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I love Silver for many different reasons. One reason is simply because he doesn't try to be better then anyone else (I'm just goanna say what's coming up are just examples and I love most sonic game characters). For instance Knuckles is stronger then sonic, or Shadow is the Ultimate life form he is better then sonic, Jet the hawk "I'm faster then Sonic". I think you get my point. Silver came from the future in hopes of bringing happiness to everyone, he didn't want to kill Sonic, heck I think if it was up to him he wouldn't want to hurt anyone. I like to think of Silver as a gentle giant in a way, I know he's not huge but he is more powerful then people give him credit for yet at the same time compassionate and caring. He also actually takes the time to stop and think if maybe what he's doing is wrong I like that. Silver has his own neat powers. He can fly without aid of shoes or a plane, He can pick up and move things with just the power of his mind, He can teleport without a chaos ...more

Silver is one of my favorite characters. His gameplay was a break from the norm, and his personality is very well rounded. He's naive, headstrong and cocky, but he's also very righteous. He thinks before he acts (well, most of the time), and he's one of the characters in the Sonic 06 that I think showed realistic emotions to each event. To those who think he's stupid for thinking Sonic is the enemy, remember, he's from the future, he doesn't know who Sonic is or that he's good. And he believed Mephiles (though he was rather sketchy looking) for a couple of good reasons. The first reason is, he's from a post-apocalyptic future and he fights a giant fiery god-like creature almost every day. During that time, rules would be looser, and people would probably not hesitate much to kill someone if it could save the world. The second is this: he and Blaze were DESPERATE to save the future, and, you know, not die. So they would probably believe just about anyone if they gave even half way ...more

Silver is simply misunderstood. People think he's a jerk but that's only because he's still a kid and one from a post-apocalyptic future at that. He has good intentions really, and he's different. His powers are unique and honestly, WHAT'S WRONG WITH HAVING ANOTHER HEDGEHOG!? I'm a huge fan of Silver so maybe I'm biased but his voice sounds uber adorable and he has that certain something to his design that makes him all the more appealing. The only thing I hate about him is the game where he made his debut. He really ought to have his own game soon enough, Shadow has one. He's my 2nd favorite by the way.

Silver is extremely underrated for the kind of character he is. His design is probably my favorite, still very different from his other counterparts (ex. Sonic, Shadow) but similar enough to work with the trio. Gives off a very futuristic vibe, and the teal parts work amazing with the gold and silver-gray. The quills are cool too~ His personality was developed more in one game than Sonic had in several years of his own games. Silver has a very naive, insure personality, pretty much alone in the future with the exception of Blaze (which, sidenote- was a great move by SEGA to put Blaze back into the cannon storyline because she's probably the best female character in the Sonic Franchise.) He is loyal to pretty much no end, as shown towards the end of his story in Sonic '06 when he tries to use the Chaos Emeralds and seal away Iblis in his own body as the vessel, because the entire time he knew Blaze, being a pyrokinetic, would try to do this and most likely succeed, and wanted her to be ...more

This is something a Shadow fan said on shadow comments: "The reason why Shadow is cooler than Silver is that Silver fans try so hard to prove that Silver is cooler when the only thing Shadow fans have to say is that Shadow is ' Bad-ass. Enough' said. " Yeah That's EXACTLY why there's no reason for you to like Shadow more than Silver! You just say "Shadow is awesome and Silver sucks" and give no reason for that (at least most of you). Usually when you give a reason is something like: Shadow is awesome because he's cooler than Sonic". Fine, so basically your saying': Shadow is cool because he's cooler than Sonic". Give a reason! A lot of people here gave reasons why they think Silver is awesome and most of you shadow fans just keep saying the same things over and over and over! What's makes me really mad is that this comment has got 49 likes! 49. I really don't understand why people love shadow SO MUCH. I mean, he is cool, okay, but not so cool, at least in ...more - corisco42

I love silver the hedgehog so much! I think he's the best and most original character in the whole franchise I wish that one day silver will be known to be the best I hate it that people are always making jokes about him that aren't even funny and for the record I love his quote from sonic next gen heck I like it so much I say it almost 26 times a day. like I said I love silver and I could never find a reason not to like him and another thing I love his hair I know this might sound like a fan girl but I want my hair to look like his! I hope one day Sega will see silvers potential and give him his own game like shadow oh which reminds me I know I'm gonna get shot for this but SILVER IS EVEN BETTER THEN SHADOW! their I said it and I mean every word so go ahead and point guns at me because I love silver and I don't care how many times you threaten me I will always be a silver fan-girl and theirs nothing you can do about it. SILVER FOREVER!

SILVER is simply the best. I know loads of you Sonic fans just hate him because of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (no I'm not calling it 'Sonic 06' because that is just insulting that game and I actually like the game) I mean, sure Sonic Rivals isn't great but you have to admit that his boss fight in Generations was unique. And wouldn't it be cool if he was in a new Smash Bros. Game in a few years time? I like the theory that Shadow is his Dad but I'm going to talk about Silver and nobody else. Even though he was the most glitches character in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 I thought his placement in the story was inspiring and amazing (again, seriously guys, the story to that game is awesome) and even though it seems like it, Silver isn't wiped from history or the Sonic Timeline. But like loads of people, I want a Sonic Adventure 3 with Silver playable and I know I've been praising him a lot, his boss fight in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is a pain in the Chaos Emerald. I mean, he is telekinetic and ...more

Personally, Silver is my favorite character from the Sonic franchise. His unique personality gave light to the underdeveloped Sonic '06 while also providing fun gameplay. Many anti-silver fans dislike him only because he is new. Yes, Silver is immature, occasionally bratty, and naive. Yet, in his heart he is a righteous character with a strong sense of justice. Personally, I believe his character flaws create a more complete character, somewhat relatable even. While telekinesis isn't a particularly original idea Silver pulls it off in a new, unique, fresh way simply because of his personality giving him a somewhat unlikely aura for a telekinetic character. Sometimes for a character to be good, giving them less than perfect personalities can be the key. In the case of Silver the Hedgehog, this stands true.

For a hedgehog, Silver is actually quite unique. He looks and acts so different from the others. Instead of being the cool, fast hedgehog with no apparent weaknesses, he is slow, insecure but also realistic because of that. He is slow but with a unique ability to bend his surroundings to his will, he has his insecurities but they make him seem more human, flaws and all. If he just had the chance to show us who he really was, I'm sure the Sonic fans would see him as more than just an annoying clone of Sonic with a crackled voice. He really acted like a child desperate to save his people from a horrible fate, to me that is more honorable than even Sonic's goal. While Silver just wants to save the world, Sonic seems to want to kick Eggman's butt more than anything now.

Silver is the best. I'm naming my YouTube accout/channel after him. Check me out and subscribe my channel named Silver08. Nobody likes Silver because of his appearance in Sonic 06 and he is a spectacular character but he was just in a bad game. Some people I know actually don't like SHADOW because of that game. Seriously, SHADOW. Also Silver's boss fight in Sonic 06 triple ruins his appearance. But what about his character appearance, personality and unique rival battle in Sonic Gen. He is very underrated and I LOVE his theme song 'Dreams of an Absolution' and all the remixes. His story in Sonic 06 is actually pretty fun to play, because I enjoy glitches even if it kills me and crashes my Xbox. Silver is the best, no question about it.

To me, while Shadow may be 'bad-ass' and Sonic may be the star of the games, neither of those make a good character. Silver is insanely powerful, but lacks the maturity to use his powers to the fullest, making him actually relatable. That's right, they managed to make a psychic mutant hedgehog beast from the future relatable. You can't relate to Shadow, as he shows very little emotion unless Maria is involved. Silver faces emotional weakness in a world where everyone is brave, headstrong and self-assured. He is not only my favourite Sonic character, but he is, in my opinion, one of the greatest video game characters ever made.

Ok serioously you guys, why do you hate silver so much? Is it because sonic '06 sucked? Is it because his hairdo is messed up? Or is it just you watching too much shadow759 and sonic sprite videos? Well obviously silver is my #1 favorite sonic charcter of all time because he is the only hedgehog that can fly. Oh and don't start to argue about shadow is the first hedgehog to fly because that's not flying its called hovering! KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! Ok and I would get a lot of people saying silver is too slow. Yes that what may be true but it was sonic '06 you guys sonic and shadow weren't fast at all! You can clearly point out that sonic '06 ruined the momentum of speed! So who knows silver can be faster if sonic '06 didn't suck and the same goes to sonic and shadow! And if you think shadow is x100 better than silver then YOUR DEAD WRONG! IF SHADOW HAD A GUN RIGHT NOW SILVER COULD'VE USED HIS TELEKENETIC POWERS TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM AND THEN USE IT TO SHOOT SHADOW! PLUS SILVER'S NEW ...more

If you compare Silver to any of the other Sonic characters, you'll see he's superior. Shadow has Chaos powers and Blaze can control fire, but Silver has amazing abilities. Silver is just as fast as Sonic (if not faster). Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge can fly/glide. So can Silver, and he's the fastest at it. I mostly agree with this list except Super Shadow, because that's really just Shadow. I also want them to make a Silver the Hedgehog game.

I honestly think that Silver is the best and most complex of the three hedgehogs. Sonic is a bit simplistic by being the definition of heroism and Shadow is pretty much summed up to be an anti-hero. But with Silver, he's new, he's the youngest, he has a lot to prove, and he mainly came off as abrasive in his introduction because his future where he lives is at stake. He also has psychokinesis (moving things with his mind and able to fire energy blasts and waves) and that combined with the fact that he can fly at Sonic speeds and induce Chaos Control could possibly give him the potential to be if not make him the strongest hedgehog. However, I believe that his character gets a lot of flak because of the game he was introduced in: Sonic 06, which was the worst Sonic game ever made. From a neutral standpoint, it made Silver's character one dimensional, it didn't develop his character or delve into his past, and, worst of all, story-wise the events of 06 never happened once the game is ...more - Morpheus

Whoever said Sonic is the sweetest, caring, and thoughtful hedgehog ever has clearly never heard of Silver. I mean he was willing to kill one person (Sonic) just to save the lives of billions of others. I know that sounds dark at first but really it isn't. Plus I kinda loath Sonic's arrogant attitude. Silver's humble yet still kind attitude is so much better in my opinion. I guess I'm kinda like him personality wise (not as brave though. But I am brave enough to post this and share my opinion)

Silver has one of the most brilliant character designs in the sonic universe and a very relatable personality. Look at all of the bad stuff that happened to him in sonic 06! He was forced to grow up in a harsh world where a fiery monster that couldn't be killed destroyed everything and then a villian tricked him into almost killing someone and then when they fought the monster again they beat him... But at the cost of his best friend. Any other logical person would just give up right there, but silver is so gullible and naive that even when he KNOWS its impossible he still keeps pressing on. So in other words he's kind of immature in a GOOD way! He never gave up hope and ya know what? IT PAID OFF because he actually DID save his future and everyone in it! Sometimes during dark times we need to follow silver's example and have that child's innocence in all of us. And the way he faces moral desicions? AWESOME! and besides all that, he's got cool abilities and a WICKED theme song! SILVER ...more

People only hate Silver because he was introduced in a "bad" (I haven't played 06) game. I have asked a Silver-Hater, and he replied with "He's just pointless and adds nothing to the series. He's basically just another gimmicky character who was added to an already cluttered mess of gimmicky characters." Which I don't really understand, but I think he's saying since Silver is new, he sucks. Wouldn't that mean, for example, The Deadly Six also suck? Anyway, I think Silver is awesome!

His design, personality, powers, character plot and uniqueness makes him stand out of the rest. His Telikinises is very powerful and enables him to lift objects 10x heavier than himself. He is part of the main trio and I think he adds a bit of a contrast to the loud and energetic sonic and the dark and powerful shadow. He tries to acknowledge what he is doing wrong and he is not trying to be better than anyone else. His pace allows players to have a challenge at trying to perfect a character with a different play style to sonic and shadow and his overall character development is phenomenal. Overall, he is a memorable and loving character that will always find a place in my heart.

I like silver better because he has more sense than shadow or sonic and he is more calm than them also silver's powers are legendary and he, Blangel and Aeon are psychic and can fly while shadow glides and silver is extremely fast while flying and can beat shadow and sonic in that. Silver also is BFFs with Espio and Blaze who are too very awesome also silver is way more smart than shadow and sonic (I don't mean tails smart but smart) and he likes to see the nice way of things while sonic just acts and shadow just summons a glowing green spear and starts challenging them and might I remind you crazy shadow fans that silver has access to chaos power as well as psychokinesis and flying so think twice and silver saves all of shadows and sonics future and also if shadow is so awesome then why did shadow faint while trying to beat silver for no reason!

Many people hated Silver in '06 and loved him in Free Riders onwards. To me, it is the other way around. Ever since Silver was voiced by his current voice actor I was worried that people would make crossovers of him with Timon from The Lion King which I don't want. (Silver's current actor previously voiced Timon in some episodes of the Timon & Pumbaa cartoon series) And his role as a boss fight and playable character in Sonic 2006 did not bother me at all, unlike many feel about it.

Your right silver is my favorite character too. I really like him because he is just different than sonic and shadow. Is mullet is a nice endearing touch. Did you know that his original character was a mink named Venice? In short I think silver is the greatest sonic character due to his uniqueness and interesting character

Please Shadow fans. Don't hate Silver just because the fans won't shutup. Don't hate Silver just because he is another hedgehog. Don't hate Silver just because he says "It's no use! ". Don't hat Silver just because he's slow because he's not he's just not a speed he's a flyer. Please Silver fans. Don't hate Shadow because he's cooler. Don't hate Shadow just because he has more fans. Don't hate Shadow just because he could probably beat Silver. And, Stop. Using. All. Caps. It's lame, and it makes Silver fans look stupid.

Silver is a great and original character with great powers and an interesting personality. Shadow is just an op copy of Sonic. So Shadow fans, stop trashing Silver, he is without doubt one (perhaps the greatest) of the greatest characters in the series.

I'm a shadow and silver fan but I voted because I actually felt bad because they mostly treat silvers character poorly if you think about it it's really messed up how silver is they only male hedgehog that's not even in a show and how he doesn't even have his own game and I think if Sega dose this it can actually turn out great you never know until you give something a chance

Okay okay Silver and Shadow care for someone they lost Shadow miss's Maria which he went 50 years into the future right Silver lost blaze which was from her being taken to another dimension so no she's not dead idiots I'm 10 it's not like I don't use YouTube I'm a boy and Shadows to arragant and angry about losing maria but he forgot everything until that day Sonic does not miss anyone Sonic just want's to kick DR. Robotniks butt which also But Maria comes back as a hedgehog Maria the hedgehog I think Shadows to emotional about Maria any form, Silver's only 14 and #Censored¥ the ones who just made him more annoying he lost a friend that is worser than what you got she was travelled to another Dimension forever and Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 was made when I were 2 but I watch YouTube and I vote for couples 2 but Sonic Shadow & Silver don't know there family and Shadow is most damaged but Silvers Lonliest Sonic is also the saddest, fit enough no my finger are not even nearly tired but I ...more