mind and a heart and love with in her

Even though bunnie is half robot, she is still a super nice and awesome character!

Bunnie was my favorite character ever Since I first saw her on SATAM, but I will never call her D'Coolette as her relationship with Antoine was one of the stupidest things I've ever read. She was a strong independent female character. She didn't need a man to be great. Especially as crappy of a character as Antoine.

She is nice she is cool

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80 Mina Mongoose

She is the only person I know who sings

Only sonic character that can actually sing but is terrible

Miss this awesome character from pre-Super Genesis Wave. ;_;

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