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Shadow the Hedgehog is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega. He is an artificially created black and red hedgehog whose hover shoes propel him at extreme speeds that rival those of Sonic.


Shadow is a personal favorite of mine as well, not because I necessarily think he's superior to Sonic but due to the fact that I find him a much more interesting, complex, often compelling character. He has been through a lot more trauma than Sonic (incident at the ARK, his crippling amnesia, and the fact that the world hates and fears him because they don't understand him) yet he still manages to set aside his own selfish motives in order to save others' lives. Sonic on the other hand, being the main hero and all, is a character that is expected to do the right thing (in his own free-wheeling way) and is much more predictable in this way. Shadow is completely unpredictable; you never know what his true motives might be and the fact that he is so introverted and hard to read makes his character more intriguing. To me, a least. The fact that we are given a few brief instances of a deeper, more compassionate character (like his relationship to Maria, Prof. Gerald, Rouge, and even E-123) ...more

Although Sonic is the first character because he's the first character in the series, Shadow is 10x better than him. One, he's black and red with red eyes, two, his attacks are more powerful than Sonic's even when he's in his super form, plus, he's the Ultimate Lifeform. Need I say more?

Some people may not see him as more than just an edgy stereotype, but I think Shadow is an amazing character for so many reasons. Despite being the ultimate life form in terms of power, being able to kick anyone's ass and so on, Shadow also feels humanized emotions. He's really cool and keeps to himself, but deep down he's actually a vulnerable and broken soul, and he makes mistakes like everyone else. He often does things because he doesn't have a choice, but in the end he'll always do what's right when it's called for the most. He may seem a bit rude and agitated but he's like that because he's got difficulties with trusting others and considering what he's been through I don't blame him. But despite this, he still cares about the well-being of others and shows it in his own way. These are some of the reasons why I like Shadow the most

Shadow is my favourite for many reasons actually. He isn't a villain in my eyes and he appears as more of a troubled soul to me. He wasn't born to a real family. He was merely created in a lab and was forced to live a life in solitude and was just there as another weapon and he was never treated as a human being. He is just quiet and stubborn to most because he constantly lives with torment of knowing the one person that ever wanted to see him as a friend, Maria had died. He lives in torment knowing Maria died to protect HIM and he couldn't do anything to stop her.
The shadow being "badass" thing makes no sense to me personally. Sure he is tougher than Sonic in lots of aspects, but he still has soft inside him. Shadow is like a character who is lost in the world but as well seems as if he handles himself better than lots of people and understands his place in the world at the same time. In Sonic Heroes, when Rouge was being attacked by Omega, Shadow saved her and they actually ...more - epicGX1

I know, so annoying. Anyways, I have mixed feelings toward Shadow the Hedgehog.

I like Shadow, not because of his weapons, and trust me, I do like him because he's badass and cool, but also because he's actually the most humanised Sonic character. People keep complaining about Shadow's moody attitude. Well, he's lost the only friend he ever had in 50 years, and she got shot in front of him. Do you really expect him to be cheerful like Sonic, after that? No. Most of us would like to believe that we're like Sonic. That we can just think of the bright side no matter how bad things get, but it's just not like that. People often ignore his flaws, but it's pretty obvious that Shadow is depressed and angry, and so would you be if you've faced such a gruff experience. Another thing is he clearly cares about others, and is willing to put himself in risks to help them, and he does show kindness at certain times

I'm a total Shadow and scourge fan girl but I strongly agree that shadow should be 1st because he's the best some people think he's emo but it turns out he's not because he's too badass and awesome to be emo he's better than sonic, sonic has only been beaten by 2 hedgehogs shadow and scourge, He may not be the 1st sonic character but here's the main question Q:Why Is Sonic FIRST!? The answer is simple because he's the main character in the franchise.
He has his own game unlike other sonic games its the bets sonic game and what made me cose shadow as my favorite character is because 2 things look at him and he has guns I've known him for 3 years.He's the best enough said

Shadow is amazing, he is a perfect balance between similarity and differences. People who think he is EXACTLY like Sonic doesn't know anything about him, or they are just using pointless and unreasonable excuses to dislike him. He should be playable again in future sonic games, this time making him better and better, just like what they are doing to sonic now. He deserves to be much more than he is being treated, only putting him in party games or racing games or small games, no he doesn't deserve that kind of treatment. He should be taken more seriously, make him better and better. Sonic, he is speed, but that's all he is. Shadow is speed and much more. All Hail Shadow!

My favorite Sonic character, and actually my favorite fictional character of all time. Cool look, cool voice, cool phrases, and cool equipment. Shadow in incredibly deep and has an amazing story. I love his music like This Machine, I am All of Me, and All Hail Shadow. He is very fast and powerful, probably could beat Sonic. He brings a darker side to the series and captures the struggle between good and darkness. He is the definition of an antihero. I love yuu Shadow! :3

Let us recap.

Shadow the Hedgehog gets an 86/100.
Sonic Boom Shadow the Hedgehog gets an 88/100 score.
Classic Sonic the Hedgehog gets a 74/100.
Modern Sonic the Hedgehog gets a 23/100.
Sonic Boom Sonic the Hedgehog gets a 75/100.
Silver the Hedgehog gets a 73/100.
Classic Knuckles the Echidna gets a 79/100.
Modern Knuckles the Echidna gets a 68/100.
Sonic Boom Knuckles the Echidna gets an 83/100.
Classic Tails gets a 77/100.
Modern Tails gets a 40/100.
Sonic Boom Tails gets a 57/100.
Blaze the Cat gets a 71/100.
Classic Espio the Chameleon gets an 80/100 score.
Espio the Chameleon gets a 66/100.
Classic Metal Sonic gets a 75/100 score.
Modern Metal Sonic gets a 63/100 score.
Sonic Boom Metal Sonic gets a 76/100.
Classic Amy Rose gets a 58/100.
Modern Amy Rose gets a 26/100.
Sonic Boom Amy Rose gets a 46/100. I also think she would be great on the drums.
Rouge the Bat gets a 76/100.

Shadow the Hedgehog is one ...more

Shadow is amazing. I mean, come one. Lets face it. Shadow is better than Sonic in almost everyway. He is just so cool, but deep inside, he is just a broken soul who needs someone to help him. Unlike Maria, Sonic and the gang aren't always there for Shadow, which makes me love him even more. He is just searching for answers, although, is we are following the timeline correctly, there a lot of things in games that include him that are wrong. But overall, Shadow should be name number one in any list ever made. If I were to make a top ten list, Shadow would be number one in a heartbeat

When sonic adventure 2 was in development, Sega wanted the story to have a huge basis on good - vs evil. What better way to do that than to have a DARK VERSION OF SONIC! However, shadow has proved over the years that he's a lot more than just a doppelganger character, and that he's his own person besides that. He has awesome abilities and an interesting story and cool theme songs and everything! One interesting aspect of his story that people forget to point out is this: Gerald robotnik wanted shadow to save maria. That didn't happen. Black doom wanted him to take over the world and be his champion. THAT didn't happen. So now that both of those prime directives are eliminated, he is set free from both of his creators to become not what THEY want him to be, but what HE HIMSELF wants to become. And so, inspired by maria (and sonic) he decides to become the PROTECTOR OF EARTH! OR mobius whatever you want to call it. Shadow is my favorite anti hero of all time! But...he's STILL not as ...more

Shadow is definitely the best character because of his strong will to keep going on. Shadow has been through so much in his life but yet he keeps moving forward. Shadow is also far superior to Sonic and could beat him in any battle but he holds himself back by not taking off his rings. Shadow also may seem to not care for others at times but he honestly cares about the well being of everyone, and he proves it by saving the world and sacrificing his life for it multiple times. Shadow is truly an inspiration to me and I would like to see him more in the games.

Look, I can't choose between Shadow and Sonic! They are both so cute and adorable!

I love Shadow because:

He knows exactly what to say in combat and he'll fight someone without second thought.

His sarcastic attitude is like the best! (But I LOVE Sonic's too)

Shadow is cool and businesslike.

Unlike Sonic, he's neutral because sometimes being a goody good can get annoying.

Shadow has immortality.

Shadow is a total bad boy!

He totally a serious guy and he is takes people serious and doesn't take jokes.

He is a total winner! If I were him, I would think anyone is a fool for challenging me! - Gwuncan

Its pretty hard to rank Sonic characters. I like Shadow the most, but Sonic and Tails are more or less the main characters. Shadow is the ultimate life form. He can survive a nuclear blast and even a fall from a space station to Earth. He is very fast with his hover skates and can use many energy attacks powered by the chaos emeralds. Shadow is the arch rival of none other than Sonic him self.

Shadow can defeat sonic. Because sonic cannot fly, cannot do all those chaos things (except chaos control) and he is scared of WATER!, sonic stated that he would never touch fire arms, shadow will shoot someone if he wants to and he is a total bad ass Shadow will kill someone if he wants to (maybe he would kill the whole world! ) if Shadow fight sonic he can do the chaos control and transport him to the sea! There's no way that can sonic beat Shadow. silver is a jerk that can't defeat even knuckles there's no way that silver can beat shadow! Shadow is the MOTHER HEDGEHOG!

Shadow has a tragic back story with every one he love dying and such so I feel bad for him. Another reason is that he is funny by swearing every second in shadow the hedgehog. Plus he has power of chaos and cool guns and vehicles. Most importantly he is the ultimate life form! He never ages or dies because he is immortal!

I love Shadow because...
He's immortal.
He shoots electricity.
He can teleport.
He once had the greatest voice (Jason Griffith)
He can shoot anyone AT ANY TIME
He has a motorcycle
He's mysterious
He's still adorable.

BAD ASS, In my childhood he was my favorite character and he'll always be, I like Sonic too, but it just feels like Shadow has more to him, I mean he even kind of got his own game, he's serious and doesn't show a lot of feelings but that just makes even better his character, when he actually talks he says something that is worth it.

Shadow is very good at battling sonic I mean like, he made sonic look bad and he made knuckles look terrible. Shadow crushed sonic silver and knuckles he doesn't even need his full power. Shadow I 1,000 times cooler than any of dr. Robotnics robots, and yes dr. Robotnic is dr. Eggmans grandfather. Shadows to cool to fast and to strong. He will beat many people by himself.

THANKS! Have a nice day

Sonic is so fast that his feet could spin like a wheel almost invisible to the naked eye plus he doesn't only get more than just become super sonic he could turn into super dark form sonic when he gets mad he transforms into dark sonic which also not only just super sonic which could greatly increase his speeds but also dark sonic could greatly increases well if you ask me I think they, er both the same speed and ablitys I think shadows hover shoes makes him rival sonics speed also I thought most games say that they are the same speeds and skills

Shadow the Hedgehog could be voiced by Mr. Worldwide (aka Pitbull, whose true name is Armando Christian Perez).

Sonic the Hedgehog could be voiced by Usher.

Silver the Hedgehog could be voiced by Shane Dawson.

Knuckles the Echidna could be voiced by Ray William Johnson.

Miles Tails Prower could be voiced by NicePeter.

Blaze the Cat does not need to switch voice actresses. Oh man, her voice is sexy!

Espio the Chameleon could voice Christian Arizaga from Vancouver Adapted Snow Sports.

Metal Sonic could be voiced by Kieran Glen Harris Stark.

Amy Rose could be voiced by Iggy Azalea.

Rouge the Bat could be voiced by Tina Fey (and have the same voice/accent as Nadia from Muppets Most Wanted).

Shadow is like sonic with some bonuses: his as fast as sonic, and much stronger. And he is the only real character who can use chaos control without a chaos emerald. And of course there is chaos spear and blast. Something that sonic or silver can't do. And he can teleport, and a lot other things.

He is more serious than Sonic, probably due to his rather demented past, with Maria and losing his memory and all that. He is a rather cute emo who, despite Rouge flirting with him, always pushes her off. Yah! Shadow is a loner! Like he should be!

Shadow is plain awesome.He has always been my favourite.He has a gun, a badass motor cycle and has unlimited Chaos Power stored inside him.He even had his own game.In my opinion Silver should have his own game, but shadow will always be best.Plus he is the Ultimate Lifeform.How much cooler can you get? Oh I know maybe having hover boots that are skates at the same time, a red motor bike and probably the most powerful super form.But the thing is despite all this they need to give shadow a rest.I mean seriously he doesn't know what he is, He lost his memory, He doestnt know whether he's GUN or ARK and the love of his life died.Geez.Poor Shadow.But all this despair aside he is the best!

Shadow is that bad ass character besides the rest of them because Shadow has a gun, jet shoes, a cool motorcycle, and an awesome design. Shadow is more of a serious character unlike characters like Vector, Sonic, etc. In, my opinion Shadow is the best character and he has been ever since I found out about his character. Shadow also (which most of his fans would know) has his own video game named after him.