Top 10 Greatest Sonic the Hedgehog Characters

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121 Sticks the Jungle Badger

Why is she on this list she's the worst sonic character EVER
I don't want her to appear in any more games!

She's a coward I could imagine her in Amy's arms Scooby Doo style and she has an I.Q lower than Patrick Stars and I'd oughta whack her with an oar if she comes into my house and eats all my food and attacks my sister like a Gremlin I would call Video Game Animal Control.

Sticks is really cool! Why do you hate her because she doesn't have much money! That's like saying you only like snobbish brats like Amy! Sticks has way more swag than Amy primrose

Sticks isn't that bad.

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122 Pinky
123 Nimue
124 Sir Lancelot

Ah, Lancelot. What is there other to say other than, he is amazing, compares to Sonic in speed, is loyal, smart, and has a very important role in this game. Just saying.

125 Sir Percival V 1 Comment
126 Sir Caliburn

A sword is better than a fan character. Really?

127 Ms. Pac-Man
128 Mighty
129 Lyric

I bad guy with a magic button on the worst game to surf ds3 and Wii u

Yes. He is on the worst side

130 Great Battle Kukku

He's from a Sega game gear called Tails' Adventure.

131 Antoine D'Coolette

While I miss his old blue uniform, he is one of the characters who remained cool after the universally dreaded Super Genesis Wave. It would be interesting to see this not-quite-so-brave swordsman in the games.

Best character in sonic archie universe.

132 Infinite Infinite

This man controls the cubes. Compared to him? You are nothing. - InfiniteFun

Infinite is a pretty cool guy. Eh is fun and doesn't afraid of anythign - Bluesorrow

We barley know anything about him. However he seems cool.

Infinite is cool he has a great character desing (looks like he is a wolf) his theme sòng is great and he is faster than sonic and best of all he can controll tetris blocks - Pokemonsonicmaster

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133 Heavy King

The Heavy King is pretty badass. He leads the Hard Boiled Heavies and is pretty awesome at what he do. - Backstabber

134 Princess Alucion
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